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Portland & D.C. Feds Continue To Obstruct Liberties

I was supposed to be out of default and I technically would be, except for some people in Portland, Oregon who have FBI connections.

All the checks were made out a month ago and should have me out of default and the U.S. Dept. of Ed told me that it doesn't matter whether a college confirms one is out of default or not, they are, according to DOE, as soon as the checks are written.

The federal government source pays off the debt, writes the check, and removes responsibility, or abates it, from the student lender.

However, someone from Portland, Oregon decided to try to cause trouble.

The lending agency is the same one I had problems with earlier, with obstruction, and they are located in downtown Portland, Oregon. I believe they also have an office in Seattle that is close to FBI offices, but I'd have to check.

NELA. Northwest Educational Loan Association.

I had problems with people in their offices all the way back to 2004 and their credit collections people were the worst and most harassing.

I just looked it up. It's in Seattle and Portland, like I thought. And in both cases, it's about 1 mile from FBI field offices in both Seattle and Portland.

1 mile makes you next-door-neighbors.

"Like a gooooood naybor....State 'farm' is there!" State, federal, and religious hate farms, so it seems.

The one in Portland, Oregon is the one I've had to deal with. It's in the Pearl District and it came to my mind about someone from Rabbi Rose's Beth Israel congregation interferring with NELA and my life in general, so I looked up how far NELA is from Beth Israel. They are less than a quarter mile away. 1200 feet to be exact. 6 blocks total, and the Portland city grid is laid out with blocks 200 ft. a piece. So that's less than a 1/4 mile. I know the Archdiocese is close, or a big church, but it wasn't coming up. I found it. It's about 1/2-1 mile away. It's about a 2 mile drive between Beth Israel and Archdiocese of Portland and takes approx. 6-10 minutes by car, and only because there are a lot of traffic lights. A bridge unites them--I mean, you have to cross over a bridge to get from one to the other.

I'm just noting proximity.

I was wondering, because none of the other lenders or educational loan groups, have had people harassing me since 2004, and the other ones are in the mid-west and east coast. So it's looking like some of my educational blocakade problems really began on a regional level first, involving fed. people, but in a more localized are, where I lived.

Which would make sense, since this is where I first made a report to the FBI in 2001 about the OSB and PLF and where I was raped, you know, and then defamed by the 2nd largest newspaper in the State for revenge when I tried to defend myself in a reasonable lawsuit.

It's gone way back regional, but I still remember some of things when they were happening on a more regional level, and it's still the regional people and FBI that are most afraid, apparently, of having me live a normal life and be able to go to college.

To the point, that someone called up the feds in D.C., apparently, and told them to "block" me from the consolidation of my loans. I asked who did this and I was told, "It was a State agency." She told me a "state agency" contacted them and told the DOE to put me on default status, which makes it impossible for me to access money for going to college, and I just recently had contacted a local college in Oregon about remedial course enrollment and using Stafford.

I said, "What State agency?"

I said "Do you which state the agency was out of?"

DOE doesn't refer to lending associations as "state agencies". That would be law enforcement, like FBI.

So then she said, the numbers they provided, for me to call, were with NELA, the same lending group that I've had the most problems with in the past (with certain parties or persons working there, I should say), and then CBE.

CBE is just a part of Sallie Mae. They are contracted to work with the federal govt for loan stuff.

NELA and CBE are not "state agencies" but I have no doubt that corrupt persons working in other groups that can control anything to do with my life, will "have lunch", less than 1 mile away, or a "drink", with corrupt persons in other "agencies" or departments, and keep causing problems.

There is no cause for the obstruction and delays in processing my educational loan consolidation. There is zero good cause and it's not a "good faith" effort but we forgot something--it's intentional obstruction of my liberties.

Corrupt persons in the federal government did the exact same thing with delaying processing of my passport, after their own agents had me assaulted in TN, more than once, on state and federal properties, with the involvement and directives of corrupt fed. officials and agents.

They have obstructed me from freedom of travel since 2004, after I reported misconduct by 2 FBI agents in Portland, Oregon.

It's not like something happened out of the blue, some new thing, in the last year.

They have assaulted, harassed, and obstructed justice, in my life, since at least 2000.

The Willamette Week's offices are 11 blocks from Beth Israel, about a 1/2 mile away,and The FBI Portland field offices are 2-3 miles away and it takes 6-12 minutes by car, depending on lights.

I've done this mapping before--some of it. And I blogged about it.

But it deserves to be revisited when I have continued obstruction of liberties and the revenge and hate crime goes back to at least 1997-98. FBI and secretive defamatory files used against me, for no other reason than to protect others, were maybe not being made against me until 1999 or 2000. And it was in early 2000 or 2001 (I believe) that I made my first report to the FBI, and they told me to put it attention to "S.A. Krouger" (that's what they said). And it was about the Oregon State Bar/PLF fraud, and this kind of complaint involves lots of lawyers and other contacts.

At that time, to my knowledge, nothing had been done to me in secret files, or with an intention to defame me without my knowing about it and being able to defend myself, until the Mt. Angel Abbey lawyers and personnel did this in their local police dept. offices in Mt. Angel. I would have zero reason to believe anyone called the FBI about me, because even making a secret smear against me locally with law enforcement was an enormous stretch.

So yeah, I have a right to know who has used covers for hate crime and who was connected with the FBI that has allowed and approved this.

It was after I tried to take a complaint about the FBI to the OIG in regional areas, that my son and I were really tortured worse.

I had the worst treatment by OIG in San Franscisco and Los Angeles. I knew it had to be because they anticipated my calling and had someone corrupt take the call. I called the NW regional OIGs and they all tried to block me. So I wrote to D.C. and they were concerned and then the next thing I knew, full-blown torture and assault on me and my son. It was impossible to continue adding to my OIG complaint when I was being tortured.

I sent a complaint more recently by email and haven't heard back.

I think what's been going on, is that corrupt criminals working in and with those in government offices, got nervous about me and my family. They maybe assumed my parents advised me when they never did. So instead of getting into trouble, or allowing me and my child and family to protect our own safety, they pulled out all the stops they could, to try to build something to counter.

It's called "Whistleblower Retaliation" but so far, the idiots in the lobbying offices only created a law to protect coworkers that report cruelty or inhumane or illegal treatment or conduct within their own offices. So far, no one has really been interested, Dem or Rep. or Independent, in actually protecting the rights of a citizen.

They are still too self-interested to care and that's why this has ever gotten as far as it has.

I never met Christa Schneider until I was having some problems with the Mt. Angel Abbey group. She suddenly showed up at my church with her family and I remember the day. It was already pre-litigation mode but I didn't realize it.

I decided to look up who runs Sallie Mae, because supposedly, both of the hold-ups are coming from Sallie Mae people:

NELA and CBE (both which contract with or for Sallie Mae). The 2 guys running things right now are Anthony P. Terracciano and Albert Lord. Their headquarters is in Reston, Virginia. They are in the process of moving to Delaware.

I'm just trying to figure out who is responsible for the hold-up because I listed the groups I was supposed to list, and this should have been resolved a month ago.

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