Monday, November 7, 2011

Anne Crane or Anne Crain

I don't remember if it's Anne Crane or Anne Crain but it might not be Crane bc I think that's how I was writing it and then at termination trial, I saw something or heard something about spelling and thought, Oh, I've been spelling it wrong.

If it's Crain there is a problem. If it's Crane there is a problem. It doesn't matter how it's spelled, she's still responsible for what she's done and she and the courts wanted to let her wiggle out of having to testify as a witness when I asked for this.

I was thinking, I think I remember her saying something about Baltimore. But I wasn't sure and I am not positive right now. But then I found a Forrest and Anne Crain and then a William Crain in Maryland, who is U.S. Army.

If she's related to that man, I can link yet another one to military crimes and research on my child.

If she's not, I can still link her to hate crime.

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