Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bible And The Bermuda Triangle (by George Johnson and Don Tanner)

I have picked up a book. It's published by Logos International, Plainfield, NJ and Canada, G.R. Welch, Toronto, Ont. Copyright 1976. I picked it up yesterday after asking my mother if I could look at their book selection after we'd been grocery shopping. She said yes. I have picked this one up before but not been compelled to read it, and this time, it's been different. I noticed, it has something about Welch on the back which made me think of the grape juice they had sitting out on the counter, and then another thing my parent's guessed just today, was with regard to my faxed papers. They knew what would happen first. I asked my mom to print out forms for me that the college requested. Not the one I go to because they refuse to let me even see what the Dept. of Ed. is asking for. So I went to this other one and they wanted two forms faxed, a total of 3 pages. Also they wanted tax info for 2011, and proof I was out of default. I had asked my mother to print out 3 forms instead of two, in case. Well anyway, it's a longer story, and off topic to this book, but I filled them out and marked "2" for my household, me and my son. Then I took it to be faxed and was a total of 6 pages. She didn't know how to do it so I did and they went through except for two that stuck together. So it made 5. and then I had to fax one extra. Anyway, with this book, it's a small book. I've flipped through it before but never read it. Once, thinking it looked too dense and another time, ending up on a section I thought was too superstitious. But I had never felt free to read it through and had no problem with it yesterday. My parents have had it ever since I was a little girl. If you read it from the start, it's actually very interesting. It's about the Bermuda Triangle, which we hear almost nothing about today. It talks about how there is this triangle where everything disappears and about magnetic forces and how satellites black out over the spot. Some guy thought it was the government doing this to hide something, but others said no, they can't do that, and it's happening with weather satellites and everything else and nothing is ever found. So it talks about a vortex that descends into the deep. It also talks about how the triangle was an allusion to 3s, how some believed good things came in 3s and that being underneath a triangle was good luck. It gives descriptions of ships that have disappeared, planes that disappear, anything in contact with this triangle. Which was more fascinating to me having read a little military history and everything, to then go to this was a good starting point for my imagination. I could think of ALL kinds of things to look up and research. So then, there is this ancient civilization that some believe is submerged in this spot: Atlantis. I suppose it's why we call the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic. So Atlantis is this mayan-like, rich civilization and land some thing broke off and submerged and became a part of Sheol. And then others think Atlantis is the U.S. Colombus found. At any rate, extremely mysterious things happening in this region. And then too, they talk about a river, some great river, that was part of this land, and was lost. It also talks about how some theologists believed biblical references to angels having union with man, has something to do with people from Atlantis, and it said some in the pacific NW having their origin there as well (?). Some rely on history that says the Atlantis were peoples with a third eye. One extra eye on the top of their forehead. Anyway, I am not through with it yet, but it is very enjoyable to read. I don't know why I went right to it and why, this time, it drew me in and I had no problem reading it, but sometimes it feels like a door is open to read a particular book that has otherwise been closed. How a hard problem is sometimes solved in a peculiar flash of insight. I recommend it. It's an older book, but gives you so much to think about and explore--things people don't talk about much. Tonight I read Smith Wigglesworth's sermon on "without faith it is impossible to please God" and Charles Spurgeon's sermon on the same thing. And then I was looking up Arthur Wallis' book on "Pray in the Spirit" but decided to write about this book I'm reading now. I've read "God's Chosen Fast" before, back in the 90s. Then I think we read the other one too, as part of a women's Bible study I was involved with. This book is in very good condition and has my Mom's signature from back when, and the sticker on it says it was purchased at Evangel Book Centers. $2.95. It has a little symbol of a globe resting on the wing of a dove and "logos" next to it and then prefaces with "Does the movie tell all? Learn the Hidden Secrets-- The Bible And The Bermuda Triangle. I started laughing at one part, flipping ahead first and said, "Mom look! We saw this man today!" I wonder how many of these strange things are still happening today. Because I don't really hear about it. I have no idea why I felt like reading it all of a sudden. As soon as I got to the underwater civilization part, I was sort of transfixed and had children's story ideas and my past readings of fairytales about "water babies" and things, coming to mind. There was a fairytale called "The Water Babies" that I liked a lot as a kid. And I remember one about a Japanese princess in this fantastic snow, and it was really creative. And then of course the traditional ones. I think the fun of water babies, is the imaginative description for using one thing for something else, like the stuart little books, and water babies, and rescuers, and borrowers, and fairy stories. Well that's all for now.

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