Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For my Dad's birthday we had beef stew, bisquits, and milk or tea. I had some of the stew but didn't eat any of the meat. I made an exception in eating even the stew without meat for my Dad's birthday. Then, I said the beef looked different from how we normally had it. She said it was stew meat but no, it didn't look like the way we used to do it. It was more like pot roast stew in the past. This looked a little more like steak, not so much like pot roast.

I don't remember mushrooms in it either, in the past, but maybe there were mushrooms.

My favorite meals were my mom's Italian red-wine spagetti, stew, and pot roast. It was a toss up between pot roast and the spagetti.

For my Dad's birthday he got some shirts from my mom and I am doing FOIA requests and trying to get into college. I tried to mail them today but no one was home for me to print and then I think someone wanted them to make excuses.

Yes, I could and then no, I can't use the computer where I would print from. Someone just wants to force my parents to stall, knowing I have to have a signed signature for some of the FOIA requests I need to make.

I'm sending out other requests tonight.

Requests for deceased persons and for public interest in a journalism sense.

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