Monday, November 7, 2011

reply to W.W. underwater (photo)

Of all things, I decided to go to my Bible and look something up, knowing God knows our thoughts and what we'll do ahead of time so knowing sometimes I don't even have to ask and I opened to 3 spots but looked first at this:

"Water of Cleansing"

No kidding. That's what I opened to. Not that it means anything. But, thinking about water and then posting this, funny to land here. Numbers 19.

Maybe take heart. Take heart that what man means for evil, God intends for good.

The other passages are 1 Chronicles 16:8, David's psalm of thanks. And 1 Timothy, beware of false teachers (we know that one!--perverting the course of justice and all)

So anyhow. Went to different lauper songs and then from Time After Time decided to click on Michael Jackson (in memory of) and chose Remember the Time. On a different track now, thinking about MJ but this is a cool video. Didn't he die shortly after he made this???

You know, I haven't looked up anything about michael jackson but I just looked up his wiki and was thinking, "he died June 2009?" something is odd about the timing. I remember that after he died, I had people coming up to me, sort of almost happy that he'd died and saying, in a sneering strange way, "So what do you think about michael jackson's death?" These professionals were coming to me asking what I thought about his death. I said I have no idea, I haven't been following the news at all (and wasn't and still haven't been). Something is strange about the timing though.

And, like I've said, many of Di's truest friends or people who had a pretty good idea about what happened to her, have all died recently. It's like a hit list. A hit list, torture list, and I'll put you out of business list. Some really bizarre things have happened, but no, I wasn't following MJ news. The only person I had been focused on at the time was Di and not even her sons or anyone else.

So, this doesn't make me think of Will Wagler either, but just past stuff. I just happen to be continuing my thoughts onto a post that's not on the same subject (which I've been known to do).

I remember I had remarked that there was something off about the accusations by the boys, at first I thought I believed them and then later, it was looking like money and politics.

Probably, he didn't kill himself, intentionally or by accident. It's possible that since he was older, he wasn't creating as much new material and people who made money off of him were making it off of his older material. They would profit from his death because it would mean memorial stuff and even more money. He was alone and sort of almost in retirement and trying to do his own thing, so it wouldn't have bothered any of the people who made money off of him, to lose him. In fact, it would be more profitable for them, immediately, than keeping him around in his retirement phase. It would mean immediate memorial and resurgence of popularity profits. And if he knew something or others were worried that since he was retired and rich, he could support things he wanted to support on his own, having him die would keep him quiet.

Money-wise, only profit stood to be made on his death. People in the entertainment industry already know that. They know it means even more money.

So, someone tired of getting regular royalties and wanting instant bonus cash, would stand to profit from his death. If he knew something he was about to talk about or supported a cause or person or group that others didn't want him and his money to support, they would also stand to profit.

That's just common sense, off the cuff, thinking without having read or watched one single thing about him since he died.

I just read the wiki on his death and thought this one part was weird, about how MJ was saying he was hot on one side of his body and cold on one side. That's like me. I was hot on one side, cold on the other side after my broken why would MJ be saying or signaling this? and then he gets killed shortly after? sort of weird. On top of that, the fact people clustered around ME like i should know. It would be interesting to see the timeline of where he was before this heart attack.

I also think it's bizarre so many heart attacks and cardiac problems are later being attributed to something else. I know for a fact that groups have their hands on technology that can torture and kill. They've used it on me and my family and still do. The FBI has a hand in that. So other groups could potentially access the same thing.

This is great. I am watching/listening to all these MJ videos and songs and this one "Blood on the Dance Floor" has round symbols (spirals) in the background just like the design on the Irish pub where I was tortured (Fados) in Seattle, 3 blks away from FBI offices.

I think someone from FBI was probably there when this happened or they wouldn't have had people trying to block my entrance to attempt to report continued hate crime and escalating violence.

Anyway, all I remember about MJ and any comments I made prior to his death was that at first I believed the kids and then I started to think something was "off" about it, possibly. And I defended the idea of co-sleeping in innocence bc that's what I did with my son, and it is completely innocent, but more foreign-sounding to typical American ears. Not saying I know anything, but I remember I made comments to that effect.

I didn't even know what was surrounding his death but think it's really strange, in retrospect, that so many people approached me about him.

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