Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Get This Look (photos)

I just put up a few. One has the funny gap look in the teeth, and one shows my t-shirt (Backagun) that I've mentioned (3 guys in the shirt but you can't see one of them) and my only cooking pot. That's where I do all my cooking folks! All of my ingenuity is from that pot and I'm the genie. So, how to get the look...take semi-dull kitchen knife and saw bangs while holding hair over forehead in a clump. Do not try to "fix". Do not use pomade, or gel, or anything, put on top of head all day and then mess up and let down for photos to prove: I am not a liar. (I might take these down though, bc it's just to show my hair cut with my new bangs and don't need to keep it up). I have one where I'm holding my breath, for Will, but I'm not underwater. Might put it up later tonight.

Here's another version of Change of Heart by Cyndi:

Get out your haaaaynkies...(cough, cough)...HAYnkies:
Time After Time

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