Friday, May 4, 2012

FBI/CIA Criminal Destruction Of Evidence

I just found out all my legal evidence to support high crimes by the FBI, Bullivant Houser firm, and Washington state has been removed. It was the only account I used to communicate with my ex-fiance with. The FBI, or CIA has attempted to whitewash and cover all evidence that I was ever connected to Alvaro Pardo at all. They stole my laptop that I received from the CIA in Washington D.C./Maryland, where my ex dropped me off to work on things in the morning. They stole all of my personal photos and diaries and clothing that I had in Wenatchee and Seattle. They have had someone illegally close down my business bank account that I had for over 7 years which I never authorized anyone to close. And now I have discovered, the most important evidence is gone, at least temporariily, because someone closed me out of my own Yahoo account that I've had for over 7 years. It was my most important account. I had thousands, thousands of emails showing all my efforts to find a lawyer and try to get my son. It contained all my communications with Alvaro Pardo, who the CIA set me up with, along with the FBI, for their own good. They have been attempting to erase any evidence he ever even knew me. They stole all my laptops, shut down my accounts, shut down my bank accounts, shut down my email accounts that had all my evidence, refused to give me FOIA, and then they FUCKING give me a packet of informatoin about what they DID NOT FUCKING DO for the last FUCKING YEARS OF MY and MY SON"S LIFE we've been TORTURED in this God damned country. FUCK YOU This account had better not be shut down for good and it had better be restored to me or this country is being sued for destroying evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors and colluding with criminals. YOU FUCKING asshoiles. They even try to keep me from getting a copy of the marriage certificate I voided before it ever "was" in Maryland. This account had all of my communications with various lawyers I tried to contact, that I PLEADED with for help, for over 6 years. It proves what lengths I went to, for my son. NONE of you FUCKERS have ever come close. YOU would sell your own souls before you ever tried half of what I tried to do for my own child you fucking assholes. It had all of my communications with the FBI, asking for FOIA. All of my communications that prove Portland Police Sgt. Austria was screwing me over and oclluding with FBI. Why is the independent police commission in Portland ignoring my most recent report? maybe it's because they're just not worried because someone told someone all the evidence has been destroyed or that I've been locked out of my own evidence. I'm sure someone still has it. But they have locked me out of my own evidence that proves EVERYTHING. Which is maybe why the Washington Judicial Commission also felt so comfortable doing whatever they wanted. I had all of my documentation with human rights groups, and thousands upon thousands of legal emails. All of my correspondence that was from the courthouses where they refused to file my records as they were required to do. Why didn't I save it? because I was being tortured and drugged is why. The fucking CIA and FBI have colluded to allow and perpetrate crimes against my family for over 7 years. After they took my son, they gave me no possible opportunity to make money, be free, or do anything. They have fucking held me hostage the entire time, forced me to work for them, forced me to be a pawn for them, and they have stolen everything from me and my son and then SOLD us to the military. Back to the fucking military to be tortured and used for more research to cover up for the FBI and CIA. What the FUCK is taking care of a rape report going to do now when these assholes refuse to do their jobs. The FBI is responsible for all of this. This is a criminal destruction of evidence and God DAMN whoever is responsible. I hope you and your family suffer. I hope you suffer ten times more than my son and I ever suffered. And I don't care what your position is. Whoever orchestrated this, did it deliberately. This account had better turn up again. God damn the criminals who are running this country. I know Sullivan is a criminal and so is her fucking husband. Not only that, I know they did the same thing to my Mom and Dad. I don't know what exactly, and maybe not as bad as they've done to me, because they're blackmailed anyway, but they were talking about records and evidence being destroyed when I first arrived and they had some of their so-called "friends" who are not friends, reminding them about this all the time too. Just remember, there is no evidence. The evidence is gone. It's all invisible crime now, who will you tell? Too bad how things disappear. I overheard and read several references to this from people trying to get to my parents. I assumed something was gone, and I knew they were trying to force my parents to re-create "evidence" that wasn't even true. I found an itinerary in my Mom's car that had totally different dates and time and places on it than was true. It was something she was forced to do by one of her "friends". I saw what was happening to my Mom and got into her car and read through her book on where she'd been and who she'd been with. Right after that, one of her horrible "friends" or neighbors told someone and they forced my Mom to write a new one to replace the truth, and I could tell it wasn't my Mom's idea. She was forced to do it. It was basically like a suicide note they were forcing my Mother to write for herself to get them off. This is what has been going on. They have done the same thing with my Dad, forcing him to write things that are not accurate, to get them off and using it to say there is no evidence. They torture us to force us to do this for them. They forced my parents to cover for them. I know part of the reason my Yahoo account was shut down was to prevent me from accessing email to my Ex-fiance and from him and to destroy all of my legal records. They knew how damaging it was and how it would help me to get my son back instantly, even if the FBI did nothing. The FBI was party to several of those emails and they don't even admit to having them. I asked the FBI for ALL of my FOIA with them and they gave me a packet of material after lying to me in writing for years, and allowing my son and I to be tortured. After all these years of torturing us, at the last minute, they gave me a small packet that's about an inch thick at most. All it is, is proof they smeared me and twisted and lied about my entire testimony about Garza and Bujanda and how they never investigated religious hate crime. I had finally, out of exasperation at being lied to, provoked, and ignored for over a year of polite FOIA requests, after being JAILED on false charges and told the FBI was feeing police stories and ideas about me (that were not true), I finally sent an e-mail to every single FBI field office in the entire country of the United States, asking for assistance. Where is my FOIA for that? I don't care if I was upset or angry, or what it was in regard to, it proves, I contacted every single office in the entire nation, for help, because of the criminal stunts SSA Laura Laughlin and other FBI agents were trying to pull. It also proves that I made an effort to contact all of FBI, and then the FBI Headquarters told them to send anything to them from ME, "Ms. Cameo Garrett", to THEM in Washington D.C. They then blocked off any other field office and sent it all to Washington which is why Mueller is going to Hell. If I didn't love my son, would I have even spent that kind of effort before we were ever even tortured? YOu know what it shows? It shows MOTIVE for the FBI to torture us. I did not send emails asking for help and reporting what was happening, to all the field offices one time. I did it several times. And then I tried to take the FBI to the OIG and right at that moment-- TORTURE. Full blown. Perpetrated against me and my innocent baby. From the FBI, with the FBI's consent, and with full knowledge of the FBI. In fact, it was probably even some undercover FBI in Canada trying to screw us over too, who had it set up with the DOJ 2 years before. I spent all that time trying to get FOIA from the FBI, because I was a MOTHER and they were trying to drag me through the mud and had smeared me to police and I had NO clue what garbage they had about me in their files. They were spreading lies about me, and hate. THEY were inciting the hatred and trying to fuel it. It caused me to be treated like crap, be stalked, have police sneer at me, hate me and think I made false reports (or gutless reports), to be falsely arrest, and they colluded with Judges to put me in jail. I would even bet the FBI worked with Judge Warren to steal my car from me and search it. I am sure there are good FBI agents. I was SO sure, there had to be SOME good ones, I wrote to ALL of the field offices. Things were out of hand, and I couldn't take chances, and the FBI was illegally blocking me from reporting serious religious hate crime that was endeveavored to cause serious bodily harm. They tried to kill me, "by accident". I should say, the DOJ did. All of that email, and e-mail accusing Portland Police Sgt. Austria of colluding with FBI and taking a bribe, and his admission to doing harm, all of it was documented. My correspondence with medical professoinals that did harm was also there. But most of all, I had proof of what happened before FT torture started. It was all FBI and trying to report crime to them which they turned around on me through criminal friends. After that, they railroaded me into jail and maligned me with police and I was oblivious. I just knew one day I was treated fine and the next, police were harassing me all the time and acting like I was the scum of the earth and they couldn't wait to punish me. This is what the FBI did. Then, it was so bad, I went to the OIG when I found out that's who you go to. Now it's ex-CIA technology specialist and Catholic Sullivan. She will do nothing. So far, she's ignored every report. Not one person from the OIG, which is supposed to investigate FBI, has even acknowledged receiving one report from me at all. I was told to go to OIG regional and tried and they all hated me over Bujanda nad Garza and who knows what else...the lawsuits I'd filed against. It was Catholic man after Catholic man answering the phone and they all hated my guts. All of them, from California OIG. It was so bad, I stopped trying with the CA OIG so I said I had to go out of the region. Then just as I realized I had to go through OIG in D.C., my son and I were HIT in a fucking HIT by the Department of Justice for the United States. They fucking TORTURED the brains out of me and my son. Why? To keep me from ratting on criminals in the FBI who worked with Catholic church mobsters and law firms. I can't remember how many OIG branches there are in CA, but I think there's one in L.A. and then one in San Franscisco. I know one of the guys told me his name was "Michael" and all he did was harass me. He wanted info and then harassed me. His tone and whole vibe and energy was mean, malicious, and there was zero intention of helping us. He knew me by my name because of the slander. They knew I wasn't getting anywhere with them, the OIG that was local because they were all cronies and pals with the Justice system people in the NW. So the minute I tried to go to D.C. headquarters, they tortured me and my son. And now I find out all of this evidence has been "removed", which means, tampered, altered, removed, or destroyed for purposes of concealing crimes. That account was not dormant. I checked in with it even though I didn't give it out to others. Others knew about it. DOJ schneider, Stephanie Meirs and her friend "Karein" whose daddy is some Canadian FBI guy in NY now,...I used that account. So why didn't I file a report to the OIG? We were tortured. We were not tortured a little. We were tortured hard, day and night, and to the point that after only a few months, a growing kitten was irrevocably and permanently deformed. It affected me and my son and we almost died there. The entire time, they were TRYING to smoke us out to Canada. Which looks a lot like what they're still trying to do, hoping that if they pay people and enoourage them to start or cause problems with my innocent attempts to go to college, they can distract and avoid being accountable for anything, ever. So where is Alvaro D.C.? WHAT HAPPENED TO ALVARO PARDO you FUCKERS. How much has he benefited from all of this? The last time I talked to him he was ddancing the salsa in D.C. while I was being tortured and literally, Literally, sleeping OUTSIDE on the dirt, cold, in an ALLEY. In WENATCHEE. God damn this fucking country,. GOD FUCKING DAMN MUELLER and Laughin. They are criminals. They are NOT good people or FBI agents. They're criminals. And there are a bunch of CIA that are exactly the same. Criminals. They all knew. I went to D.C. and half of the town already knew. Then, they brought in all their doctors and neurologists who couldn't believe I was still alive and functioning as WA CPS refused to mail me my discovery and records. My correspondence with criminal Public Defender Paul Cassell is with my Yahoo account. His entire slimy doings and what he did with Judge Hotchkiss, to screw me and my son out of justice is documented in Yahoo e-mail. They gutted my entire possbility of a case by closing accounts on me, illegally, without notice to me, and for purpsoes of concealing evidence. And where is my son? Without a mother. Being raised in a HELL HOLE of a town. I know what kinds of evidence they have tried to steal, destroy, and take from me. What have they done to my Mom and Dad? I am sure my Mom and Dad had some things because otherwise they would not be forced to lie for these assholes. I am NOT getting mental health disability you fuckers. I may have some physical disabilities, but your chances to nail me and keep me on your "mental illness" cross are over. I am NOT mentally ill, I never was, and what I'm saying is true. The FBI is full of criminals who colluded with the Mafia and military to harm us. And then we were prevented from seeing eachother or leaving or having freedom of movement. The CIA has also been involved and yes, they are all involved because all of them work together. They do NOT work in "isolation". I want to know where the actual FBI is. I mean, where are the decent agents? Because I think Laughlin and Mueller have been busy lying and trying to keep them out of the loop. If anyone read the twisted report they made about ME, adding to my words and taking away from my testimony, they'd maybe hate me. Mueller needs to see what a witness looks like. He needs to see his victims close-up. He needs to spend some money to account for some of the most aggregious crimes his agency has commmitted since they sponsored mass sterilizations of women and children and killed a bunch by innoculatoins. There is no such thing as paranoid schitzophrnenia with me you FUCKER. YOu fucking knew this all along. God DAMN you and your family. God DAMN you. You allowed criminal agents to call me mentally ill and so severely ill, that I was completely vulnerable as a target while your criminals knew they were immune to reports. You and the DEA had people assaulting me and injecting me with drugs. Oh, and I got a wage statment from Logan's. I did not make over $3,000 there. Someone wrote in that I made around $1,000 and then over $2,500 in tips. That's not true. I was forced to work there while being tortured because I had no money. I bought one thing for myself the entire time I was there: One pair of shoes for work. I was hungry. I sometimes felt like I was starving. I made very little money and what I made went straight to a FUCKING bill to the criminal Judge Nakata who intimidated and threatened a mateiral witness IN COURT, and Michelle Erickon, who committed perjury by lying on the stand. I was forced to PAY THEM to stay out of jail. I was faced with a warrant for my arrest if I did not pay them. I spent $400 or so on that court, and legal matters, $300 for a safety deoposti box and other things, a gym membership, and then $700 for my son Oliver (all toys). I gave my son $700 worth of toys, and spent $40 on myself. That's how much I cared about matching up to some other woman and trying to be pretty or stylish. All I've ever cared about is my son and you God Damn fuckers arre going to pay BEFORE you go to Hell. FUCK YOu Mueller. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU and I hope your house gets targeted for at least one year with what I've lived through and my son has lived through. Then, you fucking THINK about what you've done you fucking ASSHOLE


Anonymous said...

Oliver's mother is Holly. He doesn't even know who you are.

You're just upset that your life has failed. You have no career, no husband, no kids, no non-trailer-park house, no college degree. No ability to function.

Oliver's happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameo, it has been years apparently since you've seen Oliver? Maybe the prior post that Oliver doesn't remember you and that he is happy might bring you some comfort in the sense that Oliver has found a happy place and he is being spared the torture that you are obviously feeling. Imagine if Oliver were with you. Don't you think he would suffer with you given the turmoil in your life? Be well.