Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Delayed Email & Call History on Loan Consolidation

I'm getting my email about 2 hours delayed. And now U.S. Dept. of Education funded Direct Loans is lying to me and switching their story about who I'm supposed still in default status with.

I had an email from a woman from a corporate office, asking me to call to verify where to send a check, and I got it late--past East Coast hours, because my email was delayed.

I know, because I had been there checking on my mail.

I got to Sallie Mae and some hispanic woman named "Irene" took my call and lied several times about where to have the check sent. She was saying to send it to 'serving' for payment and denying the Sallie Mae Guarteed Inc. address. Then she lied and said I had to have the check sent to Nevada. She said, "Oh, it's not serving" when I said, why are you giving me that address when 2 other persons confirmed it's in Indiana with Guarantee? So then, after telling me to make a payment to Sallie Mae "Servicing" she said, "Oh, actually we don't have any account for you at all so you're not with us." Then I said, "If you don't have an account for me what were you referring to when you asked for information to verify my account?" Then she said, "Oh, (COUGH), your account is with Union Bank & Trust."

I said, "Oh? and what is their address?" She said, then, "It's ______, in Lincoln, Nevada--" and she started giving me the zip for Nevada.

I said, "Nevada or Nebraska?" After this, it was clear she knew what she was doing and she was trying to screw up the address of where the check was sent so I asked to talk to someone who was NOT with the Catholic church and got another Catholic. I got some Chinese or Asian accented woman and she claimed she couldn't find my information anywhere. Then she was lying about things and trying to be misleading, saying, "You have no active accounts with us so you have nothing with Sallie Mae." I said, "Yeah, it's not 'active' because I took it out in 2004 and it went into default. So now, I need to confirm where Direct Loans is sending their check because they're claiming they sent it to the wrong place." She tried to tell me she might have to find out who the guarantor is going to write a check to. Then I was on hold for about 10 minutes and when I got someone, it wasn't even Sallie Mae anymore but someone from NELA.

So someone from NELA (Northwest Educational Loan Association) named "Clay" tells me he's from a call center in Lincoln, Nebraska. He said this after I asked him, at about 3:15 p.m., which call center he was out of, Portland or Seattle. He said neither one, Lincoln, NB and then says he has no idea who has my loan or account. He said could he put me on hold and I said how about you have a supervisor call me back? and he said he would and I said, "And what is the name of the supervisor so I know who to expect a call from?" He said, "I have many supervisors." I said, which one is going to call me back and he said he didn't know so I asked for the name of his direct supervisor and he said "It's Seth." So I said, "Okay then, I'll look forward to getting a call from Seth or whoever he delegates the call to."

Then, I got on the phone with the federal government.

I called Direct Loans, because they're the ones who are in charge of the consolidation and they are the ones who told me the hold-up was because they sent a check to the wrong address and I had the wrong address listed on my application.

2 days ago, it was a white man telling me, through Direct Loans, that the problem with my consolidation was all NELAs fault or that I had put down the wrong address for Sallie Mae. So he was telling me to fill out a form to "Make a change and update" or add a new loan to my application. That was Friday.

I went to my Student Financial Aid Database, which is controlled by the U.S. federal government and this is where students use a password or code and then access all of the U.S. govt. records on their loans, and it has the addresses and names of the lenders and guarantors.

When I went to this site yesterday, all of the addresses had been removed.

There are little boxes that you click on to see the information behind the loan amount and all of the address and even the name of the loan holder wasn't there. They had deleted everything. So they were saying it went to the wrong address when I spent 3 months making sure addresses were correct and verifying with the U.S. Dept. of Education and Direct Loans. They deleted all the addresses then, so I had no way of even seeing which lender or guarantor was the one for box 5 and box 6.

So I did all this calling today and get to Direct Loans again, picking up the phone at about 3:20 p.m. and they had me hold through about 2-3 songs and then told me something completely different. Today, the woman who took my call, who was African-American, told me that I needed to just "wait" because they already confirmed all of the addresses and wrote to checks to everyone. She told me this after I said, "I need to know who you guys sent the check to, that you claim went to the wrong address." She said what? and then I said, "Direct Loans told me I gave you the wrong address and that's why I'm in default on one of these, and NELA was the organization that called up with an 'alert' and had it added as a new change to my FAFSA. So, if I gave you the wrong address, I need to know exactly WHAT address you supposedly sent the check to that was wrong." She told me, after putting me on hold, "We sent out all of the checks and sometimes it takes awhile for them to post that they received their check."

I asked to be transfered to a supervisor and got another African-American woman. She said, "Direct Loans never had the wrong address." I said, "That's not what I was told 2 days ago." She said, "We sent checks out to every party and we verified the addresses for all of them. It just takes awhile for them to post the information in our system sometimes." THEN, she said, "The only one we don't have information from is DCFS, Direct Resolution group." I said, "You guys told me everything cleared with DCFS and it cleared with ECMC but it didn't clear with NELA and NELA is the group that posted I was in default with FAFSA."

She said, "No, your checks cleared with ECMC and NELA and we're just waiting on Direct Resolution (the govt. group) to post the check cleared."

I said, "So you're saying that the boxes 5 and 6, which state I'm in default, are DCFS-Direct Resolution loans?" and she said, "Yes." I got off the phone with her at 4:20 p.m. and she tried to say, "I would expect everything to be posted by Thursday." So I asked for an email address so I'm able to get that in writing and confirm this and she refused, trying to give me a generic address.

Direct Loans is U.S. federal owned. They are a direct branch of the U.S. Department of Education and this is what they've been like.

Not only that, they deleted ALL addresses and names of my lendors and guarantors from my Student Financial Aid Loan directory, which is what students use for identifying who they still owe money to and how to consolidate. The directory I'm refering to is the NSLDS (National Student Loan Directory Service).

So first they lied and said they had the wrong address, and I gave them the wrong address and then they said it was all because of NELA (and NELA is the group that called in to FAFSA to post I was in default, and they are out of Seattle and Portland only) and then today they switched it around saying, Oh no, the U.S. verified all addresses and things will post and the only group that isn't posting they received the check is Default Resolution, which is another direct-branch from the U.S. govt.

Sallie Mae, NELA, and ECMC are contractors and work with the U.S. Dept. of Ed. but the Default Resolution group and Direct Loans Consolidation are immediately connected to the federal government.

So this woman told me, "You can get your Title for Clearance Letters from NELA and from ECMC right now." And she's telling me some totally different group is the one I'm waiting on.

Not only that, I'm wondering what happened to the 4th one, because what I have been told all along, is that they were cutting checks to 4 different groups.

And today this woman told me, "We sent out 6 checks" and I have 7 boxes listed on my account.

So they are STILL lying to me and deliberately obstructing my ability to get into college.

These are the FEDS.

They illegally obstructed my travel since 2004, after I REPORTED THE FBI for misconduct. Instead of scaring people off, I hope this inspires an enormous flood of complaints against any kind of government corruption, misconduct, and obstruction of justice. They need to be snowed with complaints and someone with money needs to start picking them up and taking them to court and GET punitive damages under RICO statutes. Where are the lawyers with any brains anyway.

They obstructed my travel in 2004 and are still obstructing my travel and it's 7 years later, 2011. They obstructed my access to courts and justice, defaming me and cutting me out of court by illegal methods. They've been doing this, by throwing me into a guinea pig pot for the last few years, as an excuse for keeping me down and out of money to even defend my basic civil rights with. They obstructed processing of my passport. Now, they continue to obstruct my education and college.

I just called Direct Loans again, at 4:05 p.m. and they have had me on hold for over 20 minutes. It's now 4:25 p.m.

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