Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hate Crime

People are taking my mother hostage.

If someone is coerced or threatened to go with another person, for any reason, it's kidnapping. And maybe I'm using the term in a more indefinite sense, because she's going to be back, but coercing someone to go somewhere for any period of time at all, when that person doesn't want to, is kidnapping.

And the police here in this town and this bizarre friend of hers, "Patty" are doing this to my mom.

My Dad was tortured separately today and his hands are screwed up again and I could tell something was wrong with both of them because their faces were off-color and not even normal.

My mother was gone all day today and came back with her eyes black and my Dad's eyes were black after only 2 hours when I went to the post office and came back.

There is a police station thing right around the corner with police cars, unmarked vehicles, and other things and then bars, and my Mom went up the road and I didn't go with her and then I thought maybe I should go up and check it out.

Some Asian man from California was pulling out of the driveway and watching to see if anyone else was watching and there were some others too.

I've seen him around before. I don't know what he's doing but it has something to do with my parents and I don't think it's good. His plates from CA were 8A26863. It was a truck.

Some of the other people driving around to see what happened to my Mom were the following:

Patty's car was around the corner of the bar so I know Patty is involved again. And she's the one who was transporting my mother around for torture the first time my Mom came back looking tortured and I noticed. Patty's vehicle was parked across from the makeshift police station or garage.

A whole bunch of people were watching to see if I was following after.

D.C. plates: 835021
773 DKM
VJQ 113
320 CLD
931 BEB
519 CTV
ZsD 048
506 EFQ
ZLF 872
ZCQ 057
XVD 080
229 CCA
121 EWS
YDS 022
922 EHG
164 CFS XFS 709
VMF 117
YWY 920
485 EUP

and more.

But I am not going to write them all down right now.
she just got back.

It was horrible out there because grown women with children were laughing at the fact that I even went out to watch for my mother.

Taking out their daughters even, to encourage them to make faces at me. That's a woman? Who wants a wife or mother like that? that acts this way? why would anyone even think it's something to laugh about when they're clearly not the ones who have had anything to worry about. They're not being assaulted in their own homes.

I walked back with my mom after she was dropped off and when we got to my parent's porch someone had the "ink bursts out of pens" technology ramped up high. You could feel it, any normal person could, just standing there.

UPDATE 8:45 p.m.--it just quit. At least, I went over there and it wasn't happening at the moment, so that's good.

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Anonymous said...

Did your mother tell you she was kidnapped? How awful? Or is she saying it didn't happen and it is your deduction of what happened based upon how she looks?