Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photos of Chemical Residue @ House

The problem with this photo is that the stain looks salmon colored or orange and it's not. It's distinctly flamingo-rose pink. It's not from rust, and the color isn't true here bc in person, it's plain pink and nothing else. It's more the color of the side of the onion photo without the onion top--a pale pink but darker, and distinctly pink (see my other comments at the end)

. Some of the photos did not turn out. You can't see defition on the end of the maskara and several of the water hose ones didn't turn out, where I was showing the length of the discoloration and how bad it was. Then, on the onion, the pink stain is hardly noticeable and looks natural but it's not. This is what was happening to ALL of my produce that I left out in cupboards in my place. I put this in the fridge after 1 day out. The other produce that I've thrown away, including the poisoned potatoes, I should have photographed. But the pink residue stain on the onions is NOT natural bc the exact same color showed up on my garlic, and other root vegetables I had out, and it's the exact same color as the discoloration stain on the hose and on the end of one of my tubes of maskara. I was thinking it's possible, possible, that the orange on my white sandal is from lily flower pollen, but I don't think so. I know for sure the end of my maskara was not dabbed with pollen and all of my produce sitting in the house turns pink or orange-pink.

I will have to get better ones of the hose bc in the photo it looks more orange or like it could be from rust or something but it's not. It's flamingo-rose pink. It's the same color of stain that was showing up on all my food that I put in cupboards.

I probably should take down the photos I put of my bangs cut, bc I tried to smile and these photos give the false impression that nothing is wrong over here. We are being tortured, forced to work for the U.S., obstructed from freedom of travel and college, and experimented on. If we don't do what they want, they use military technology all night and day to harm us and force my parents to go places where they're tortured more and hurt and threatened.

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Anonymous said...

There you have it Cameo, finally, proof of the conspiracy. Someone is conspiring against your garden hose, an onion, and some kind of yellow lid/saucer. I think this is definitely CIA material. Only the CIA can conspire against so many unrelated things. I think the garden hose is what tilts the scales in favor of a CIA conspiracy. Have you looked at your garlic? If garlic is being poisoned, I would add vampires to your conspiracy for sure.