Saturday, November 5, 2011

Follow Patty Now (9:25 a.m., leaving with my mother)

Patty is getting ready to take off with my mother. She's parked outside the house right now with her vehicle running and I just went over to see how my mother was.

Someone who is GOOD, and not corrupt and bad, needs to follow and find out what is going on. I'm sure my mother will act friendly and chatty while in public, but I know she's forced to be this way and Patty is the one who brought her back tortured the first time.

She needs to be followed. Right now it's 9:25 a.m. and my mother just got into Patty's SUV. She is pulling out of the driveway now.

I said, "How long are you going to be gone?" and she said, "I don't know, probably the whole day." I said, "What time are you going to be back?" and she said, "Late."

Patty is not a good person and she not any kind of christian that would qualify to go to heaven.

It's either Patty or Debbie Sweetwater-Burt who decides and influences if my mother is tortured or not--both of them, and Kathy, have something to do with it, but Patty or Debbie is the one who, after my mother called her up and said okay, let's walk, controlled all of the NLW people in vehicles and other forms of military technology. My mother was forced out of closing a real estate involving Susan Hay (the British woman) and a realtor, until she finally called someone up on the phone and said, "Okay, let's walk--I'll meet you at your office." She told me it was Debbie but I thought it might have been Patty. It sounded like Debbie's voice over the phone, but Patty is the one she walks with and who has a separate office.

As soon as my mother agreed, all torture directed towards us, and harassment, came to an immediate halt and the deal closed.

They are coercing and torturing my parents.

And they are most likely the same people who are coercing and torturing my parents to suggest I shouldn't go to college. They already prove how they torture my parents and force them to work for them or do things for them. If they don't, they aren't able to make any money at all (even though most of the money is controlled), their entire family is assaulted on the road, in the office, and in the home, and they are using a LOT of people to do it. Like I said, I had thought it was all military technology from sky but when I was in my mom's car that day, I found out it was happening when different cars drove by or we were out in the open by businesses. It wasn't happening on stretches of road without any cars or houses around. And it was immediate. We went from being tortured and assaulted with various things and having people drive by making faces and harassing to, all of a sudden, they all at once quit harassing and were polite and the NLW they used they immediately quit. Instantly, and it didn't start up again until I started saying to my mom in the car that I noticed this. Then, the torture didn't start up but people passed by looking mean and disgruntled again.

It is basically like the FBI has us under surveillance and monitors everything and shares it all with criminals and hate crime groups, live.

I walked into the house after Patty got in and they both had their backs to me, and my mom had her right arm up and was pointing at the wallpaper along the top and smoothing it out with her finger, where this electrical wire protruded from the wall. They turned around when I walked in and asked to borrow the phone and when she was going to be back.

I am telling you, it's Hate Crime. Hate Crime is being committed and they are being coerced and tortured to do what others tell them to do, or they are cut off from any kind of work and tortured. And they're not allowed to liquidate assets or use money freely and have been forced to live here.

So I am positive these "friends" are the same ones who are attempting to keep me from going to college.

It's not my parents, because they were about to write the check and I said "wait" because I wanted to check on some things. It's corrupt persons with friends in the government.

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