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Catholic & Military Infiltration

I am going to list how many people in my family have died since I met the Mt. Angel Abbey monks, and after I was raped in 1998. Start with 1997.

1. Carmen Wilson. Army. Married into my family and disappeared in time to watch the Wedding & A Funeral (Middleton's Mess Wedding & Middleton's Mess Funeral).

2. Christa Schneider asks about friends and family. I stupidly tell her about who has money or doesn't, in addition to other things, over time. The only other person who knew about some money things was Robin Bechtold (might add more, like, maybe Shirina Edwin overheard me and Monica talking, I don't know). After I talk to Christa, every single eligible and single person in my family who had money was "introduced" to RC church members, who introduced themselves, or had themselves introduced. How many of my then-best-friends and family found themselves approached or alongside Roman Catholics after I discussed how rich they were and was talking to Christa and in prelitigation? 6-8 of them within 1 year. And that's not counting Catholic "friends" who popped up to be friendly and influence all of a sudden, but romantic ties alone.

WEDDINGS (& ties):
1.. "Suddenly", our Aunt Ruthie's millionaire widower finds a Catholic bride! out of nowhere!
2. "Suddenly", (millionaire? family's son) Pamp Maiers finds a Catholic girlfriend who becomes his wife! out of nowhere! After I mention where all of them live, go to school, or work. It was Pamp Jr.s wife who coordinated her outfit, hair, and make-up to match what I told Christa I was going to wear and how I was doing hair and make-up over the phone. She met Pamp at college after I'd blabbed to Christa about who my past friends were and what they did.
3. "Suddenly", (millionaire? family's daughter) Stacie Maiers finds a Catholic boyfriend! In D.C.! Out of nowhere!
4. "Suddenly", daughter Christina is living with X who is X? Catholic? in Seattle, WA! out of nowhere!
5. "Suddenly," Stephanie Maiers is marrying unknown religion (Catholic born?)Australian man (undetermined significance) and my lifelong held notes and letters to her disappear! out of nowhere! (maybe that happened when Karen and she were friends, I don't know).
6. "Suddenly," my Uncle Howard finds himself marrying a Catholic bride! out of nowhere!
7. "Suddenly," my cousin Char gets romantically involved with a Catholic (? I think) man who happened to move next door or she was placed next to him in an apartment.

1. Nana Ruth Howard-Garrett. She was older, but still, she could have lived longer. Died March 7, 2001, after I was being written up by police secretly and when Christa was getting info on my family for lawyers. She died after saying she had something urgent and secret to tell her daughters but no one got there in time.

2. Robert Guy Garrett. Died in 2002 at the start of my litigation against the Roman Catholic Mt. Angel Abbey/Archdiocese and Willamette Week. He knew I had been grossly defamed. After he died, they called it a 'hostile takeover'.

3. Charles Howard Garrett. Died in 2011 of unnatural causes, at start of my inquests and filing for injunction to get my son and for information. He was already ill so it was made to look natural but it wasn't. Someone did this to him, and right after I had mailed my court filings to Spokane, contacted the Oregon State police for the name of the officer who pulled me over, and then specifically, right after I sent an email to a woman with the last name "Casciato", who, if it's the same person, is linked to Canada. I wrote about financial aid matters and said I hoped she understood, because it was keeping me from my son and I was sure she wouldn't want to be separated from her girls. I believe it was right after this that my Uncle got the blow and was going to the hospital.

4. Jay Baird. Died in 2011 as I was preparing to get his statement about receiving the letter from John Kaempf and brought this letter up on my blog again. He died from "heart attack" which is what they were saying, in ID, that my Uncle Howard collapsed from "heart attack" which is what they said my Grandpa Garrett, who died while I was in litigation, died from. We do not have a history of heart disease in our family though I've written this on medical records or told "friends" this. People in my family have died from old age, not illness or disease. The only person with heart problems was my Grandpa Garrett and knowing what I know now, it was probably not all natural either. But Jay died after I brought him up again and was finally in a more stable location where I could pursue getting the information to clear my name again. They killed him. They killed him before I could get a statement even though there are some others who also saw the letter. And John Kaempf and Dick Whittemore are connected to Portland FBI, which is something the FBI didn't want anyone to know.

Defamed as "mentally ill":
1. Charlotte Ball-Garrett. She was being targeted as "mentally ill" when she's not, after I was involved with Mt. Angel Abbey and told Christa no one had ever been called mentally ill. Her entire life, nothing was wrong with her and then Catholic doctors tried to diagnose her as "paranoid schitzophrenic" so they could try to get away with their defamation of me in 2000 as being "p.s." when I never was. They needed to make it look "inherited". There was zero cause to try to diagnose my aunt this way, except that a group wanted to make her look nuts so they could more easily call me nuts. So they went after her first, because it wasn't sticking with me. Later, she had it proven she only had "anxiety" and in the meantime, the hate crime initiators waited until they forced me out of college to get the FBI to help them defame me.
2. Me. I was defamed and it was outright defamation, in 2000-2001, so I went ahead and got enrolled in college and shot it down, which they didn't like. 2002 I was FT college student, doing a dozen other things, and they had to retract and swallow their defamation about my being "paranoid schitzophrenic" which was first proposed when someone didn't like how I was standing up for the rights of the sexually molested or lured by clergy. So what they told all the people in town, was that I was unstable, lying, and "paranoid schitzophrenic". I wasn't. I proved it and then as soon as they forced me out of college, they turned wheels to defame me again. Then they used FBI and others in government to torture my entire family and try to keep it a secret.
3. My parents. I already see evidence of attempts to portray my parents as ill or set them up to look this way, just in case they talk about what's going on. As a result, my parents are brutally tortured and can't say anything about it. If they do, they are tortured worse, with hate crime by the same groups, but using classification and privilege to cover and conceal crimes with improper use of law enforcement and military technology.

List Of The Tortured (since at least 2005 but possibly earlier for some):

1. Me
2. Dicksie-Dael Garrett
3. Robert Guy Garrett
4. Granny and Grandpa Baird
5. Oliver Garrett (as a baby and child)
6. Charlotte Ann Ball-Garrett
7. Billy (?)
8. Levi Gannon Garrett
9. Gannon Levi Garrett (murdered)
10. Some of the Avilas
11. Aunts and Uncles
12. Friends of family

Oh yeah, and in 2001, a member of the Ball family published a genealogy that included, among other things, a link to the Spencer family. I am not personally related (to my knowledge) by blood, but by marriage. And I didn't realize this until a few days ago. So it is definitely possible that people checking me out back then, saw things like this and used other means of finding out who I was and my family became imperiled. Not that some didn't already know. Anyone who really cared that much, already knew.

The Ball family, which my Aunt Charlotte married into, is related to the Spencers. So I am related by marriage, not by blood (I don't think) to Princess Diana...pretty sure. I didn't know it until a few days ago and wasn't going to say anything until now, I think it's important bc this information was already online for others to guess about since 2001 and attack my family over. They (Charlotte Garrett and Corbin Ball) were getting divorced about the time the news (genealogy) was being published online and I was being attacked by those who didn't like my activism.

And all of the Garretts were born in Pennsylvania. I found out and confirmed, my Great Uncle Charles Howard, who was murdered in Seattle, Washington while flying a plane for the Navy, was b. in PA. My Great-Aunts were also born in PA as was my late grandfather Robert Guy Garrett.

Probably, if he died in 2002, the Middleton rat pack felt "safe".

Kill Diana, rape anyone some group is worried might pose a threat in the future, and settle in. Use lots of money and torture. Kill off people who know what happened to her and who is partly behind it and try to blame them. Deception.

The most bizarre thing, to me, is that I never once heard anyone in my family ever bring up Diana. Never. All of my almost 28 years or so. I was the one who brought it up, after 2001, after 9/11, and only because I randomly came across her name at some point later, after I was defamed. I related to it and then I got interested in the accident. I never read up on too much though, bc whenever I started, it got more dangerous. Finally, it was dangerous for me no matter what, and litigation-religious hate crimes were the reason.
Basically, my entire family was infiltrated and all of my friends and past friends, esp. those with money, were being introduced to or found themselves alongside Roman Catholics.

When I brought this up, wondering what was going on, I was getting close. And it's so sad, and so horrible, that a lot of monied were willing to put money towards ruining all of us.

It's Hate Crime.

We are victims of serious Hate Crime.

I would not lie or exaggerate this. It's true.

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