Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chuck Pfarrer Covering Up For Seals

I only watched the first few minutes of the video with Churck Pferrar and thought he's covering for the Seals.

Who knows for sure, but I think he's potentially lying to cover for Seals and lawsuit liability. I only listened as far as to the part where they talk about discrepency in form of entrance and how long it took, with Chuck saying it took 90 seconds total and other reports saying 45 minutes. He also said they came in from roof instead of ground.

The first thing I thought was, "Why would someone change the account this much and what does it do?" In my opinion, it makes for a "defense" for the Seal who SHOT Osama when he tried to surrender. That was illegal. When someone tries to surrender, you don't shoot the enemy or word gets around that so what if you surrender, they'll kill you anyway. It gives an excuse to Seals who took 45 minutes total, who had time to ask questions and see where people were. Osama's own daughter gives the account that her father tried to surrender.

I don't know who killed Osama. I'm not blessed with gifts that allow me to see anything that important really, even if I ask. But I always had this "feeling" that the Seal who took the shot was Irish-Catholic.

And I don't know who it was, but my hunch is they were Catholic and they shot his eye out after he tried to surrender, after the Catholic Panetta took a hit list out on all of extremely valuable and important people WE trained. THEY were out friends. Osama bin Ladin was our FRIEND, and we fought alongside him like a comrade in war, and turn around and shoot his eye out when he tried to surrender, in front of his little girl. He did all kinds of things for the U.S. and his own country, which the public never hears about, and one church with Catholics get hit by some group that he didn't even claim, and the Vatican goes on a rampage, using all their Catholic military to put hit lists on people for the church. Not for U.S. best interests.

For some reason, I had a feeling this Seal was Irish-Catholic, which makes it interesting, if it's true, as to why an Irish-Catholic from Boston, MA is writing a book to make a legal defense for his buddies.

One could argue, well, it happened fast because it was just a call for assassination, but no, that's not true.

They saw him and I believe they exchanged words, and that did not happen in 90 seconds.

I believe he tried to surrender for the sake of his family, and there are many testimonies from firsthand witnesses who were in the room, to that effect.

Yeah, and looking at his bio, he has ties to the UK and to Australia. Which only makes me wonder because when I was being tortured in Seattle, WA, at and near the Irish Pub and at the hostel, the guy with the eyeball tatoo, who someone has been trying to make a point of ever since, had an English or Australian accent. And he and his friend were not good people and then I come over here to the police dept to get records in Coquille and they have their seretary displaying eyeball stuffed animals, like the tatoo, and this is after some very sick SEAL ignored international law and executive orders, and deliberately fired on a man trying to surrender, taking specific aim at his eye.

That man did this for his own sick effect and glory.

And that SEAL has issues. Legal ones, potentially, which Chuck would cover for him on.

I always thought too, "I don't know what it is, but this has something to do with William of Wales but I don't know what." I think Osama knew, or had a very good idea, who killed his mom and I still remember the feeling of confirmation I got from it. Someone wanted to get rid of him for more than some 9-11 idea.

It was Catholic Vatican vendetta.

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