Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Martin Dempsey Guilty: Torture & Daily Assault

My parents are being tortured tonight. It's 2:05 a.m. and I just went over and checked.

It's not happening at my house tonight, not very much--it's happening at my parent's house and it's constant. I can stand on the porch or against a corner of the house, and the ground is literally humming beneath me.

So neighbors around here, along with Dempsey's military, are still torturing us. I already reported what condition I saw in my parents during the day and refer to my last post for more information on how Christine and Mike Gregoire are connected to Wenatchee ER's Dr. Crane and people I knew in Baltimore, MD and D.C.

I went over and stood there and you could feel it. So it means it's probably even worse inside, and the fact is, it's 2 a.m. and this is what the FBI is allowing.

The FBI is allowing systematic torture of an entire family, and possibly (though I don't know) others they think might help.

This isn't just something like a one-time assault.

Torture like this is considered to be assault & battery. So I could either lump it all into a torture claim against the U.S. of America, or I can break it down for citizens and explain that EVERY single day, we are assaulted here.

Not just every single day, but every single night. Almost all night.

Since I've been here, I can think of maybe one week's worth, like 7 nights total, that I was not personally assaulted. I can't fall asleep because of the torture and then when I do, it's not good sleep and I am woken up to assault. I know it's the same for my parents, and right now they're looking worse than me and it is NOT old age.

The cop who said that is a criminal. Ray. He's Irish-Catholic, he knows Debbie Burt personally and defends her, even when my mother is assaulted, and he was trying to make it look like he hadn't been around the first time I noticed my Dad's hands looked broken, the same day I filed criminal reports against Patty Otterbach, Debby Sweetwater Burt and Kathy Hathaway.

These women are connected to Christine Gregoire in Washington state. And I found out Gregoire is connected to Dr. Crane, whose family was career military and intelligence in Maryland.

They know people who have access to cause torture of others.

I already had escalating hate crime where I lived, but it was after I filed for a Fair Hearing and noticed Gregoire had given all these people from Gonzaga or Seattle U(Catholic Jesuit colleges) positions in govt., that we were tortured, and the FBI knew.

Honestly, maybe I had already discovered the Crane connection and forgot about it because of being thrown into psych wards and drugged and being hypnotized and medicated. If I did, I forgot and now rediscover it and it's still relevant. What I have not forgotten, is what happened then because it was imprinted into my longterm memory as it's some of the most impressionable and shocking crimes I've ever witnessed in my life. To have an ER doctor who is usually pleasant come up to you and mock you and let you know he knows you and your kid are being tortured, and he's glad, is NOT something you EVER forget.

It was Crane who knew. He knows who did it. I would not be at all suprised if other ER doctors knew too, because they were all acting weird and they had something to lose if I filed a lawsuit for their defaming me. But the only one to put it in my face was Dr. Crane.

He has ties to Ambassadors in D.C. Hillary. The Clintons.

And then I was given Anne Crane from Maryland, for visitation with my son. People in WA state got OR state to threaten and torture my parents around my request for an appeal over my son because they didn't want me to be able to call witnesses. They didn't want to allow a termination trial.

I wasn't allowed to cross-examine Crane and had a list of witnesses I needed to cross-examine.

I was forced to defend myself and not allowed the right to question witnesses.

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