Friday, November 4, 2011

"Half-Time Since 2002" Inaccurate

Not only have I been confirming that my application for consolidation of loans is accurate for MONTHS, I found out after all of this work over the phone and by email, someone still wanted me to lose out.

And then I got to this page again, because I'm told an address was wrong, and it shouldn't have been, because I've gone over the same material multiple times.

Not only that, the information on my loans is inaccurate, and states I was enrolled "less than half-time since 2002". It says since September 8, 2002.

Not true. It's a lie.

Why anyone would choose to put this on my account is beyond me.

I have been getting loans and going to college on FT status as of 2002, not half-time, and I was a FT college student up until 2004, when I was pulled over for a "suspended license" that was never suspended legally to begin with.

I wasn't "half-time".

I always took at least 12 cr. (FT) and most often, I was taking close to 20 cr. Some of the classes I took were grad. level courses and had more credits and at some point, I was adding in more hours because my goal was to get through college as quickly as I could.

I was racing through and I was stopped by a fucking police officer and Judge, who were assigned by __________________, and covered by ________________________.

My whole plan was laid out strategically, and for purposes of saving money. I budgeted everything. I was already "behind" because I'd been forced to wait until I was 24 yrs old to be independent status and get the loans and grants I needed to go FT. As soon as I was 24, I went.

And once I was in, my G.P.A. went up, not down, and I had decided I knew for sure I was going to grad. school, either for M.F.A. in Creative Writing and to teach or to law school. I decided on law school and worked at keeping my GPA high, because I had already done research and wanted to go to a "top-tier law school".

I also researched the financial end of things and found I would save a lot of money if I went through college quickly, because less interest would accrue and I could pay it off faster. So I started picking up more than 12 cr., and my plan was to take as much as I could while getting A's and then make up for lost time and start my career.

So NO, I was not "less than half-time since 2002."

I was enrolled FT and hate crime shut me down.

Who would even put that on my federal Department of Education account? And why.

Then, after I had my son, I was going to start my own childcare while he was still young and I was blocked from doing this. I had already been forced to quit college, and then I was pregnant, so I decided to start up a business and then go back to college taking night courses.

All of this, was disrupted by hate crime.

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