Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy Spirit & Will Wagler (not in the same phrase)

I noticed a couple of times of sensing something, though it never has to be sensing anything.

But after the Princes of Egypt movie, where I noticed all of this energy while the entire movie played, I then noticed trembly feeling while standing at the library a couple of days ago, to make copies for mailing out my requests.

And then a few times at my house and noticed it with someone else. Wasn't physical, it was something else. And then while in line at the post office, a woman in black standing in front of me and someone behind me and had noticed it almost the whole time, and then today again.

I was at the health food store and at first, nothing and stayed there, getting different spices and herbs and things and I was filling up bags with spices and trying some new things and I'm sure it wasn't the jars at all, but about the time I picked up the jar for hibiscus flower. I had just poured in seedless rose hips and whole rose hips into separate bags and then moved to the hibiscus and it hit me. So I looked at it. Wondering. But I'm sure it wasn't the jar, probably something else out in the world. But I grabbed the hibiscus and then the hyssop and had them both on the counter. It was when I opened up the jar for hibiscus and smelled the petals.

I kept wondering. The jar said it was organic hibiscus flowers, kosher, and from Egypt. That's what was on the label at least, but I didn't know why I was picking up on something. Then I poured in hyssop into a bag and because of the feeling, I left the 2 jars sitting there by eachother.

I felt there were some other spices to get which I missed today, but I got some of them and then I was even wondering if it was the label so I was looking at all of the jars with the same brand and sniffing and seriously trying to figure it out. But nothing stood out right away, just feeling shaky but not in a bad way.

I first wondered why if it was the flower, or the jar, and then I saw that it was imported from Egypt after I'd poured it into a bag, and then thought it's really weird, it's imported from Egypt but it says it's "kosher". The only reason it was next to hyssop was bc it was alphabetical.

I got some paprika smoked that was really good and then milk thistle and a few seeds accidentally fell into the paprika. But nothing unusual...I was just wondering. I think I got coffee beans after the flowers, or, I don't remember.

But I think it was probably that I picked up on something else somewhere, in spite of all the bad things, and then was trying to figure it out? I don't know.

Then, I got more organic cider vinegar since I use a lot and just read that it's the best kind for health, so I got more and picked up more amber jars bc I got more milk thistle for making the tincture.

Then I got tomatoes and spinach and then I was standing at the counter to buy things and asked the woman, "Oh! do you have eggless mayonnaise?" because I was thinking about it yesterday, and she said, "It's in the fridge on the top." I said, "This one?" and she said, "This one" and she called it "veganaise". Sounds disgusting. So I walked over and looked at it and it says, "Follow Your Heart".

I stood there and stared, and thought, with an internal embarrassed snort "Diana again." I guess I felt embarressed to even have it cross my mind when I was staring at vegannaise but one was purple and one was blue and just got the original to later try the other one and I am still keeping the egg mayo. I like the rainbow spectrum organic mayo best. I wouldn't mention but maybe I've looked it up before. I don't know. I got home and looked up the brand and it was made in 1976: the follow your heart brand. I thought about if I should still get it, but did.

I think it has sad connotations doesn't mean anything to me, and probably for my family.

Anyway, I updated the "Catholic & Military Infiltration" post to include intermarriages with Catholics and what has happened with this, and how it's weakened our family and separated friends. And then about the Hate Crime that's been done.

The only time I had a bad feeling while writing was when I mentioned something about Spencers. I think we need to stay away from British stuff because some British persons here have tortured us and paid for it (unknown affiliation but a lot of it non-british).

I'd put up fan photos of Will Wagler if I had a machjet. That's not code for something else. It's for what I said. It just makes me laugh and at least I know him from back-when and trust him (in general). At least I know he wouldn't try to frame me to go to jail or defame me for hate crime, or my family, even though I don't know his family well. And I'd put up photos of my family. They were always told to keep photos down I think.

"Why don't we have any family photos up Mom?" We did, until something changed and all of a sudden, they were all removed until I said I wanted some up. Finally, she put 2, one of me and one of my brother, in a hidden spot. That was in 1990-1992 (I think). I said, "Why do we just have these 2, and it's not even where we can all see them...why don't we have a family photo up anymore?"

Now I've turned from music to a christian station and it's about
"She extends her hand to the poor and needy" and the pastor is talking about the verse about this woman who gives to the poor and notices those who are more misfortunate, and how she gives and does not just receive.

He's doing a sermon about the woman worthy of praise I think. Then he went to the verse about "She is not afraid of the snow for her household is clothed in scarlet (purple and fine linen)." and now about soup kitchens. What station? something 93 FM. I think.

I think I will have to change the station though. It's about the M-word.

It was Pastor Mike's "It's Time" program. River Christian Fellowship.

I've read some interesting things lately, I guess. The other day I read the whole section about intermarriage, randomly opened to it. I read about it on a day when I was thinking about Ed Israel and this woman he'd married and intermarriages of religions and started wondering about when intermarriage brings peace and when it just brings trouble. And I read some psalms and also about tearing up the weeds with the plants. How sometimes, to be careful not to tear up weeds until harvest because one might mistakenly pull up good wheat and it's easier to sift at the harvest.

Turned off radio to go to christian rock and it's their Friday hip hop program, which is really good. The Effect. They were playing "I Ain't Going Back" by Kre8tor. I liked it. Then another one but I don't see it listed and I liked it too. Now it's Jehovah God by Dooney da Priest. I've listened to this before and it's really decent. They have some good hip-hop, rappers. It's stuff I can seriously dance to.

Oh thank goodness, I finally got my other radio to work and it's picking up The Fire (the Effect's hip hop Friday show). I got the Pac. NW show going on one side and the MT computer show on the other.

The local song is "The Blessing's Just Came Down" (Blessings/Rain Down), before that was KB's "Brand New" and I was trying to match the radio with my laptop player but it's playing 2 different time zones so I'm listening to both but have the local one up louder now bc I can turn it up louder.

I finally got my radio back. I've been missing this show.

Oh, they're pretty close to playing same time.

How to dial for Help on an ipod. My mother had this printed out this morning and I saw it and thought about the man who put up a youtube video to ask for help. Now I've come across The Effect radio and when you click on the player it says "we need your help".

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