Thursday, November 3, 2011

"If You Marry A Catholic, The FBI Quits Torture"

Here's how the corrupt in America work:

Proof of hate crime?

I need only to point to the fact that the only time corrupt persons in local, state, and federal government were halting torture was if they thought I was marrying a member of the Catholic church.

When I decided to wait, wanting more time to figure things out, all of a sudden, hate crimes were started up, even worse than before for some of us.

It's hate crime and you are not authorized to classify hate crimes and then attempt to retaliate and "get them before they get you" (meaning, FBI, military, gangs, state political officers or lawyers, and other participating groups).

Currently allowed exemptions from torture:

1. Member of the Romann Catholic church or married to member of The Roman Catholic church.
2. Mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend of member of The Roman Catholic church.

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