Friday, November 4, 2011

U.S. DOE Deletes Information & Real Estate Haters

Not only have I discovered someone in the Department of Education improperly designated me as "less than half-time since 2002" (which I've complained about before but just noticed again), they DELETED all of my loan information from the database where student's are supposed to be able to look things up.

There is supposed to be a list of who your loans are with, and the name of the company or business, along with their address, and someone deleted all of this information.

I used this same database to confirm that the addresses I used, or companies I located, were correct and I did this months ago.

So now the U.S. Direct Loans was telling me to go there again, I guess for no other point than to have me see nothing is there.

He gave me full directions and everything, on how to look it up and I went there and nothing is there.

I will tell you what is there though, the information I needed, to see how realtors somehow knew this was going to happen. My mother is part of a nationwide realtor's association and they send out newsletters and updates.

They sent out an inside joke about how my loan consolidation was going to default before it even crossed through to the Department of Education.

I was just wondering how Real Estate became part of the issue and I think it's Lorraine Rose. Lorraine Rose is the wife of the Rabbi I worked for and she was a realtor and part of the same community my mother was involved in. Lorraine sold high end houses in Portland, but the realtors in one State, even to other states, are easily connected.

So if UK-Jewish Lorraine Rose wanted to do favors for the UK Middletons, she could call on her real estate pal connections to do it. Hence, realtor mafia wars against my parents. My mother had all kinds of awards and accredidations until she and my Dad were forced to move over here.

Since my mother has been working here, her resume has basically come to a standstill. Which is to be expected in a smaller town maybe, but I'm starting to figure out this whole "real estate Hate" thing.

There was this person, and I won't describe them at all, except to say that this was weeks ago and he said the name was "Real Estate" and "Power". I know it's power. And I know that power comprises a lot of things, groups, and people. But "real estate" I didn't get. I thought, does he mean people are fighting for "real estate", like in a territorial sense?

Hello Josh Rose. Glad you've joined up.

Moving on now, a territorial sense? or, I thought then, in a "estate that's real" sense? or, as I'm starting to figure some things out, maybe not excluding the other ideas, but might need to think a little more about "Real Estate" as a profession and who's been involved, who runs RMLS, and who uses power within even real estate circles to run torture, or to harass my family, or even just coordinates things here with fed people they know somewhere else.

I might write about how I know many in the real estate circle are involved but not at this moment, but what I find odd, is who, within this circle, would be communicating with the Department of Ed people and other businesses or agencies preparing to block my consolidation again by changing an address and calling it default.

There was no reason to put me in default on anything. I had checked all the address and information and it was correct, and now the fact that they have deleted all information for lendors and addresses on the student site is strange. Before this overhaul they had all of the information available and I was able to look at it.

Get this, not only did they try to put me in default status again, they deleted the address for the lendor that the govt. is writing a check to, and have a phone number for me to call for a collection agency. This isn't a collection agency matter-the govt. is supposed to provide the addresses of the lendors or guarantors which is who the U.S. writes the check to.

And instead of doing this, someone put a number that goes to an agency the U.S. dept. of ed selected for me on their own, who contracts with them and it's the only agency with a woman answering the phone with a British accent. She not only answers with a British accent, but she goes on and on and on for at least 5 minutes.

So, out of the 4-5 or so possible new groups I could have been sent to, I shouldn't have been sent to any of them. It was supposed to be paid by the feds, because when you really think about it, it would be a lot cheaper than paying millions down the road for obstruction. So, the U.S. got the right info and had it in the system for checking themselves and they're supposed to check too, and they were supposed to send the check and didn't and then waited for a month to have someone announce late that one was in "default" now, and oh, by the way, they deleted the record of address and thought it would be "fun" to have me call up the British accent people who are hailing from the grand midwest. I was told, Columbus, Ohio but I don't know if that's right.

Meanwhile, I want to know why RMLS with Realtors was trying to harass my mother early, before they even sent this over to be documented by the U.S. Dept of Ed.

What would a big group of bratty and criminal realtors want to distress my mother over? Or is that they just have a few ringleaders who take charge?

I am not sure but I think the RMLS is local or regional, so that would make the inside harassment even more appalling because it would show a group of realtors is getting info from ..huh. gee...hard to think now...other realtors.

And who might these realtors be? and which realtors or husbands of realtors would be connecting with people about my private loan information and college applications?

They knew ahead of time, before it was even processed. Which means they planned ahead and then sent a sneaky harassment mail to my mom and while my mom said nothing, I happened to see it and figure it out.

Which ties in with what this one man said, not that he's not covering for things, and not that it's the whole truth, but he said: "The name of the game is real estate and power."

I had been asking for the name of those torturing my son and family.

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