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Focus: Mary Ann McIntosh & Captain Jones

She needs to be investigated. The AGs on the case involving my son Oliver Garrett need to be investigated.

My PDs were all corrupt and had major conflicts of interest. But the govt. is not supposed to bring any kind of action against a family without cause and they knew they did not have cause. They knew it was a cover.

AG Tomas Caballero:
Reponsible for pushing a removal of my son through without cause. He may have had someone else working with him or directing him, but his name was on the record.

Mary Ann McIntosh
Responsible for concealing torture of a child. Her daughter-in-law is married to Chief of Police or 2nd in command. They are corrupt. I believe the Wenatchee officer with the dark hair who refused to take a report of repeated vandalisms to my house, who told me to "move" out of the State was Jones. It might have been another guy, but I don't think so. I think it was Jones. And then later, I met with him in private over police harassment. I would have to look at photos of all the guys on staff at that time, in 2005-2006, but I'm pretty sure it was Jones.

I hesitated because his hair had been slightly longer than it was later. And I thought maybe he was younger. I'd have to look at photos but yeah, I remember because he got out of his vehicle, and told me to leave. I was shocked, because he refused to make a report and stood right there, seeing another vandalism and more hate crime. He said, "MOVE," and "I think you need to leave the state" and I started crying and said, "And go WHERE? I've already moved from Oregon to Washington." He wasn't even nice, he acted like he hated me and I thought, "Why is this guy mad at ME when I'm the one being attacked?" He was so angry and I was crying, and shaking and pointing out another evidence of severe hate crime. He said if I wanted it to quit I had to move. I said, "You're supposed to take reports, and I can't move. I have a right to stay here and where would I even go? I already moved from Oregon to Washington and this is still going on."

After that, I didn't recognize him because he'd had a haircut and it was later, I met with him after a Catholic officer trailed me all over with my son in his carseat, and then pulled me over without cause when I was trying to deliver a legal notice to the hospital.

I didn't know that Captain Jones is related to AG Mary Ann McIntosh. Captain Jones was as high as I got--I wasn't able to meet anyone above him and the next one up was the chief. Jim West I had met and he is also corrupt. I know it wasn't Jim West who told me to move, but he concealed crime, refused to take reports, and showed up in jail to mock me later when I was put under a false arrest. They got a new guy on who is even worse and he's Catholic.

Captain Jones was by himself when he came out to my house and told me to leave if I wanted the hate crimes to quit. There was no officer with him.

I think Captain Jones is from New York originally but I would have to check. I thought I once looked up some of the guys and thought he was from NY. When I met with him in person, I hadn't recognized him and actually liked him, personality-wise. I've heard a saying about someone being a "fixer-upper" if they are sort of unattractive or not stylish but at least have a good personality. It's said you can fix the outward appearance but not the personality, but corruption sort of throw the whole fixer-upper idea out the window.

If this is true, if it was Jones, and I'm about 80% sure it was, then his mother-in-law took a case against my son, and concealed torture of a child for her son-in-law and daughters interests. She would have a motive for wanting me to sound mentally ill if she was concerned that I would identify Jones as the officer telling me to leave the state before we were tortured. She would also have a motive to allow torture of a child if it was being used to blackmail others to keep quiet about other corruption, and she would have powers for helping to decide which visitation monitor took visits, blocking documentation of torture, and helping to cover for hate crimes that occured against my family. She would also be susceptible to taking bribes and would act as a controller of what occured in the case.

"If you don't like it, then LEAVE!" That's how it was put to me, by the Wenatchee officer. If you don't like it, move.

It didn't start out as some kind of sanctioned military operation or research. It was hate crime and police were refusing to take reports about it and I was being bribed, pressured, pushed, and threatened to leave Washington State. The only reason was because they knew I had grounds for filing a lawsuit in WA and they didn't want me to be able to. That, or they didn't want me having proximity to someone in the area for some reason.

Later, it became a nice cover to claim something was done for military reasons, but that's not what was going on.

It was hate crime and it spanned 2 states. When police and FBI refused to help me in Wenatchee, WA, I started asking for FOI/PA and contacted OIG and then my son and I started getting tortured, full force. Jewish, Catholic and a few corrupt "protestants-Mormons" were involved. It started out as being only a problem with some Jewish and Catholic, though, like I've said, I didn't pick up on the Jewish thing until much later and thought it was just 100% Catholic hate crime.

I don't know what Mary Ann McIntosh's religion is. I know the first AG who wanted to push for taking my son from me, was Roman Catholic. The second one was Mary Ann and I hold her responsible for concealing torture and abuse of a child and obstruction of justice with regard to parental rights. Her motives might have been connected to corrupt drug running that her son-in-law is involved in, some kind of bribe from persons I planned to sue, or military or religious but I am not sure what her religion is. Her religion would matter, if it's tied to religious hate crime, but if not, the fact she concealed crimes makes her bad at any religion she might profess to subscribe to.

They are criminals.

And they kidnapped my son while we were tortured. I had never done anything in my life to warrant, in any way, being a victim of hate crime and torture. And that's what the FBI has been covering up for corrupt friends. Hate crime and torture in violation of Geneva Conventions. There is nothing new going on with my parents. This whole black eye stuff--I have photos with evidence of this being done to them when we were forced to be separated from eachother. The FBI is concealing crime and committing high crimes & misdemeanors.

And anytime one of their friends gets worried about what they've done, or getting caught, they try to find a way to discredit me, call me mentally ill, or entrap me.

So, when I was living on Methow, in Wenatchee, WA, and became a victim of hate crime again, which started in Oregon, the police and FBI did nothing. It started in Oregon and I was an innocent victim. I was harassed and assaulted as an innocent victim with no record. And I was called mentally ill when I wasn't and then proved I wasn't. So they got nervous about defamation. They put me in jail with an illegal arrest that was false after this, after law enforcement, FBI, and Judges joined in to commit crimes. That was in Wenatchee, Wa and it never would have occured if I had not been defamed first and those who defamed me were nervous about it. They illegally suspended my license when there was no cause and defamed me and next, after the FBI smeared me in internal records and assured police "from Oregon to WA state" that no one would get in trouble if they assaulted or harassed me, Catholic police arrested me on false charges and jailed me by the same corrupt RC Judge who put an illegal and false suspension alert out to police. I was still in litigation at the time, and in college, and I could have won my cases.

I was in good standing to win my defamation suit against The Willamette Week, if nothing else.

Instead of allowing me to continue and win my case and restore my reputation, law enforcement and corrupt govt. persons with religious groups went after me. It was hate crime and done to prevent me from accessing justice in the courts. I would have won. They knew I would have won. And if I had won, it meant taking down a defamatory article about me and calling certain persons and groups into question as to why they'd go out of their way to so defame me to begin with.

I didn't voluntarily quit my cases. I was forced to quit. Because I was forced to quit, I lost and rather than allow me to revive the cases or try to fight them, I was blocked from traveling and defamed to police and jailed on false arrest.

Being obstructed from traveling and unlawfully detained makes it impossible to continue with litigation. It makes it impossible for one to win, even if their odds at winning were going 100% my direction and they knew I had the evidence for winning too.

They conspired to cut me out of court and prevent my winning lawsuits.

After they did this, they conspired to make me sound mentally ill and torture me so I couldn't go back to courts or college. When I had yet one more round of lawsuits I could have filed in WA state over new damages which were accrued in part because of old damages of defamation, they did the same thing but this time, instead of obstructing my travel by lying to claim I had no license, they pulled me over all the time, trying to find excuses to take my license from me so I couldn't acquire a law firm in Seattle, and then used hate crime again to attempt to drive me out of the jurisdiction where I would file. I was next told to "move if you don't like it" by police and my social worker who passed down the message from a wife of a judge, wife who worked for CPS.

Conspiracy to obstruct justice. Conspiracy to commit hate crime. Conspiracy to obstruct freedom of movement and access to the courts. Conspiracy to kidnap. Conspiracy to conceal torture and crime. Accessory to conspiracy and collusion. Classification and privilege for concealing crimes and to prevent competition. High crimes & misdemeanors.

Meanwhile, my parents were being tortured and punished for my attempts to litigate. I didn't even know it. They were pleading with me to stop my litigation because they were being tortured for my actions, which they had nothing to do with.

These criminals have come up with every excuse in the book to protect themselves from prosecution and discovery. I've been exposed to a number of entrapment schemes and when I never went for any of them, they jailed me anyway, for no reason and with no evidence. They have accused us of everything from espionage to misdemeanors--all false claims and as an attempt to redirect attention away from their friends who colluded and committed conspiracy to obstruct justice.

I've been forced to lose lawsuits because of conspiracy and collusion. And then they turned me into a military guinea pig to try to get a cover and excuse for classifying information. FBI did it just to protect their own corrupt friends who were involved in conspiracy to obstruct justice and commit torture.

Committing crimes this big is why an enormous amount of money has been spent. If you commit a small crime of stealing a candy bar that costs only 50 cents, you might be spending upwards of $5,000 just for a legal defense to keep your or your kid's record clean. If you assault someone or your kid does and you want to cover it up or defense yourself, you might spend a lot of money paying off every single witness who says they feel compelled to share their testimony with authorities. It might be hundreds of thousands even. Maybe some of the "witnesses" are not very honest or would rather take the money than tell anyway, and if they think they can get something out of it and keep it on the low, they might do it.

Now imagine how much it's going to cost to cover up a massive conspiracy which includes government workers and religious groups. It's going to cost billions. And to make sure there is a solid cover for each individual who participated, you either find money bags or you find power. Or both. If you get power on your side, you don't need as much money because they'll use office and agency and mafia to cover for them. It's still going to cost billions.

The other thing these people never want, is for all the taxpayers to realize where most of their tax monies went. While they were persuaded to harass a family and join in assaulting, abusing, or just defaming them, they were losing their jobs and didn't know why the State and federal govt. were having budget deficits.

The greater point is, should criminals who use govt. to torture citizens and break the law be rewarded for their efforts. Is the point that a citizen never should have filed lawsuits or is the point that allowing criminals with friends in high places to obstruct justice and conspire to commit acts of terror, is not healthy for the U.S. or for our economy.

"It's the economy".

While these people were torturing us and then wanting to play Stockholm Syndrome scenarios by telling the same people they tortured to be friends, trust them, and forcing us to ask for their help, they put a lot of Americans into a position of wanting to take money or rewards for the wrong reasons, after THEY were first responsible for the bad economy to begin with.

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