Saturday, November 5, 2011

FBI Sold Child To U.S. Military: Oliver Garrett

The FBI sold my son to the U.S. military.


Not even figuratively. The FBI sold my son to the U.S. military and agreed to be bouncers and back-up against anyone who told or talked about it.

The same FBI that "fights human traffiking" and "abuse against children" sold my son.

Go ahead and ask the mafia, because they all know about it.

Literally, the U.S. federal FBI sold my son to the U.S. military.

This is one reason they have participated in defaming and encouraged/allowed torture of my entire family, because they don't want the public to know.

I'm not kidding and I'm not delusional.

First it was hate crime and the FBI wasn't investigating as they should have. When I reported a couple of their guys, some of them and their friends decided to put me under investigation and defame me too.

The main favors were political, but it was religious hate crime. They cut me out of court and winning my lawsuits in court, which would have restored my reputation and proved gross defamation. Some of them used their own positions to cut me out court and force me to lose by default.

After this, they tried to force me out of state anytime I had grounds for a lawsuit. They used their positions to try to force me out of the jurisdictions where I would file or where I might go back to try to revive something.

When I started asking for some documentation on what was in my file, because hate crime was getting out of hand and then starting to involve law enforcement, they mocked me. I tried to go to regional OIGs and they mocked me. Then my son and I were being targeted by technology and literally being tortured, about the same time other countries must have known what was going down in the U.S. and known it was going to be allowed under new leadership or strategies.

For us, it was to conceal hate crime.

After I refused to leave Washington state, after being bribed and threatened by 2 different govt. officials in Wenatchee, we were tortured.

Instead of admitting, "Oh yeah, we knew there was going to be a dangerous situation" or "We knew something was coming down the line from the government, especially prepared for the Garrett family and children", they lied about what they knew, defamed me as being mentally ill and kidnapped my son.

Then instead of doing the right thing and correcting mistakes which they should have done on a moral and ethical basis, they agreed to sell my son to the military. And they sold me too.

What's most shocking, is that the FBI literally sold a child.

People wonder why my family is being tortured and it's because it's this big.

Why get some guy to freak out the UN over one family? over my report or request for an inquiry? because it is literally this big of a deal.

The FBI sold Oliver Garrett to the U.S. military.

Then they all want to say it's for national interests and research, but it's not. They were allowing serious hate crime before they sold my son.

It wasn't for national security--it was to secure their own cover for crimes. Once they sold my son, and sold me, however, it was a done deal to them.

It was "too late" to imagine they might correct their own problems.

A few months out without a fiance--SOLD.

My son? SOLD.

And it's being covered up because the idea of torture of innocent civilians and ruining the reputation of the FBI hasn't mattered as much as covering up for some corruption and mistakes.

All they have ever had to do was say: "Okay, let's settle."

The FBI literally sold my son to the military. I mean, I know how crazy and unbelievable it sounds, and it's the truth.

That's the horrible part, and that's why they were involved in making me sound nuts in Tennessee. It's why they're still allowing, encouraging, and participating in torture of my family.

When the FBI sells a child, it's not good publicity.

Even if you have the press on your side and other agencies controlling the spin factor of things, it's still a concern. No one, not even jealous or mean citizens, hardly anyone is able to believe the FBI sells kids.

Well, believe it, because they sold Oliver.

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