Monday, November 7, 2011

Torture Today

Over at my place and even when I walked over to my parent's house, there was torture occuring. Military/FBI was using technology that affected the metal in my neck and it wasn't just as my place because then I left, and walked over to my parent's house and was checking to see if anything was happening around their 4 corners. The only thing I noticed there, specifically, was the same technology used which affects metal in my neck.

I wouldn't know how this affects my parents at all, because they never complain about anything or talk, but I see with my own eyes some of the effects some of this has on them. And some things happen to them are even worse.

Additionally, someone has been tapping into the "ink bursts out of pens" technology almost all day. As soon as I began making this post and wrote about torture occuring, it quit. Someone quit what they were doing but the other form of technology that affects my neck is not being quit. And now, before I ever published this post, someone started up the other form again, so someone who is able to monitor what I write before I even post publicly, is involved.

Also, I am pretty sure I got doped with something but don't know where or how. I have odd residue around my house which I could even photograph to prove. I might do that tomorrow when it's light out. But there has been use of chemicals and other things around here and it's not my parents or at least they wouldn't get the idea. Tomorrow I'll photograph the stains on my shoes and outside on the hose and everything, which occured out of nowhere.

The only people who have been here have been military and FBI-police connected. That's who lives around us and who demands access. My parents didn't say this--I know.

I don't think my parents doped me or someone got them to, I think it was around Nov. 1st, around my Dad's birthday. I went to a store on that day and was out in public but that's about it. I just noticed that I was very upset about what was going on and thinking clearly for once, again, and getting my FOI/PA and complaints out and then it was like I got hit with something that just mellows me out and turns me into a rambling researcher that forgot the point.

It's not mental illness--I've been drugged and medicated repeatedly. I've been able to still get some work done, but I can tell how I'm different myself. They've been creative too, because in both TN and over here, people have used airborne crap.

Literally. And it's not odorless. Like I said, I can prove some of the weird stuff by photographing discoloration on some of my belongings inside my place and outside and I'll do it tomorrow.

Maybe someone will have an idea about what it is.

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