Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ready to Settle?

Just thought I'd ask.

Start thinking about returning my son and settling this out of court.

I know the hate crime originated with others, who conspired to cut me out of court.

I lost my lawsuits because of obstruction of justice. I lost college and my lawsuits because of use of law enforcement and Judges to obstruct my freedom of travel.

It's such a big deal, that rather than have me get FOI/PA and correct the problem, they were willing to torture over it.

They already knew what happened was highly irregular and illegal. They knew I would have WON the lawsuits.

You don't get to collect on damages if no damage was done. If someone illegally cut me out of court, so I would lose, if it turns out I would have lost the lawsuit anyway, it's not a "damage". The damages accrue when there has 1. been an irreparable harm (i.e., something which can't be fixed bc it's "too late") and/or 2. financial or other loss that affects ones life (i.e., the loss of my good reputation, loss of monies from damages of defamation...).

The fact that people conspired to cut me out of lawsuits, and caused me to lose my college attendance, was worth something. In court, if I had proved that yes, I was forced to lose my lawsuits, and obstructed, and if I proved my damages were this and also lost college attendance, the potential claim is worth a lot.

I could have counter-sued on all of it.

To prevent me from doing this, people used even the FBI to torture all of us.

Ever since I was forced out of college, no one has let me back in. It's been 7 years that I've been blocked from going back to college. And now, they are doing the same thing again, and I'm seeing my parents show up tortured and having to say maybe they can't help me pay off my transcript to get back into school afterall. Why?

Because the FBI and some of those in the OIG didn't like how I just mailed out requests for FOI/PA again.

After they commmitted hate crimes and crimes amounting to RICO violations, then they thought they'd throw me over to military to be experimented on and that this would be a convenient cover.

It's hate crime. It started out hate crime, and it escalated, one state to the next, and no, you do not get to keep your documents privileged and classified to conceal hate crimes and attempts to block competition.

My ability to file lawsuits and rectify damage done to my name was competition.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know he was still your son if you've lost your parental rights.