Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Howard's Catholic Wife Kathy

I think my Uncle Howard died having married the wrong woman.

He had something like 3-4 wives, and this one he had before "Kathy" was supposedly an alcoholic and had issues, but I never had a bad feeling about her.

I found out I was right, this last wife was Catholic, as I had remembered. And I can't remember exactly when it was that they married but I know I had already been having problems with the Catholic church members.

That's the only reason I remembered she was Catholic at all. Otherwise, prior to my own assault and defamation by so many of their members, I never would have remembered or cared about such a thing. But I think, if I am correct, they married sometime after I was already having some issues with this group, and I think that's why I asked.

In the past, I've never asked, ever, about what someone's religion was. But I think I asked, because I was wondering who this new person was that was trying to get close to our family and I had a weird feeling about it. So I asked, because I was hoping she wasn't Catholic, since I was having problems with this group at the time.

Not one person in my whole family said anything bad about her, or brought up any hesitation at all. It was me and my intuition. I picked it out, and asked and I wouldn't have even asked at all if I had not had a strange feeling something was amiss.

And no, I do not think all Catholics are bad. Obviously. Some of them have done incredibly horrific things to their own fellow members. But I'm just saying, when I was trying to figure out who hated me so much, it was this large group of Catholics and some Jewish. As for the rotten Protestants, I don't claim association and thank goodness I'm not a member of any particular church that allows those who torture kids systemically to call themselves Protestants.

I think there is something wrong with this wife. It's even possible he died an earlier death than he would have, because of her. I have to say, I cannot doubt it. It's possible certain things were coming to light, with my blogging and talking, that my Uncle didn't know about, and he started connecting a little bit of it to his wife.

I know for me, that the last time I talked to my Uncle Howard, I was in TN and he was telling me my parents had plenty of money and why didn't they help me. "Why don't they help you?" is the refrain of the Catholic hate crime people and police. They did this fantastic job of threatening and torturing my family, in cahoots with some Jews, to separate us and try to divorce us from one another. Then they obstructed our freedom of travel, ability to work without obstruction, and defamed me.

If the Catholic church and Jews are so great, why did they keep up their defamation against me, knowing it caused "irreparable harm"? No one apologized to me. No one quit the hate crimes--they advanced further in their hatred. So it's not like any of them has done one thing to remedy or repair the damage they've done. All they've done is attempt to create ingenious covers for eachother and try to get family members to blame family.

My Uncle Howard would never say, "Why don't your Mom and Dad help you? they should be helping you...They can help you...they have plenty of money..." This is nothing my Uncle would say to me. It's something his Catholic wife would want him to say.

Oh, by the way, she didn't want to be included in any family photos my Dad took. Can you imagine why not?

And she told my Dad (my Dad thinks this is a good thing) that before Howard died, God gave her this idea: "Be still and know that I am God."

"Be still, and know that I am God."

Nice. Great thing to say to other family members that are being persecuted by your church..."be still and know that I am God" right before your husband gets unplugged to die and the rest of your team is still "at large".

I knew that when I first heard about her, I didn't know a thing but I intuited she was trying to marry in to infiltrate our family. And then I found out she was Catholic. And she was trying to cause problems between family while appearing to "care" just like the lot of them.

My Dad didn't tell us about her "Be Still and Know that I am God" comment with any ideas of his own--he was actually commenting on how he'd given Howard a christian book to read and had wondered if he'd read it and Kathy told him he had and then told my Dad this idea she had come to her mind, that she felt was the message, was "Be Still and Know That I am God."

I guess after she said this, my Uncle Howard opened his eyes up.

Guess he didn't really want to "be still" Kathy.

Probably, he wanted to live and not be doped up on medications and conked over the head. Probably, it was a bad idea for him to have ever married your lousy ass. If Howard had wanted to "Be Still" he never would have married Dale, or liked her, or tried to help his family in any way, and he maybe wouldn't have tried to put up a fight while you were still shrewing about.

Taking information from my family to pass onto who?

Lousy RAT.

It's not a good sign when the husband who has married the shrew starts speaking the same language or saying the same things as the shrew's mob tries to convince everyone to say. It's nothing my own uncle would ever say unless his "gentle, kind, Catholic wife" was saying things like this, and wanting him to think it or believe it or pass it on to other family members.

I know it's not true. And I know it's the exact same B.S. that I was getting from specific Catholics in D.C. Even in Wenatchee..."Why aren't your parents helping you?"

I don't know, but maybe part of the reason is because they're being tortured and threatened by your friends, who want to force a situation to look desperate so they can find excuses and ways to sneak in and pretend to help (first we'll bring them to the point of death and then we'll make them think we can be their savior).



I think there is a link, of all things, between this "Kathy" and "Panetta". How? I have no idea. I am not sure how she might be linked to him. It's crossed my mind more than once, but no one sent me the idea and I've just wondered.

The other one that I think sneaked into the Garrett family is this guy named Mike who married my cousin Char. Ever since she's been married to him it's been bad news and he's influenced my relationship with even my cousin. It wasn't so bad when they were just dating, but once he was married in or close to it, goodbye normal life for me and my son. He's some computer nerd that was living next door who invited her over or vice versa. Convenient to be next door to a Garrett.

Especially when, oh yeah, no one cares about what we do at all.

He's some kind of computer geek and honestly, I didn't think anything about who she was dating, but marriage is different, and she changed when they got married too. Unfortunately, they have kids together. Which just means it makes the inevitable more complicated.

For all we know, this Mike guy could have found a place to live through a Kathy connection. How do we know? probably not, but very bizarre things have happened.

Kathy was saying, "Be Still and Know That I am God" and then I guess my Uncle Howard opened up his eyes and had tears in his eyes. He didn't want to "Be Still", he wanted to say something.

He couldn't speak because they'd drugged him up and had him on a ventilator, obstructing his ability to speak.

And who did we visit while this was going on with my Uncle?

"Prayer meeting" people whom I discovered had a connection to the Mt. Angel Abbey Catholic church and Kate Middleton (I say Kate Middleton because I think I figured something out in an indirect way, but I should add, I haven't figured the whole thing out, but wonder). And here was my mother, telling them how she would like to ask for prayer for her brother-in-law Howard, and my mother was saying, at least maybe he would come-to enough to be able to "accept the Lord". They were saying things that scared me, about eyes popping out, and brain injuries, and all kinds of suggestive violent things and other ideas with an undertone that wasn't very comforting.

These Catholics and hate crime people don't want to give anyone who is figuring THEM out, TIME to "accept the Lord". They want to pull the plug and hasten the day.

"Why aren't your parents HELPING you?"
"Maybe your parents are in on it or against you."

Oh, here. Here, while we kidnap your parents and torture them, and then call you paranoid schitzophrenic while torturing all of you and stealing your son, here...here...we'll give you a hand. The bad Jews and bad Catholics unite to forge a "bridge" to safety. If you will only intermarry and drop all this nonsense about FOIA and lawsuits...you might not be tortured. Here..here..oh, poor baby, look at how abused and neglected you are..did you ever think it might be your MOTHER?! (meanwhile they are knifing my mother and telling her to pretend everything is fine with police over here!) and "Why isn't your Dad helping you?" (stealing my Dad's passport and torturing him, ssaying, if you dare help your daughter, we will punish you worse and do worse to her too!"

It's like being held hostage in America.

We are SO lucky.

It's SUCH a good idea to intermarry with people who act as spies against your own family and try to play the whole Stockholm Syndrome on an entire family and use military and FBI to cover for their crimes.


"I got this message, from God, that what God is trying to say is: "Be Still and Know that I am God."

(Did Kathy consult with the Eastern District court and Washington Archdiocese on that one first?) Hay, hay, haaaay. Or was it some Jewish assembly that's intermarried with so many Catholics they don't even know what being a good person is about anymore.

I had a feeling.

I had a bad feeling about this Kathy when I first heard he was getting married and it was NOT because anyone in my family said anything. I just sensed it.

I was right.

Christa Schneider can laugh all she likes, but someone is going to get FOIA.

What's also really scary, is that when I traveled up to Bonner's Ferry to see my Grandpa Garrett's ex-wife, I did not know that my Uncle Howard was living up there with his Catholic wife Kathy (Cathy). And now that I know this, it explains a LOT more to me about why the entire place was rigged-to-go with harassment when I got there.

I was so shocked, because to my knowledge, who cared about me there? The only person I thought was even living in the area was Belinda. But no, Cathy and her crew were there and she would have known I was going there and when I was there because I let my whole family know and I blogged about it.

I had severe police harassment (severe) and civilian harassment when I was there. There is no possible way Cathy didn't know about it.

What I encountered in Bonner's Ferry, ID was something I never expected. Not only were there Jewish people there when I actually didn't think anyone Jewish would trowl around Bonner's, ID, it was like this huge part of town was set up to harass me. It's just not possible unless you have someone there already to feed it. And when I had called about the area once before visiting, I found out it had a large percentage of Catholics so I just knew right away that is not a place to go. But I went, to find my Grandpa's ex-wife. By the time I got there, I was pulled over and seriously harassed by 2-3 different forms of police.

I am not kidding. It wasn't just one group of police. It was more than one agency, one group being border patrol.

Basically, harassment by law enforcement has occured against me in the following states, without cause:


I saw a lot of police in D.C. and Maryland, but I don't recall being deliberately harassed by any of them except maybe for this one man who was with a second officer, in D.C. But that was it. It wasn't like they stalked me or were mean to me. Oh, and in MD an officer or agent tried to set me up.

In Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Tennessee and Texas, law enforcement went out of their way to stalk me and not just follow me but harass me, sometimes pulling me over without cause or other times, threatening me.

It's possible the only reason they didn't stalk me in D.C. and MD was because I was "with a man" or "with someone from Colombia" or maybe it was even "with someone who is going to set her up so we'll be nice for now"...I don't know. But I experienced minor harassment by police there.

If police harassed and stalked me in all these states, I know they've done worse to my parents. And I know that the FBI has been involved at least since I initiated a report in 2001 about the OSB/PLF.

No one would organize and stage major harassment in Bonner's Ferry, ID, unless there was a pretty solid contact there with regular access to a church, police, and people in town.

My Uncle Howard would never orchestrate such a thing, but his wife would.

It gets even better, because I had started writing in my blog and telling people about how others were saying my parent's did nothing and then I connected this to certain groups. It is very possible that my Uncle found out and realized if he was getting the same thing from his Catholic wife, she was maybe part of something that was set up to look good and wasn't, or people who seemed great but weren't. So maybe he started figuring some things out and before he could say anything, as he was possibly trying to leave, get out, or get away,...

You never know.

I know what I experienced in Bonner's Ferry was crazy. And then I was in Wenatchee for just a short time and after this, took off for another State and ended up in the same Catholic-Jewish majority part of town, with military to boot.

I think what's bad, is finding out how interconnected a lot of this is. Which is exactly why people who are guilty in the FBI wouldn't want me to have records. Guilty persons in the FBI, or parties that wish to have FBI cover for them, would ask their friends to obstruct my access to records. Not bc of litigation concerns at all, but because they don't want me to figure anything out or confirm the truth, and they have wanted to have a cover while they continued to torture us.

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