Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christian Rap & Metal (shhh. Whisper Secrets, think them)

I ain't going back-Kre8tor:

This is the one I came in on last night. I ain't going back.

There was some very good rap AND metal last night. I might be able to go back and get the whole playlist but most of it was good. It was "The Fire" rap show and then metal or hard rock and some of it was very good.

I tried to look up Jehovah God by Dooney da Priest but it's not on youtube--good song. They have a spoof of the song, but not the original.

One song I noted and wroted down was by Becoming the Archetype, a death metal band, and the song is Immolation.
The lyrics are below:
Oh, the misery of my people.
I've heard them crying out.
Their lamentation.
The deafening sound of sorrow.
Clothed in anguish.
They've been enslaved for generations.
But now the time has come.
I will deliver them.
One fire burns within my soul.
[| From: |]
Consuming all of the doubt in my mind and infusing my soul with purpose again.
Awake from sleep my chosen people.
Break the bonds of slavery and step out into new life.
Hear the word spoken through flame.
A fire that cannot be quenched.

It's sort of slightly borderline melodram but I still like it. I think there's some good work in there and I was listening to this with a picture of a whale in a cage from another christian death metal band. It was a photo from "You Are Familiar"/Secret and Whisper. Seeing a photo symbolism imprisonment while listening to this was good effect, and honestly, knowing what corrupt parties are doing to my family with govt. friends...

You Are Familiar-Secret and Whisper (Great White Whale)
It's the first time I've heard them (last night) I think. They're from Kelowna, B.C.

And I have down Haste the Day by Minor Prophets

This one has to be the biggest surprise find. I was looking up more Haste the Day songs and clicked on this. I don't know what it is:
I thought it was going to be death metal and it's black eyed peas cover and ?. It's an interesting photo with the caption. No, I think I heard this before. I don't know why I keep getting the same things.

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