Thursday, November 3, 2011

Continued Military-FBI Torture Tonight

Someone had quit doing anything for most of the day, with me at least, but then tonight while I was writing on the Motel 6 post about the names of people and their RC affiliation, right after I wrote about Alberto Gonzoles, someone did something to my eardrum with technology and then I tried to go to bed and it's the same thing...

Every single night, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, and even last night, though it was less, the military and FBI zone in on specific sites, like my bed and my parent's house.

I went over to their house and couldn't tell from the outside of the house, but I went over to where I sleep and immediately, before I was even lying down, I could feel it.

They did this with me and my son but did it 10x stronger, like I've said in the past, to the point where my son was flinging up his arm on his own, in the middle of the night. And his entire body was twitching all over, with this creepy sensation under the skin, and muscles moving involuntarily from it. You don't have to be lying down to feel it.

And the exact same group that initiated this with hate crime motives, is still trying to carry it out, but now with a cover.

I also found out that my Aunt Charlotte has not been doing well, and I am already positive it has nothing to do with mental illness. I thought all this time that my parents really believed she was mentally ill too, but I don't think so now. I see what the U.S. military and FBI has forced them to say for them.

No one ever even suggested my Aunt Charlotte had any problem at all, until after I was involved with the military-Roman Catholic church and had been raped by another targeting group of some jewish.

Which is really odd, actually. My Aunt Charlotte, this English Lit. major and smart woman, who has had a normal life (mainly), just goes "nuts" when I'm in prelitigation mode with an Abbey, Roman Catholic Archdiocese, and go to counseling about a rape?

My Aunt Charlotte actually "went nuts" (supposedly) right after I declared to people involved in spying on me, "That's impossible, and no one in my family has had any mental illness of any kind, on either side, EVER."

What was happening, was crime, and then people were trying to get away with it by saying I was mentally ill and since I was so much older by the time someone decided they desperately needed me to be "nuts", they got nervous about no other family member having any problems.

If no one in my family had any mental illness, everyone would wonder why I suddenly became "mentally ill" right about the time I was preparing to file lawsuits and making abuse a public matter.

They kept trying to discredit me. So here I was, saying it was very dumb to try to say I was mentally ill when I was that old and had not been my entire life. And I pointed to my family as examples of how every single one of us was healthy and mentally sound.

Which is and was true.

So I literally think someone went after my Aunt Charlotte first. I think I was the target, bc I was the one bringing attention to things, but I think they wanted at least 1 person to sound nuts so they could point to that family member and say, "No, it's in the family and look, her own aunt has _________."

I know this is the truth.

I know, because several things happened since 1997-98.

I started hearing about my Aunt driving around or sounding out of it, AFTER, not BEFORE, I was involved with the monks and AFTER not BEFORE I expressed some concern. I also remember very well, that over the phone I was always saying no one in our family had any mental illness and I wouldn't have been saying this for a proud point, because who cares. I was saying it because I was being attacked for my honest activism, done in good faith.

So all of a sudden, after refuting claims I was mentally ill or unstable in any way, I started hearing weird stuff about my Aunt. Right away I thought, "She's being followed." They said she was going on driving sprees and I thought, "Well I've done that and so what. I do it to clear my head, or absentmindedly while listening to music, and sometimes, getting people off of my tail too." Then I was told her own kids were worried but I figured, "What do they know? Just because her kids think she's acting differently doesn't mean she's not being followed or something weird isn't going on that's affecting her."

I didn't find out until later, after people tortured me and my son and we tried to leave for Canada, what she'd been dealing with.

I found out she'd had anxiety for some reason (everyone can get this, for any reason) and instead of being diagnosed with anxiety, she was sent to doctors who, turned out, were Catholic, and tried to say she was paranoid schitzophrenic. She wasn't, at all. And they doped her up anyway. She said to me, "Don't ever go to that Bellingham hospital..." I found out she was wondering why certain people kept wanting to say she had a specific illness when she didn't. I told her, "That's what they tried to say I was, when it wasn't even true, back in 2000," (or something like that). I found out some group tried to put this same thing onto my Aunt's chart after they simply wanted to defame me and had no relative to use for a foil. So she said that she finally went to a normal Dr. and was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and she sounded as clear as a lark to me. She said, "None of the other things worked bc that's not what it was."

But she knew, in her right mind, that someone had tried to displace her. I thought this was really strange and thought, "Oh my gosh, someone is trying to either drive her crazy or make her sound crazy so they try to match it up with me."

After what I know about technology too, I already know that the things done to me with use of military or other technology can make anyone feel or sound crazy when they're not. And I don't know what was happening with her specifically, but I know it was a coordinated effort.

She thought it was about her ex. She thought that because she was divorced or getting divorced, that he was trying to make her sound crazy as an excuse to divorce her. It was like using mental illness as a valid excuse for wanting divorce and don't believe what Charlotte has to say.

I thought, no, it's not about that, it's that someone is already trying to cover their bases for what they're trying to say about me...

So, she said, first "he" wanted to make her sound mentally ill to get a better divorce deal for himself, and then she said, after they were divorced and she asked for money for being battered or having anxiety or whatever her reason was, he was then saying there was nothing wrong with her and she didn't have any anxiety that he caused, at all.

She maintained she had anxiety, caused by him presumably.

More recently I've heard she's not doing well, and if this is so, it's not because there is anything wrong with her. Someone is torturing her.

After 1997 or so, several things happened to my family.

First of all, people were digging for dirt and details and information about my family. I shared too much. Then it was in 1999 that I met Christa and gave her way too much information, some over the phone and some in person. I stupidly told her, over time, about my entire family history, including medical, psychological (we have no mental illness), and financial and who was rich or poor or what friends I had who I thought were vulnerable bc they were rich.

All of a sudden, new faces started moving in.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, as much as you are pursued by governments, black ops, secret agencies, and the private sector... its a wonder you don't have secret service body guards.. I bow to you humbly, your the most impressive VIP we have in Wenatchee, in Washington, in the US, and quite possibly the World!! hmmm... still Can't tell if its an inflated ego or simple paranoia?