Saturday, November 5, 2011

Obstruction of College

The first thing I noticed this morning was that a bunch of email from last night didn't come through to my inbox until this morning.

My Aunt Mary sent me more family info and I'm going to be looking into the murder of our Great Uncle Howard which took place in Seattle, WA. That was when the U.S. used extortion and threats to force my Grandfather to go along with their programs or go to jail (I believe) because he left his post to find out what happened to his brother.

Which is fine, but it's not okay when someone takes advantage of the fact that they have access to information about programs and then when they have Hate Crime friends, use this against a family for requiring new things and being in charge of concealing excuses to punish a family, not for "the program" but out of hate or fear of competition against their own kids.

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