Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mary Ann McIntosh: Keep The Lights On

This is a song I heard on christian radio last night and it made me think of my son. Then today I looked it up and found it on youtube, with a picture of a boy with his hands around his legs and skeletons around him. It has the band's name:

Close Your Eyes. And beneath the picture of the boy (who looks like my son), Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts.

Thanks Mary Ann, for concealing torture of a child and obstructing justice.

You are a criminal and so is your son-in-law.

The other song Mary Ann and Tomas Caballero could listen to would be the one called "Injustice".

You are proud supporters of a vast "wrong-wing" conspiracy.

The picture pretty much shows what they've done to my son, just to cover up for the FBI.

Instead of having the FBI admit they didn't do the right thing, or could have done something differently, they covered up for actions by their, yes Fowler, by corrupt FBI employees and friends outside of those offices.

My son wanted to have the lights left on because he had nightmares after you tore him from his mother's arms.


You are still illegal--you have not correct yourselves and your position is currently treasonous. You know, and D.C. headquarters knows what's wrong and you still stubbornly refuse to correct your error. You have tortured innocent people and encouraged the torture of innocent civilians and children.

You have no legal standing and are currently continuing to participate in crime.

The FBI is acting out crime and has refused to correct themselves. Instead, they have encouraged others to attack us, even from other military offices and agencies and try to keep us from even bringing it up to the courts.

They are responsible for torturing Oliver Robert Guy Garrett.

The FBI tortured Oliver Robert Guy Garrett and they are responsible for knowing and being aware that their position is illegal and refusing to correct themselves or their mistakes.

It is my sworn testimony that Mary Ann McIntosh knew it was a conflict of interest to even take this case at all, and she knew herself but thought she could sneak in if I didn't remember it was her son-in-law threatening me to leave the State of Washington.

That same son-in-law is directly connected to Seattle FBI.

They knew about the hate crime. Both Portland FBI and Seattle FBI were aware of hate crime against me.

They failed to obey their oath and duty and encouraged torture instead.

They knew that I was not mentally ill and that we were tortured. They knew.

This CD has other songs called "Injustice"

and "Scars".

The FBI is too worried about paying out a settlement to my family for our damages to do the right thing. So they continue in their crime.

The FBI is carrying out acts of terror and crime and getting away with it. I found out they knew in D.C. too, and then they proceeded to allow others to abuse and assault all of us, defame us further and torture us, and injected me with Haldol in retaliation.

The FBI became so paranoid about some of their agents getting "caught" that they encouraged mafia and military to torture us in research projects for an excuse to keep their records secret.

It worked for them. It is their only available cover. There was never any cause to investigate me for anything and in 2004, they weren't investigating me. I was the one reporting their men. They tried to turn it around on me and my family.

They didn't withhold evidence and records because I was some kind of criminal or under any investigation. They had no cause for denying my existence. They flatly sent letter after letter saying, basically:

..."You must be STUPID, STUPID, STUPID."

And then they didn't want the public to know what they'd done so they sold my son to the military. The FBI sold my son, literally, to the U.S. military.

They conducted an outright slave trade business, after illegally kidnapping my son from his mother.

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