Monday, November 7, 2011

Cut Bangs Today

For the last few days I've been thinking about cutting bangs.

I like being without bangs for a change, as I've had them almost my entire life. But I thought, I like doing the part in the middle and without bangs and everything, but I think I could try bangs again.

I think I like to do what others are not trendy to. Sometimes. Not all the time.

After I did it, I went to all the runway stuff for 2012 and none of them have bangs, which made me feel better, like not such a paperdoll about it. Not a carbon copy I guess.

It used to be fun to go to fashion magazines and get ahead of things by about 5 years, going to the Euro runways and watching things show up in the Pacific NW about 5 years later. I was able to buy something and keep it stylish for a long time, even if at first I was asked, "Why are you wearing that?" 5 years later, THEY were wearing "that". It took about that long to make it across seas, into NY and then finally reach department stores in the NW. Seriously.

But now it's really different. People are online and the runways and fashion is online and accessible. It's not like going to a cigar shop where they also have imported foreign magazines and sneaking ahead of the pack and having fun with it. It's right out there in the open for everyone--no London Fog trench and sunglasses while turning a corner into the shop required. No big surprise coming out of the Goodwill with a great find that's selling for $1,000 in Paris and was 50 cents on the vintage or thrift store rack.

I guess it's not as much fun as it used to be. No one is doing anything new under the sun--we're all one big conglomerate. Fashion included.

I still like the center part without bangs but I am always flexible and changing what I do.

I'm not going to straighten them out for now. I like a very blunt cut, precise and perfect, across the forehead, but I got out a knife as I didn't have scissors and cut my bangs in about 1 minute, sawing at them back and forth with this kitchen knife I'd just been using in my cooking.

I think I'm keeping it for now, like this and not changing a thing.

I like being without bangs too, and a more sleek look, but right now, I guess gamine is still okay. I'm not putting them to the side, just want them across my entire forehead, jagged like this.

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