Friday, May 4, 2012

Detective Lies: Brian Grose

.This detective asked me today which officer I thought tipped Josh Gatov off. After my conversation with Grose, and based on what I remember back then, it may have been Grose himself. I want a new person handling this. He lied to me and tried to elicit information from me to pass on Josh, for his own discovery,not for investigating and prosecuting crime and he told me not to pursue charges after the Willamette Week article was published. Grose then said if I was getting harassed, since the article was published, "why don't you get a different coat" and smirked. He told me they could prosecute when I called him and then lied to me and backed out, saying oh they couldn't afterall because it had been "6 years". In the meantime, he attemped to get discovery out of me, asking for specific names of people and times, and wanted to know whatever I had on my plate, while knowing he intended to do nothing for a criminal case. He was getting discovery for Josh Gatov. When I remembered the people at the movie theater, Det. Grose came to mind. Some of the people meeting Josh there, who knew him, were connected to people Grose knows, in my opinion. Which would be why Grose then wants to get discovery from me, to help Josh and his supporters defend themselves and weigh their odds against me. Not once was he planning to prosecute. He just wanted to find out how much I knew for himself. Who knew about the investigation? Grose. The only people who knew were cops. Then, he was sneering at me after The Willamette Week article was published, by a Jewish editor-in-chief. He already knew Josh was supposedly out of the country and I said can't you find out where and can't I still pursue this? He said yes, but told me not to because of the Willamette Week article and then told me to buy a different coat if I didn't want to be harassed after being defamed and then said nothing could be done until after he returned from another country. That article benefited the Catholic church (which Grose is a member of, if I'm right), and Jews. That article did not even get published until after I made this report and it was the Jewish Editor-in-chief, who told all his other editors not to make retractions to severe defamation. He was Jewish and I remember being shocked thinking why would this Jewish editor be against me when I only have problems with being defamed by Catholics? (because of Mt. Angel Abbey). Grose told me today he was wrong about being able to prosecute now, which sounds to me like he's either still trying to find a loophole to not prosedute him for crime, or he's trying to make excuses for why he attempted to get more discovery out of me, knowing it would be potentially used against Gatov. I got off the phone and realized. It was probably Grose. Grose was probably involved in tipping him off. First of all, he wouldn't have sneered and seemed happy to see me in distress over the WW article and he wouldn't have said "drop it" or made some sarcastic comment about my coat. He was very interested in knowing what police officers I thought tipped him off. It also sounds like FBI cop from NY considers wishes of FBI cop or "officer" from MD until they realize I am not marrying their cop. Someone lied, from the moment I contacted Grose, and it was either someone was going to do the right thing and then backed out, or they never intended on doing the right thing and only wanted to get more discovery to cover their asses. Grose is a piece of shit. I think it was PSU. I think I last saw that piece of shit, insulting me on the sidewalk next to my college campus. I remember it was on an incline and there were a lot of trees and after he made his sarcastic comment, he turned his back on me, still smirking over the idea, and walked away without another word. And he was walking downhill. I stood there and was speechless. I didn't go after him and was in shock. That was the last time I saw Det. Grose. After this conversation today, all things considered, he is a dirty cop. His motives are either that he got paid or rewarded to tip off Gatov, or he was doing an indirect favor for Nathan Bechtold. He may have taken my report on the first day or meeting at his offices, acting zealous, and maybe he never was, or maybe he decided if I proved Gatov raped me, I would go after a report against Robin Bechtold for date-rape, which I had alluded to, in emails to Becthold. His brother is a Portland/Oregon cop. Grose would have figured the defamatory article prevented me from reporting anything. From reporting Gatov further, and from making a report about Bechtold too, which would be why he was still trying to push in the idea that I couldn't make any reports now that the article about me was published. Gatov had already left the country. So why push the idea for me to not make any reports, and that it made me look bad and now no one would believe me about anything? He was protecting Bechtold as much as Gatov. Bechtold's family is Irish Catholic and Italian Catholic. I didn't get the idea to report Gatov until I was date-raped by Bechtold on Thanksgiving. My friend said she believed it was date-rape because she saw he was not intoxicated and I was, and she knew I never drank. After this happened to me, I thought, "Do men just think they can rape me and date rape me and get away with it?" So I stopped being the sexual assault doormat and decided to file a complaint against the man who raped me, knowingly, of my virginity. And I knew I would win. So did Grose. Detective Grose knew I would win. And if I won, that might give me credibility on other future reports. So the Jewish editor slammed me in a newspaper to defame me and discredit me while the Catholic church and people felt good about it because it helped them too. And this was done when I had never kissed more than 3 people my entire life, or been intimate in any way, and 2 of those 3 had raped me. I never swore, I never cursed, I didn't lose my temper, I went to church every Sunday and sometimes 3x/wk, I didn't party, didn't drink except on very rare occasion, didn't ever do or see any drugs, had no criminal record... I had worked as a nanny and volunteered $40,000 of my money (almost) to voluntter work and giving. They didn't stand a chance. So they smeared me. My "word" against his, would have put him in jail. My reputation was excellent, and my "word" was without flaw and solid. I was exceptionally honest and had never done anything to be discredited over. Not only did I have my good name, and good "word", I had told people about it, and had facts to support it and he would have failed a polygraph. They set me up. Grose was part of that set-up. The "Fuck You" I leveled at him today, before I slammed down the phone, was well-deserved. I said, "The last thing you said to me was, 'you might want tobuy a different coat." Smirked, and I have never, ever, forgotten the look on his face, the way he delivered his words, the weather that day and how it changed, the sidewalk, the trees, and large buildings with people at a distance. I stood there, in my coat, watching a criminal cop walk away from me. FUCK YOU. Here's what he said in a monitored office, at the PD, on duty: "That sounds like hate crime!" Here's what he said when no one could hear him except me, out in the public air: "You might want to drop everything....and you might want to buy a different coat." He's a criminal and a smooth one. He is one of the smoothest criminal cops. Sgt. Austria was foolishly arrogant and criminal, admitting to colluding with FBI. Not Grose. He's a detective. He's too smart to get caught. Fucker.

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