Monday, November 7, 2011

cyndi lauper & my becoming the archetype (photos)

My hair looked exactly like this when I woke up this morning.

I don't know if that's why I thought I'd try something new.

Anyway, I was playing "We Are The World" and then thought about Will Wagler and decided to play Cyndi Lauper. Don't know why, bc I don't associate her with him, but anyway.

I think my mom liked my bangs. I didn't email her about it but showed up with some laundry and she later got a small smile on her face.

I was the one who cut bangs when I was a kid. I did it myself in elementary school. My mom didn't like it at first and I said "I like it." I didn't have bangs until 2nd or 3rd grade. Then I had crazy thick bangs which I "feathered". Half of the hair on my head was cut into these thick bangs. I got a curling iron and curled them even. It was horrible.

I think I got the idea after reading a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. How books give one "ideas". I read about Laura asking for her hair to be cut into a "fringe" across her forehead and everyone said NO! it's terrible and she said, "It's modern." She wanted the 'new-fangled fringe'.

So I believe I decided I was trying out "the fringe" for myself.

I didn't really care what other kids were doing--it was what I read about in books that impressed me.

Laura cut her hair into a "fringe" and then curled it with some 1800s or early 1900s rolling iron of some kind, looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled. Went off into a buggy to teach school. Or whatever she did next. And probably my semi-enjoyment of hearing about food has to do with these books because the thing I liked most about "Farmer Boy" was reading about all the food and then in Little House in the Woods, or one of the books, I was fascinated with how they extracted maple syrup from trees and made candy with it, and how they fried pig skin and ate it. It was like early Julia Child.

This is my look right now:

Brigette Bardot:,0,214,314_.jpg

I sawed my bangs out with the kitchen knife and then thought, "Brigette Bardot" as the rest of my hair was messily piled up on my head with a few stringers hanging down. I'm no Bardot, but I think that's my aim right now. Because then I put on black maskara and had these longer shaggy bangs over my eyes. Old Bardot. Not young anymore, but Old. Who cares? I've laughed at flyaways but sometimes frizzy hair works out fine. So I'm in frizzy Bardot mode right now.

If I want to smooth out to a sheen and precision cut bang later, I may. Right now, with my hair being too-long-and-impossible, this is my best option--the frizzy, forgot to cut and comb my hair look.

Here's one of Bardot with a choker like the one I was given, black velvet and this is the same width and type, but mine had an emerald center, not the cross hanging down:

Sort of like this, but no braids:

Oh, I just decided to take a photo to show. I'll put a couple of others on my next post. See, Cyndi Lauper...and in the next ones, you'll even see this Bardot space between my teeth.

See? Toldja. Now have I ever told you a lie before? See photo above.

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