Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hateful Woman in Bonner's Ferry

I remembered something that happened to me when I was about 9 years old or so, when I went to visit my Grandpa Garrett at his cabin in Bonner's Ferry, ID.

Some group had it in for me. Or small set of persons. Because I remember I asked about this woman who drove down the road in utter hatred of me, and laughing but sneering at me, and I never forgot it.

I didn't know who she was, but I knew, even at 9-11 or however old I was, that this woman hated my guts and was checking me out for some reason. She had brown hair. I think it was medium-dark brown but I know it was brown for sure and she sort of looked like Carol Middleton. Like older photos of her.

But this was in Bonner's Ferry, which is right next to the Canada border. She wasn't driving a sedan. It was a jeep or SUV of some kind but I am thinking I don't remember SUVs back in those days, but it was some kind of vehicle like that.

I was walking up to the store, up the road from the cabin, to buy some candy. It was extremely remote. And then there was this side road and it was heavily wooded and remote and all of a sudden this woman comes driving towards me and was checking me out and she hated me.

It was so obvious, that I asked everyone later who this woman was and no one would say. I was just told, "Don't go down that road."

That was Bonner's Ferry, ID in about 1983-1985. My Grandpa had a trout pond with tons of fish, and it was good healthy fish, and lots of woods and acreage, with places to hike. I was by myself and I just remember this was firmly imprinted in my memory because I was confused, at that age, about why this woman was scouting me out and acted this way. No one else ever had in my lifetime--not in a way that stood out as this did. So I was always curious about who was down that road and who lived there and who visited, or came by, but I never went down the road again.

She scared me. Whoever she was, I was wondering why she lived near my Grandpa at all, and then wondered if she was just visiting.

There were people in sedans and trucks and things, but I remember, pretty sure, she was in some sort of 1980s jeep/SUV.

I remember some of what I was even wearing that day, and I remember the weather.

She harassed me in a way that I was never harassed again, until 2007 or so, when it was more a huge paying scheme to harass after I tried to leave for Canada and had my son kidnapped from me.

It was even like, looking back, like someone remembered exactly how they had harassed me on that specific day and how it stuck with me and then didn't revisit this until decades later, and used a huge group to help them.

I don't really think I was older, like 11, for some reason I think I was younger than that but I would have to think about it. I wasn't there by myself, but I was walking by myself when it happened and this woman came out of the wooded path like Cruella Deville.

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