Saturday, November 5, 2011

Capt. Doug Jones Confirmed--Threatens me to move

Yes, it was him.

Captain Doug Jones is the officer who refused to take my report of repeated vandalism and hate crime.

I asked for an officer to come out to my address on Methow and he came in a patrol car and then refused to give me a report number or do anything and said it was happening too much to keep track. I told him I needed a report number to be able to keep track of how often it was occuring and I was crying.

I said, "You're not even going to make a report or do anything about this?"

He replied, "If you don't like it, MOVE." He was angry with me but also smirked when he said it and I was completely shocked.

I said, "But I've already moved from Oregon to Washington. I can't move again. You're supposed to do something about this."

He wasn't with another officer but was alone and at the time I didn't know he was Captain or was any different from the other officers. His hair was not super short like a buzz cut but longer enough for me to see it was very dark brown.

After this, it was much later, I was driving in my car with my son in his carseat and a Catholic officer pulled out from his house driveway to tail me on the way to the hospital where I think I was getting records. He tailed me and then pulled me over for no reason and I reported it as harassment (it was happening all the time) and Jones said to come in and I didn't immediately recognize him as the same officer who told me to move out of the State. I think it's because his hair was shorter or time had passed and I didn't know all the officers.

We reviewed a videotape and he seemed pleasant and that was it.

After this, I know someone must have tried to feel out whether or not to put Mary Ann McIntosh into my case with my son, because I was asked repeatedly if I remembered which Wenatchee PD told me to move out of state and threatened me. I always said I didn't know except that it was a white male with very dark brown hair.

I've had problems with the other PDs, and Jim West is always around and he's corrupt too, but even though he has "brown hair" it wasn't him. It was Jones. It was Jones unless there was another officer that looked just like him at the time who was being trained or something.

I still have sort of a snapshot rememberance of how this man looked, while getting back into his patrol car, with his hand on the door, and saying this to me.

Captain Jones is related to the AG Mary Ann McIntosh, who took my CPS case. I don't know what his connection is to Tomas Caballero.

The first person to tell me to move or threaten or say worse would happen if I didn't, was Jones. I mean, I'll look up West again and some other photos, but pretty sure. I don't even know if this guy made a record that he came out to my house at all. I just know I was in tears because it had already happened at that residence on a repeated basis.

So there was hate crime continuing from Oregon before anyone involved with military. It had nothing to do with military research--it was hate crime. And then later, I think someone thought what a convenient excuse and cover for our crimes.

Jones told me if I didn't like it, I could move.

Then, after this, social services was trying to push me out and someone made an unfounded complaint about me with regard to my son. It was unfounded and dropped, but they sent Judge John Bridges wife out on it and she and Tina Thornton tried to pressure me to move out of the state, telling me to move to Utah and that CPS was offering to pay for all relocation expenses.

When I refused to move out of Washington state, then my son and I were tortured.

And knowing all this, about escalating hate crime occuring which turned into illicit use of mafia and/or military connections, CPS and the FBI went after me when I tried to leave for Canada and they defamed me.

They kidnapped my child from me, knowing that we had been tortured, and knowing that on two different occasions, by both law enforcement and social services govt. workers, I was being threatened, bribed, and pressured to leave the State of Washington.

Below is a photo of Doug Jones, next to an FBI flag. But he's a Wenatchee officer.

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