Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mom Got Back--Tortured Again

My mother just got back about 10 minutes ago, from being out with Patty Otterbach.

Patty and these people are so controlling, my mother was instructed, I guess, to not even open the door to me.

I said I needed something (and did) so she gave it to me through this sliver of a crack in the door. I said, "What are you doing?" and she said what and I said, "Why aren't you opening the door at all, and what are you doing?" and she said it was to keep me from checking on her to see if she'd been tortured. She said she didn't need to be checked out by me and that I only wanted her to open the door to look at her and see if something was wrong and nothing is wrong or ever has been.

So I said, "Mom, just the fact that you are doing this, means something is wrong." And I said I had something to give her so she cracked it about an inch or less and put her hand through and I said, "Mom, someone who has nothing to hide doesn't do this."

I barely saw one eye and couldn't see the rest of her face, like her cheek, but even in the dark and with only a fleeting opening of the door a small way to quickly give me something I asked for, I could still see that my Mom's eyes were darker than before she left to go wherever with Patty. I don't know when it happened, but something happened.

While standing on the porch I noticed the energy again, and looked around, the trembly sense of things.

But yeah, all day different things have been tried on me with technology but I kept going and doing what I was doing. Mainly research and I feel I haven't accomplished anything.

Getting the word out about what's happening to us is important though, and necessary.

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