Friday, November 4, 2011

HELP--Patty Kidnapping My Mother Tomorrow

We need help now.

I'm not kidding.

Patty Otterbach is coming over to take my mother out for the day again.

This the transporter-for-torture.

Every single time my mom has been out with Patty, she comes back in worse shape, humiliated, looking tortured, and not wanting to talk.

Every single Saturday some group has been forcing them to go out Saturdays over to Roseburg and other places where they do terrible things with my parents. I'm not kidding.

I consider it to be kidnapping. Kidnapping is taking someone with you to a place they don't want to go or using any form of coercion or promise of punishment if they don't want to go. Making worse torture a consequence unless you go where someone wants you to go is kidnapping.

My mother tries to cover for her and she deserves no cover.

She was saying she's a good christian friend and is the only one who has fasted and prayed for me. She said this after I said, "What kind of friend tries to divide and separate a mother and daughter?" And I remember it was "Patty" and some of the others who were telling my mother to say all these things. If Patty is such a good friend, why does my mother feel forced to go with her? I have always known there is something wrong. Even years ago, I used to say over the phone, almost 7 years ago, "Mom, she's trying to get information, she's not praying with you."

I don't consider to be a "christian". She's a liar. She is pretending to be a christian when she's not. No "christian" friend would take my mom out to Roseburg and bring her back with totally glassy eyes and black marks and a handful of green dildo corncob holders. I know my mom. It's not a case of "To the pure, all things seem pure." It's a case of, "You're old enough to know, whether you're a virgin or not." Even as a virgin who didn't watch R-movies, when I was younger, I still would have seen these and known my mom didn't pick them out.

That is not a "christian friend". Patty's eyes weren't ruined. Nothing happened to Patty. It happened to my Mom when she was WITH Patty.

I stood at the door and said to my Mom, "What happened to your nose?" and I said, "Your nose, I mean it's not very different right now, but it's like someone broke it."

My mom said, "It's always been a little crooked."

I said, "No it hasn't. It's only been in photos from the last few years that I noticed this and it's like someone's been working on it or something."

My mom said, after I said last few years, "It's been like this for at least 7 years."

Which means it was broken in 2004. The years of my litigation, after I made my report against the FBI employees. This was around the time I was cut off from college and my freedom of travel obstructed.

My mother's nose was broken and I was never told about this. She would have told me if she'd felt she could. My Dad is not the one doing this...I see how she comes back after being at "work" or with these "friends".

So, my mom's nose has been broken, her face cut, and I have personally seen other things and nothing has been done by FBI but collusion to allow these things, with our family separated while we've all been tortured.

Not only that, in the last couple of weeks, both my mom and dad came home with weird mask-like indentations around their jaws. They both looked like they'd had full-on oxygen masks or something else, covering their lower faces and their lower jaws were greenish in color, not normal color like the rest of their faces.

A couple of days in a row, my mother came home with the skin around her entire jaw so stretched out, it looked like she'd been forced to have her mouth stretched open in a dentist chair for hours. She didn't have an appointment for anything like that. It was unmistakably something someone had done to her. It was like someone took both of her cheeks and pulled them out to the side or up and held them for a hours. It wasn't like anything I've ever seen before and I didn't blog about it right away. Not until now. It's impossible to have this happen with even just being in a dentist chair with one's mouth open--you'd have to have someone physically pulling out your skin with mechanical means and keep it there for hours.

The same thing was done to my Dad. I could tell from the skin on his face but it was easier to notice on my Mom.

They are being tortured, for real.

I am not lying.

Someone is either using them for sadomachochistic torture and/or research for military or they have been subjected to interrogation measures that are illegal. Who would be interrogating them and why is beyond me, but it's not possible to do this to a family this long, for so many years, without some corrupt FBI persons involved.

My Dad's hands were so screwed up again, after I mailed the requests for FOI/PA that he brought in his piano from the shop. They cancelled worship for the rest of the year...the "christian friends" did. They had my Dad cancel worship. In the meantime, while knowing my son is kidnapped and tortured, they asked my parents to lead the youth here. And then someone told my Dad to say, "I said I would do it only if they give us free reign and let us do what we want and go where we want with it." My Dad was trying not to cry when he said this and I know why. Because someone who is corrupt told him to say this, when this is what I used to say when I was working as a nanny--I always said I would only take the nanny position if we could do whatever we wanted, or I could, and take them out or stay indoors, and decide if we're having a playdate or if we're going to the science museum. And now, someone has killed my Uncle Howard and we all know my son Oliver has been kidnapped with the help of corrupt govt. persons. They literally kidnapped my son from me and made up lies to throw me in jail. So now they mock my parents and me, and tell my parents, or 'ask' them to work with the youth while holding their own grandson and children HOSTAGE and torturing them in front of their own eyes.

They are not just torturing my parents. They have made my parents aware that their own kids are also tortured, their brothers and sisters (some) have been tortured, and their grandson is being tortured.

And they want my parents to work with other people's kids. The military does. No, the hate crime people who work with military and law enforcement.

They don't have free reign. They're prisoners and being unlawfully detained in the U.S.

Since this pastor has been here, it's been torture. Kevin Ball and his buddy who is also Catholic and pretends to be christian. They are not christians. They are Catholic and military and are allowing torture.

I'm wondering why the Bacons moved behind my Grandparents in 2000 or so too. They're former FBI.

Tomas Caballero was the AG who took the case to steal my son. He is Roman Catholic. Then Mary Ann McIntosh took the case to keep my son a hostage. I am not clear about her religion but it seems to be none. Her spiritual devotion seems limited, at best, to folding her hands across her bed on her knees as a girl. She is not any kind of christian-protestant or catholic. Her values align with communism. She is one of the coldest women I've ever met. She was the one who asked a Judge to keep torture of a child from being documented.

She is heavily military connected. She participates in experimentation of humans. She has a scientific and obtuse mind which allows her to separate herself from feelings of empathy. She is more interested in psychic work and mind control than human rights and covers for illicit and illegal practices. In my hearings with her, all she did was look over and observe to check on when I said something and if it fit something that she was thinking or that someone predicted. She brought in this tin of altoids matching one I carried with me and put it on her desk in court, to the side where I could see it. I had taken it to my visits with my son, a little altoid tin and Anne Crane saw it all the time, and Mary Ann McIntosh brought the same thing to Termination Trials. She took it out and put it on her desk by me for every day of the hearings. I took out a toy helicopter and put it on my desk one day and after that first day, I didn't. What was the point. They were bullies and used the law and torture to cover crime against kids.

I can't find information about her right now, but I looked her up in the past and she's from the midwest or East Coast. She's not from Washington state, so it said, she moved here. All of her connections are Pentagon.

Tomas Caballero and Mary Ann McIntosh are both guilty of obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting the kidnapping of a child. They can blame their superiors in Seattle and the Department of State and FBI, but the legal aspects fall on them.

Tomas was good friends with a Jewish Canadian man. This man fled to Canada himself and acted like he wanted to be helpful, but not really. After what has happened, it seems clear that he was more interested in harming my family. He was next-door neighbors with Tomas.
One night, my mother said to try to get back by 7, saying "It gets dark after 7".

It made me think about how we started getting tortured again, at least my parents, after I blogged about "Harper Seven" or ruminating about the new baby of Beckhams.

Our dog got sick from chewing on a ham bone, so the vet said,..that it was "too rich" for him, but this was when I discovered he is actually terrified of a male British accent. He did chew up the entire ham bone, instead of eating around it, but I also found out he's traumatized by some British male accent and it's not like there aren't weird things happening to our family here.

I had grown up thinking 3 and 7 were lucky numbers. They were the numbers I chose throughout grade school and jr. high when we had to pick numbers. I picked the same thing all the time.

Then something weird happened with that. It was held against me.

My entire family has been tortured and when I see others noticing and then playing off of it or making it clear they know who we are, it starts to look like someone wants to be an accomplice to harassment or worse.

No one is going to save us. We have to save ourselves.

I take the parable of pulling up weeds with wheat into consideration, but I know too of the parable about the bad seed choking out the good seed if someone doesn't do something. In over 7 years, my family has been tortured and how many people watched and did nothing?

I'm not sure who is trying to signal friendship or enmity sometimes either, or who would want to signal one thing and have a hidden ulterior motive and feeling. Trust no one.
I asked God something but I don't think I prepared to get any answers. One thing I know he showed me about...

One thing is that the DJing that was great earlier tonight suddenly went down. Whoever chose songs up until about 10 p.m. was great and whoever took over from there is not so good. Thumbs down for sure. Everything from the songs to the advertising went downhill after 10 p.m.

anyway, I asked about some people and if they've done anything to harm my parents or son. But not sure if I got it right and didn't spend enough time at all and all fuzzy and blank. Probably have to pray for more forgiveness first, about getting upset at my parents when it's not their fault. But randomly, saw this young woman throwing a snowball and I thought, when could she have been around my mom to throw a snowball at her? and there's not even much snow around here, I don't think. And then I saw my mom's arms to the side, like tied to the side as she was standing and being targeted with something. All past stuff, not future. and then saw her whispering to her brother and then saw my son's chest heaving and his having a hard time breathing and either that or about to throw up. Convulsions in his chest of some kind and she knew about it. Secretly happy about it or it was done for her. I know I witnessed my son's breathing problems in Canada, after we were both tortured, but this was later, something different.

(I turned off the radio. For some reason, it nicely stopped running about the same time someone changed it up and started playing downmode stuff...but I really liked the program from the hip-hop and rap to the heavy metal stuff up until 10. It was good).

Anyway, I got some ideas but would have to pray more. But I saw some things not out of the question, given the horrendous things that I've already witnessed and experienced firsthand.

And I was asking God about people who have tortured my mom and randomly chose sections of my Bible and one section it fell open to was: "when I said patty was a bitch" in pencil and had pencil drawing down to what I had read about not being afraid to speak up about what was going on.

I couldn't focus and felt I needed to pray more about what God would show me about if there was anything to ask forgiveness for and it was mainly, just feeling sorry about getting upset at my parents about some things that are ultimately not their fault. I was thinking "honor thy mother and father" and then turned at random to exactly this spot: "Honor thy mother and father" from the list of 10 commandments and read to "Do not bear false witness" and thought, "Now how many people have done this to me and my family?!" but basically had it confirmed to try not to get upset at my parents. It was the only thing I felt God would not be particularly happy about, if understanding. and then that's what I got, so yeah, I would say that's right.

And then I had nothing to mind and suddenly out of nowhere, not trying to think about this, a locket or charm on a chain, and I think it was gold. It was 10 min. to 12 and I saw what looked like a gold locket on a chain held horizontally and then I thought i was starting to see some other charm next to it and snapped out of it and stood up. It wasn't a pendant hanging at the end of necklace held up and dropping vertically, the chain was side to side, more horizontal with something then hanging and then I wasn't sure if there was more. I don't know if it was a charm or single pendant on a necklace or one of many on a bracelet but I first thought the one thing until I started to see another thing next to it and I stood up quickly bc I'm not trying to see jewelry right now. I was just sitting idle for a moment and it came up but I brushed it away.
So yeah, we're being tortured and I have a better idea about why though I still haven't figured everything out.

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