Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pennsylvania Birth: Howard-Garrett

I found out tonight that my Grandpa Garrett was born in Pennsylvania.

That's what I was told, but I had always thought it was Virginia.

I always heard about the "other family" that was in Pennsylvania, but that other family might be my own family. No, I guess his Dad taught there and the whole family lived there for awhile.

And we have 3 Charles Howards.

I had thought we only had 2: My Uncle Charles Howard Garrett and then his Uncle, my Grandpa Garrett's brother (the pilot): Charles Howard Garrett.

It turns out my uncle was number 3. So the pilot was the 2nd, and that leaves a Charles Howard the First.

Charles Howard the 1st
Charles Howard Garrett II
Charles Howard Garrett III

Who is the 1st?

Somehow he was either a Charles Howard through my Nana, Ruth Howard, like her brother or father or something, or he was a Charles Howard Garrett through Lebious Garrett. Given the fact his name was Charles Howard, I would assume it's a Howard through my Nana Ruth Howard. Nana, meaning she was my great-grandmother on my father's side.

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