Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trying To Obstruct College: PSI Excuses

All night last night, someone used technology on me and they did this to my parents too. My parents have had someone here threaten them, apparently, to not pay for a transcript I need to get back into college.

I said what do these people expect? I'm going to leave the U.S. because I'm forced to have nothing to do and be in refugee status so I lose the ability to have loans? My mother was then upset and said to get out, or maybe that's what she said first, when I asked who was responsible for telling them not to pay for the transcript like they were going to do months ago. I said what would I do if not college and was told "work". Yeah, in a town of 50 businesses and none of them hiring, and if one is, it's going to be law enforcement or military to use me as a guinea pig again--no thanks. The only reason they would not help me with a transcript is bc of FBI and military threats, and from a religious angle.

Rosemary West and her husband, Gordon West, are who came to my mind and they work for the federal government. He's a cop and you can see that my parents get a lot of assistance from the cops here. You'd think, with a "friend" that's a cop, they wouldn't be tortured, wouldn't you?

Rosemary works in Psychic Gap funded programs. Psychic Gap is a program that the U.S. funded and sponsored for psychic research and this entire town is chock-full of these people. There's a whole group of them, and instead of being an "eager-beaver participant" I started ratting on them. I started ratting on them because they're not just doing freewill research--they're torturing some of the people to force them to do the work, and I witnessed who some of these people are and what they're doing. So it's not like everyone is just freely doing whatever they want. They're basically entrapped prisoners, in every sense of the word.

I found, on one other site online, that it's an underground research site and this is true. And they forced my parents to move here. My parents would never choose, of their own accord, to move out to a place like this.

Most of the people who enforce torture, are just hate crime religious. I am not lying about the pastors here being Catholic and pretending to be Protestant. They really are and they're military and torture us and force my parents to work for them.

It's like some of the Jewish rapists and criminals thought it worked to their interests to stir up hatred with Catholic interests, and anyone else who had something to lose or fear from me, if they'd done something unethical. And then, knowing my parents were already forced to work for the U.S., they sold me and my son off for the same thing.

That way, those who committed the original hate crimes could buddy-up with the research program people and try to get it all SPONSORED and covered up by law enforcement.

It worked for criminal FBI interests. They wanted to sell my son and me off, because they could keep their own cover. I couldn't challenge them for defaming me in their records, or bring a lawsuit against them for illegal surveillance that benefited friends they had who were legal opponents in court. It worked for police who had refused to take reports of hate crime for years because it tamped down their own liability. It worked for former law firms who never wanted to get sued again for lawsuits I lost only by default bc I was forced out by corrupt police and Judges who knew FBI personnel. It worked for the men who are employees of the federal government who tried to sexually use me and share me and pass me off between themselves because it keeps the discovery of the fact that they all work for the federal government under wraps. It works for Jewish groups who supported and probably coordinated my rape, because they wanted to get rid of me and bring in the Middletons (more on that in a minute). It worked for Catholic groups who wanted to discredit me and make me sound trashy so no would ever believe what I found out about some of their dogmas, when their primary means of making money is keeping people "believing" in them and their religion.

Any group of criminals, corporate or NOT, would JUMP at the chance to have all discovery and investigations into organized hate crime (that followed me and spanned several states) cut off with my being involuntarily included into military research.

Great idea.

They used FBI and law enforcement to cut me out of my lawsuits in Oregon even. Illegally, and forced me to lose by default because of their illegal actions. If they would do this, and not even investigate and hold these people accountable, you'd better believe they'd try to use military and CIA/NSA research as an excuse to torture and medicate and keep someone down.

And that's how they get Protestants involved. Tell the Protestants it's not about religious hate crime--it's about "national security" and "incredible new developments in PSI". As soon as you start waving an American flag, torture and hate crime starts to look like Apple Pie and Freedom and Protestants start to think it's really not so bad to sacrifice and keep quiet about torture when, WOW, look at what the U.S. did in the 50s and 70s! How much farther can we take it now? You have GOT to be kidding me. They did what? So he was able to read her exact thoughts and predicted all of this out, in detail? This is a BREAKTHROUGH--NO, NO! You CAN'T QUIT NOW!!!! We will lose YEARS of training and billions of dollars in research. We can't start over with someone else. We got him, and we've already invested in this. Oh, it's not torture...no, no, it's not about keeping out the best competitors from pursuing what they want to do with their own lives and becoming great in their own right...we're not covering up hate crime (of course not). We are SAVING AMERICA from DEMOLITION!!!! You see, we take this research and same skills and then we put our guys out into the enemy field and they go out after we train them here, using Cameo Garrett and Oliver Garrett and the Garrett family as guinea pigs and trainers, along with others, and then we have them take their skills out so we can rule the world. No, not really. We will ALL DIE! yes. DIE. We have NO future in the world if we DO NOT torture to get results! These people then go out to other countries and we know we can rely on them to give us accurate information. And then we have all our kinks worked out on mind control after we use our own citizens for torture...and see here Mr. Mormon and Mr. 700 Club, do you want your own kids to DIE because we don't keep up with the Russia and China Joneses? You may as well kiss your kids and their futures (oh, and their Ivy league scholarships might be in question too...in the immediate) GOODBYE if you do not COOPERATE with us."

That's how they get Protestants on the line for torture--lies about "God and Country" and not having to watch as their own people are tortured and cruelly degraded.

In the meantime, it's a cover for religious hate crime, period.

It has NOTHING to do with "God and Country" or we'd be seeing Martin Dempsey offering his daughters up for research.

Do you know what they did to me in TN? They forced me to work with a bunch (99%) of Catholics and Jews who assaulted me IN the workplace and used me for their own research and testing if they could predict what I did or didn't do. There was 1 born and raised Protestant there. They had cameras recording everything and the manager was military and still employed with the military besides. I didn't have a choice of whether to work for them or not. I was forced to work there and the people they used against me were not being tortured. I was the one they literally assaulted and tortured. The rest of them were trying to figure out if they could predict how I was going to fold the next napkin and on which table and what I was going to say to their friends. Figuring out whether I was going to choose to get a drink of Dr. Pepper or tea or water. Where I was putting my bag.

The excuse is that if they figure you out and are good, they use this to assassinate people with down the road. "He will get a drink of ________ at lunch." So they know when and what to poison or anticipate your moves.

So why choose me and force me into this?

Because I sued the Archdioces of Portland in Oregon and got international notice about it.

And if I ever sue for anything again, they hope to anticipate with their Catholic and Jewish spies and PSI workers, what I will do, where and when I will file and they will just attempt to get ahead of it.

They lie and tell patriotic Protestants it's all about avoiding war and winning wars against other countries and getting good intel. But the people ordering this stuff are connected to religious hate crime.

It's not "political". It's religious. If you want to say religion affects politics, so be it. But it's not straight-up politics.

Once the FBI sells you, you're sold into Slavery.

You don't "choose" anything for yourself or your own life or family, because they think they own you. They paid top dollar for you. Some of them paid for you just because they need a guinea pig and they're hard to come by. Others sold you because they want you out of their way and this is the "extra, extra, special "kick"" for them.

Imagine. All crimes concealed with a dramatic excuse of national security. What more could you ask for? I mean, if you acheive this, you have it made. MADE.

Guess where my parents are supposed to take their next "vacation"?

Phoenix, Arizona.

Do you know what's in Phoenix, Arizona?

The same CIA that forced an Iranian man to work for them, in Phoenix, AZ. CIA is there and they have some kind of sick operational set-up over there.

My parents went there last year and I don't think it was by choice.

And my mother, I believe, went there once with Patty Otterbach. I would have to check, but I found something or overheard Patty saying something over the phone to my mom once that supported this idea. It was either Patty, Debbie Burt, or Kathy.

What kind of a life do you imagine my son has in store for him? Here I am, having to expose U.S. corruption and it sure doesn't help HIM to have information about him all over the internet. Kids and their parents can use it to make fun of him and harm him. But what else am I supposed to do? The U.S. just gets to kidnap him from me, knowing we were tortured and it's not our fault, and then they get to abuse him and USE him? And I'm not supposed to write about it?

What are my options? Either my son gets tortured, hypnotized, and experimented with by corrupt U.S. parties, and I write nothing and it's more secret, or I publish what's been done to him, which puts him at risk of further emotional and social harm but is the only avenue for protecting him and speaking up for his rights.

I wouldn't be writing about my son online if he were with me.

I write about him because no one is returning him to me and instead, they worsen his damages.

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