Friday, May 4, 2012

Emergency: Family In Danger (retaliation)

Today after speaking with someone I think now is a dirty cop, I went on a walk to fax something for college. I got back and both my Mom and Dad were not looking like themselves. They already had blackened eyes from earlier but they were shaken up and acting flinch-y, the way people do after being hit repeatedly and a defense against more. They were also subdued like someone had tried to steal the heart and will out of them. Someone was trying to break them down. Both of them had red eyes and looked rubbed out, like they were crying a lot or had pepper-spray sprayed in their eyes (that kind of a look). I brought up a rape incident and realized the detective who has always been on it, is looking more and more like he's been dirty all along. I feel we are being retaliated against again. My parents are being punished and I am having obstacles put in my way to intefere with college. So I am writing this because tomorrow they have their "day away" and over the weekend it seems something bad always happens to them. If there is anyone decent around to spy and keep an eye on them and who they are around, that might be helpful. Also, for my son and brother Levi. I was not tortured a lot last night. I had no dreams. I am being asked to move but I think it's whoever is behind torturing us that wants it to happen. I told my parents that I don't feel safe leaving and don't think they'd be safer either. I told them what is the point of moving away from you in the U.S.? I said the only reason I am still here, is because of them because otherwise, I'd have left the country the minute I had my passport. If things improve that would be ...? no words. So the main thing is that I feel we have a right to live here in peace and that my son needs to be returned to me. But honestly, I see no point of moving away from them when we are in danger and still tortured. They said what would you do if we died? and I said, "I would leave the country". It has been, and is, that bad. Unless the good and decent people end up being able to control things, and something changes, that's how it is. I filled out forms to send the Dept. of Ed., for financial aid, and one of them was a Household estimate size. About whether you're dependent or independent and the size of household. I filled the one out for being independent and instead of selecting "1" for number of persons in expected household for 2012-2013, I put "2". I named myself, and my son Oliver, with his rightful name. One of my parents said not to lie and I said, "I didn't." and they said, "it's what is a fact, not what you hope for" and I said, "I have to change something on my FAFSA to make sure there is no discrepency with what I have there and on this form, but I didn't lie and it is a fact that I can expect to have my son with me, in my household, by 2013. It says "expected family household" and I know what has happened and know I have every right to expect that this is done and will occur. My household is not for "1", it's for "2". It it me and my son. If I can't expect this to happen, then why should any American expect their birth certificate to stand for anything? either we are protected under the law and have a right to expect this law is enforced, or we do not. And I filled it out with my name and my son's name with this verse in mind: "Without Faith, It Is Impossible To Please God." I am not only unbroken, I have faith.

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