Friday, November 4, 2011

FBI & Military Threaten My Family Not To Help With College

It's confirmed.

The FBI and military here have threatened my parents to not help me get back into college.

It's not my parents at all, because that was the entire reason for my coming back to Oregon, so I was told.

Those who are corrupt in the U.S. wanted to keep using me for research and didn't like it when I quit the job they had set up for me to be enbroiled in again. Ever since, and ever since this new FBI guy has come in from NY, it's been trouble.

My parents have photos of themselves with totally suspicious black marks around their eyes and it's on my mother's photo for her workplace with Debbie Sweetwater-Burt. It's on the first business card she had, or an earlier one.

A different card that Ms. Sweetwater-Burt issued to my mother, was identical to the one I got from Raul Bujanda. It was the exact same paper the FBI then was using, and had used for this card for Bujanda, and had the same kind of perforation. It didn't have my mother's photo, just writing on it, like her name and business contact info. No business gives out cards like that unless they're trying to make a point, and Ms. Burt would do this, to spite me, because I had said something about the "cheap quality" of the card I was given to Portland FBI field offices I had written in my complaint about misconduct, that I hadn't known if Bujanda was even telling me the truth or not, because of the kind of business card.

Then, after I called to make a report and meet someone, someone went into my apartment and stole the card from me.

I once saw John Kaempf, lawyer for Bullivant Houser, talking with the apartment manager on her porch at the offices, before this even happened (I think it was before and not after).

I called to tell the FBI that someone had stolen the business card that Bujanda gave me, which he had written upon, on the back, to give me 3 different personal and business phone numbers for himself and I had it sitting on the windowsill near my kitchen in my apartment. Someone had to get all the way past my living room and up to the window that overlooked the parking lot, to get it.

So this aside, about the "point" these people have been trying to make with my family since 2000 for me and earlier for my parents maybe, is this business card with my mother's photo.

Her eyes are outlined on the inside with black because the skin beneath turned that way for some reason. It's on my mother's business card where she was told to wear a salmon colored turtleneck with black rings going around the neck. She didn't tell me she was told to wear this--I know it intuitively.

When I arrived from TN-TX, my parents did not have these marks around their eyes. And I saw them every single day, and not one day did they show up with this. After 1 1/2 months, the first time anything happened to them, in front of my eyes, that was obvious, was when my mother went with "Patty Otterbach" to Roseburg with my mother and brought her back in shock, shaking, with black marks around her eyes, eyes totally glazed out, and carrying fake flowers with her from "Michaels" like Mykal Holt's flowers, and 4 packages of 4 sets of green corncob holders that look like dildos from a porn shop and which I know my mother would NEVER, in her life, choose.

My mother would not buy the ugly fake floral bouquets and she wouldn't buy corncob holders when she already had some, and she would NEVER buy ones that looked like that.

After my mother came back, looking mortified and stunned, shaking as she tried to act normal and make corn on the cob, with her eyes completely glassy and red like someone had been blowing smoke into her face directly for hours, and with black circles on the inside of her eyes like she'd had a brain contusion, someone had repeated the effect since, to make it look like a regular thing.

They are telling my parents to say "We're just getting older." THEY are "in" with the FBI--the same people torturing my family are working out of, and with, FBI persons. FBI is doing this to them, and having friends in mafia do worse.

What's the latest?

Now the FBI and military are trying to block me from going to college altogether. Right after I mailed my requests for emergency FOI/PA and they knew I was going to do it, because they have been surveilling what I do online and what my searches are about.

Everything I have been researching for the last week, up to my Dad's birthday, has been about FOI/PA. All of a sudden, some "agency" calls up Dept. of Ed. and told them to put me BACK into default, when I was already out of default. And it was the day after I mailed my FOI/PA requests out that both my mother and father were beat up again and told to keep me from going to college.

The first time anyone ever suggested they "might not" help me pay off this transcript I have to pay off, to get it and then get back into college, was the day after I mailed out my FOI/PA to the FBI and OIG offices. And the people working here at the U.S. postal services knew that night who I had sent my mail to. They knew on November 2, 2011, and I mailed them at 4:30 p.m. on November 2, 2011.

I was looking up FOI/PA and writing my letters for FOI/PA before my Dad's birthday, which is Nov. 1 2011. I also contacted all of the branches of the Oregon State police department from October 27-31, asking for the name of the officer who pulled me over Jan. 5, 2005, for a suspended license (and I believe that date is possibly incorrect because I remember it being earlier).

All of a sudden, the day before the 1st, on the 31st of October, someone contacted the Dept. of Ed. and told them to block my loan consolidation and put me into default.

Now, the latest, is that while nothing has changed on my end, at all, my parents showed up brutally tortured again after Nov. 2, 2011, the morning after I mailed my certified mail for FOI/PA on emergency basis.

The first time anyone has ever said a WORD that would suggest maybe they wouldn't pay my transcript off, so I can get back into college, was after I mailed out my requests to the FBI and OIG.

So it's FBI and local law enforcement beating them. If it wasn't, they would have gone to them long ago and they wouldn't be showing up tortured, or telling me they might not help me get into college.

My getting back into the college was and is the ONLY point, or way for me to get back on my feet, which is precisely what my parents said they would help with. And they were going to pay off the transcript months ago but I said wait, let me check on something before you do.

The ONLY reason they would suggest otherwise now, would be because the FBI and local law enforcement are beating and torturing them and threatening them.

No one else would do this.

I saw what the local police response was, to my complaint about Patty Otterbach and Debbie Sweetwater-Burt. It was to turn around and break my Dad's hands and beat him and bring in mafia and then stand by to protect the mafia. Which is exactly what the military here and FBI have done and they know exacty what's going on.

The timing shows exactly who is responsible for torturing my family and coercing and threatening us.

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