Tuesday, May 8, 2012

collage ("we are free when you know our secret")

I sat down to make a collage for my son for this day (tonight). I ended up with something I didn't plan on at all. Sort of wondering how in the world I am fitting this into his little short-short stories. I made one yesterday for him and have to write something with it and it's a mother and son in sailor suit, walking with sheaves of wheat or grasses, and into a raging sea with a door that goes into a hiding place in the cliff. Sort of a light from a cavern. (cave by the sea) Then, I was thinking, what do I want to happen after this? and got sidetracked and just ended up with this, so I guess it will be something about meeting someone. Because honestly, I don't know what to do with it. It's mainly from a 1986 magazine and it's looking like another "Di" thing but I thought about blond hair for my mom or someone, not Di in particular. Maybe it's someone else. It's all cuttings I did in an hour or so, from a 1986 magazine and a few pieces from one other section. Not sure what the hat is. First it looked like a sailor or pirate hat but my intention first was dutch bc of the dutch tulips and next to it (I cut it out and didn't put it in the collage, it said from "holland"). All the black and white are from ads at the back of the mag. Then I laid a quilt over these ads and put flowers from the Holland flowers on top of the quilt. After it already started to look like Di, I thought that's weird, but still think it can be my own mom, and at the bottom is a large diamond that has the phrase: "the diamond you can stand to lose". It's partly covered up, the phrase. Then I have petit fours, which I always liked looking at in ads when I was a kid, and then a dome house, which could be anything, and the rest. The words at the top are from a Swiss Colony ad that said "It's free when you know our secret!" Swiss Colony is the name of a brand of Petit Fours I always looked at, and drooled over. So I cut out part of that phrase, and then wanted "free when you know our secret" to change to "we're free, when you know our secret." So I needed a "W" and an "E" and right there next to the ads I had already been using, was "WALLPAPER". So I cut the "W" out from the beginning and the "ER" from the end and used it for "We 'R'" and then I had "allpap" leftover so I put it in a block under "around the window". The shoe I don't know...I just put it there. Don't know why. The spinning wheel, don't know why but it was in with the b&w ads. Everything was from Better Homes & Gardens 1987 (ah, 87,not 86) and Sept. of '87. Except for a small piece at bottom from another ad, just floor, which was chainlink fence in the ad I cut it from, and then the head of the woman was same magazine from a feen-a-mint laxative ad. The piece over her face was initially to cover the entire face and from the drawing of woman with son in field I made already, and I was going to draw a Dutch girl face like I remember on Granny's canisters. Instead, I kept this for the time being, and dropped it below the eyes, for a mask (like the kind we all wore when Mt. St. Helens blew, face mask) or something else. I made it right after telling my mother, I cannot live with people denying everything. I am not satisfied with the idea of being literally tortured and then thinking I will have a "reward" or "peace" in heaven...I said, "The Bible says anyone who knows about something that is wrong, that has been done to another person, is obligated to testify to the truth for that person." So, I said, this means God commands us not be silent but to come forth with evidence, testimony,and support when someone knows another is being harmed by crime. It's all throughout the OT and there is stuff about "confession" in the NT too, but it's very specific in the OT as well. It states anyone who sees or knows a crime is occuring or has occured to another person, is bound, by God, to speak up. SPEAK UP. So my mother talked more about heaven and people that this is where things will be righted, and about perserverance, which is good, but it's not the whole story. The whole story, is that God commands others, anyone who "claims" to be a believer, to tell the truth. I said, "It also says anyone who gives false testimony in court is damned." My mom said, "Yes, but I don't know about damned." And I said, "Yes, that's true. It doesn't specifically say "damned", but it says they will be punished and that God looks down on this and it's not a light thing." I said, "That is all over the Bible, it's all throughout the Bible, many times, about how anyone who gives a false testimony against a neighbor or other, and it even says, before a Judge or otherwise, is looked down on. It is over, and over, throughout the Bible. Another is false prophets, who prophesy lies. Just last night I brought this up, about having the idea about the vegan things and she said, "There are lying prophets too--read Kings I." And there is a scripture there about lying prophets, who have a lying spirit put into their hearts, mouths, and minds. It even says a spirit went to God and said, "Let ME! be the lying spirit! I will do it!" and then went out and put a spirit of lying among all of the prophets, seers, and psychics who were supposedly seeing, hearing, communicating things for God, as is the definition of prophet. (which is different from psychic, which gets info a different way...however, even prophets for God can lie and be deluded to lie, by a lying spirit.) So I started crying, and was saying why can't you tell me what's going on? and she said it's all in my mind and then said, "what evidence is there?" and said they all deny it. But she says this and knows we are tortured. She said there were good things in store for me but that then such-and-such (legal things) and bitterness and I said, "I wasn't bitter! I had to clear my name bc they forced me too!" and I agreed this is when my problems were realized, that I noticed I was followed. But I said, "There was something going on with you even before that, and they seemed to be Jewish, and not everyone, but some group trying to keep me down. Like even your friend Barbara Greenman." My mom made an excuse and I said, "No, I remember you were telling me to be a dental hygenist when you knew that was the least likely thing for me to want to do or be good at. It wasn't me at all." I continued, "I used to think you were just putting your own ideas onto me, but now I know you had someone TELLING you to try to get me to do this, to keep me low and down. Don't go to college. Be a dental hygenist." She said, "I thought you were good at singing and told at Rani's wedding I thought this is what you should do..minister to people through song." I said, "No, you thought that even earlier, when I sang for Barbara Greenman and her friend, and you sat there crying and later said that's what I should do." So my mom defended Greenman and I said, "No, she tried to ruin my own relationship with my Mom and told you to disown me and have nothing to do with me and before that, she was trying to keep me down in other ways, like wanting me to be pressured about being a dental hygenist when you knew it wasn't suited for me." I said, "I am TIRED of the CIA and FBI colluding to do favors for the Middletons. Carol Middleton." I said yeah, I didn't notice much about me, until the lawsuit stuff, but I did notice and do remember, some things that some were trying to do with my parents back then, and how they were coercing them to order MY life and their lives, according to their own fanciful dictates. My mom's face got cut in plastic surgery with some kind of lightening bolt at the top, which was totally unnecessary, and I saw all kinds of horrible things happen to them in the 90s, increasingly. The first time I ever remember my mother suggesting I do something that was really not "me" and she knew completely, was in 1994 or 1995 or so, when she brought up dental hygenist, when I came back from the East Coast after working for the Thebault's and the Kargmans. That was the very first time my mother ever tried to persuade me to do something like "a trade" in a really unglamorous place, and at that time, to bury my talent. Barbara Greenman knew about it and she and her pack wanted to do me in. That woman hated me and tried to do me in then, pressuring my mother to force me into jobs I was ill-suited for and would hate, and then by trying to alienate our family so she and her pack could try to "divide and conquer" my family. My mother used to cry and cry and I never knew why she was crying. What was she crying about? I had no idea that this kind of CRAP was going on even in the 90s and she couldn't tell me because it was dangerous, I was too young, and somehow people blackmailed them early-on not to tell. Someone is just trying to ruin and destroy my name. It's like they put my name out to be trashed, knowing I am innocent (or was, definitely, most of the time) and then hang this over my head, trying, desperately, to force me to change my name. They don't want me to have the first initial "C" or the middle initial "L" or to even possibly have my own last name. They've tried to destroy everything about me so they can tailor to the pathetic needs of a group that relies on lying prophets. I know Dempsey is involved, bc he's military and he is connected to Panetta, and they're former CIA. CIA gives the orders, and the military and FBI back them up. The CIA is probably even responsible for how my parents met. How do two "gifted" people like that find eachother? The CIA probably put them together and hoped it worked, just like they tried to put me with Alvaro, with the FBI, and hoped it work. Well IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. And, IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK FOR MY SON. Kate Middleton is nothing but a Diana-killer shoehorn. Look at the evidence. Since Diana died, who has suffered? Middletons? Not a chance. They rose didn't they? Everything is about suggestion. These mind control freaks train and use kids since they're little, and plant little personality "builders" in the kids, and then hope one of the "seeds" sprouts up and takes note when they introduce another groomed individual they hope to put in place. Everything is suggestion, and manipulation of the human psyche and personality. I highly, HIGHLY doubt William meeting Kate was "chance" at all. Everything was structured, and coordinated. He thought he chose for himself, and it was a lie. After awhile, it's easier to live the lie and be dependent on the person some group tries to crunch together for good. Crunch. Even with me and Alvaro. The FBI didn't give me any options. They have made my life a living hell unless I married their man. I've been tortured all day and it has nothing to do with the laptop. It's Dempsey, Sullivan, Panetta, and Mueller. So I asked my mother, when she was giving away some plate and I said I wanted it, she said "You don't entertain" and I said, "I used to and I still plan to in the future." My mom said, "I used to too, and I'm not now." Which I didn't really think about until now. It's true, my mother entertained all the time. Until about....Hmmm. Some of it died off when we still lived in M.L. "Less of us, more of Middleton! to Middleton be the glory!" My mother and father had people to our house all the time, and had Bible studies, and we had puzzle parties. Jigsaw puzzles. My Dad was always working on a puzzle, ever since I was a tiny kid. There was always some HUGE puzzle on the table, that he was working on. And then we sometimes had people over and they would work on a jigsaw puzzle together. It went from incredibly smart and kind people who worked on jigsaw puzzles, who tried to be nice to about everyone, to The Middletons "party pieces". I guess that was the "re-do" of jigsaw puzzles pieces. It wasn't like one puzzle a year. It was every week. Always. There was always a puzzle out on the table and my Dad worked at a box and paper sack company. Those ASSHOLES are criminals and they got criminals in the U.S. AND UK to support them. THEY bumped off Diana. If anything, somehow she knew about my parents through some way and then Middletons and some other group wanted to "contract" with ? CIA and tried to edge in and edge my parents OUT. So they suddenly started restructering the entire history book along with it. Took away any privileges from me and my brother, and tried to dump on us. Suddenly, my Dad's natural inclination for jigsaw puzzles and working in the paper bag industry, is being COPIED. COPY CAT. By the Middletons. Which would really not be a big deal if then my entire life was supposed to be sold off in a marriage to some handicapped guy who injured his head in a car crash (I guess that was the double for William. The head wound man). And no, I didn't think about William ever. He was a kid I could have babysat. Of course not. But now that I see how mind control, MK-Ultra, and CIA and international machinations work, I know my family was dumped on by some group. Not all, because we still had lots of friends. This group came in and took over through lying prophets, and crime. They KILLED people. And I do NOT believe my family would have anything to do with assaulting Diana, or trying to line ME (??) up when I had zero interest in royalty, no one even mentioned a name in our house, he was way too young, and I was being targeted for assassination myself. I have survived multiple assassination attacks to be daily humiliated and tortured and watch my family members suffer. And it's not just me, because it is very true that my mother was entertaining others, and was a good hostess. Some assholes tried to push her out of that. They tried to push her out of even having people over to the house for dinner or for studies or parties. We had dinner parties, pot-lucks, all kinds of things and then it just STOPPED. Which is, I think, around the time Kate Middleton was born and was a toddler. They've been working at this scheme for DECADES. All of sudden, zero parties. My mother was forced to give up entertaining and having parties. I remember clearly. We lived in Moses Lake, on Potato Hill Road, next to the cornfield that the airplane (sprayer) always flew over and every single summer, it was the airplane over my house. Low. It was LOUD and low-flying. I woke up every morning to that airplane. So my parents were forced to stop having people over. By the time we moved to Sherwood, my mother didn't invite ONE person over, or whole family, for dinner. Why? Fucking ORDERS. I used to say all the time, as a kid and pre-teen, "Mom, let's have people over!" "Mom, why don't we have parties anymore?" WhY? Because the fucking Carol Middleton wanted to be "all about parties". So I guess that means my family gets to have ZERO parties now, even at our own house, just to prop them up. They have it coming, from all sides, in every way. When I first saw my personal clothing designs on her, in the form of my mother's skirt, which had no likeness and was identical to what Kate was wearing (which was first stolen from ME), I knew something was seriously wrong and the problem is I didn't know until after I broke up with a lousy Ex from Colombia. LOUSY. Anything my family did naturally, or enjoyed, was SUCKED up by the behemoath Middletons. Anything my mom enjoyed or did naturally, she was ordered to quit. She wouldn't have stopped on her own. She was told NOT to have people over anymore. I missed it, and always brought it up. Then they wouldn't even go to the fireworks on 4th of July (I guess that's bc this country is such a great place to celebrate they USE, RAPE, ASSAULT, and commit treason with certain BRITISH, and kill off supporters of other U.S. citizens). I used to say, "Let's go to the fireworks!" or "Let's go to the parade!" and they would say, "No, there will be a lot of people." I would say, "So? I LIKE a lot of people." I always wanted to be where there was lots of noise and people and activity and social events. The Middletons and their U.S. supporters tried to wring it out of our necks. And then probably extorted us too. My Dad used to put jigsaw puzzles together with me all the time, before Kate was ever born. "First you do the end pieces, the corner pieces, and then..." It was all about the pieces of the puzzle. And the Middletons cut my family out of jigsaw piece parties, and try to sabotage my Dad's job at the paper bag company, and decide to start a paper bag company called "party pieces". How original. My brother and I were suddenly treated like normal people, and well, to being given teachers that tried to ruin our work and caused so many problems, we were both homeschooled (I was in 6th grade and my brother was in 4th). That's why we were homeschooled. Mean people. Middleton's people. After the parties at our house stopped, we took puzzles out only occasionally. What was the gift I always bought my Dad? A Puzzle. A fucking jigsaw puzzle you UGLY HORRID BRITISH-AMERICAN traitors and thugs. Every Christmas almost, I usually got my Dad a new puzzle and a box of Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries. I usually got my mother earrings. Around this time my mom was still breeding Shelties. Shetland Sheepdogs and we had a horse always. My mother was forced to give up her horse too, a few years later. Why? She didn't "need" a horse. And I guess it made our family look too "horseman-like" which someone didn't want since they didn't know how to fucking ride or couldn't because of "allergies". I don't know about everything that happened with this, but different people came to buy or select puppies and I know my mother relates to Cruella DeVille. The whole song about some Brit-witch that tried to take everything. So then we moved and we had swans in our pond. I was so happy with the new place because I loved the water. I said I hoped they never sold it because I loved the pond and would like to own it myself someday. I still asked my Mom, "Mom, why don't we have people over anymore?" Maybe we should go back to Moses Lake and ask the likes of Sharon McGuire. Sharon McGuire was someone who was not on our side and just tried to take and keep us down, and who has connections to Middletons I believe. I am worried about my parents because they are leaving tomorrow morning to visit "The Sandbergs", supposedly "old friends" and I don't think they are. They're daughter was chief of police for WA and worked/works with the FBI and a LOT of GOOD she's done. In fact, she knows we are being tortured and she says nothing about it. Shirley Sandberg never liked me, and I do not think the Sandbergs are "friends" anymore and that Sharon McGuire and her Middleton-scheming changed things when we were still in M.L. I think the Sandbergs used my parents to get Annette (police/FBI) ahead and then they dumped on us and want to keep my parents in check by claiming to be friends still. I asked them not to go to visit this time. They said, nonchalantly, "They're our good friends and some of our oldest friends" and I said, "It didn't look that way from the last photos I saw." I would say, they are NOT "friends". Even my artwork and things I did as a kid. My momm would say she threw it away. She didn't. Someone was asking to keep things I did. The last photos I saw of my Dad and Mom, after visiting my son in Wenatchee, were of my Dad's neck slashed. My son looks miserable and so does my Dad. They're being held hostage by corrupt FBI and police who protect thugs. I do not think my parents are looking forward to this trip because each time, they come back cut somehow. Then I heard how Shirley "gets" things through my mother. I would like to know who has given things of MINE to the Middletons. For years. Then we were in Sherwood and no parties. No puzzles either. Except my Dad did set up a table downstairs for puzzles for several years still. And he and my brother used to work on it. When I was living on my own, I entertained and had people to my apartment, house, or townhouse, all the time. It was all the time, and I entertained by cooking from scratch as well. All of that changed when I moved to share a room at a house where it was harder to have parties, but I still did, and invited a couple of neighboors over for low-key dinner parties I put together myself. That was up to 2002 or so. After this, it all changed because I was busy with lawsuits. It had nothing to do with my ability to entertain or have parties, but more to do with having a very tiny space. A studio apartment and then one tiny bedroom in a duplex where I rented the other room. It was a few hundred square feet. Like 200 ft. total. It was tiny. After that, I was so defamed by the FBI and Willamette Week, it was not possible for me to have a normal social life and enemies deliberately sought to then alienate MY ENTIRE FAMILY. We were forced apart from eachother, and alienated socially, and lies were spread in a variety of ways, to cover up for crimes committed by white collar criminals. Since then, I have not had parties at my house, because I've been forced out of housing. I had so many bad things said about me I couldn't get work and was blacklisted in the entire Portland area. I tried in Wenatchee and got a job for a year, and I was working, and employed until a few weeks before I gave birth to my son. The only time I've been unemployed is when the CIA and DOD deciced to join with FBI criminals who wanted to keep their cover, and torture us. I was in college FT and then working FT, and I was unemployed only during recovery from childbirth in 2006. That's when they went after me. I left within 1 1/2 years and then proved I could work, in public, which proved there was nothing wrong with me. Now, it's like no-big-deal...they think they can torture me and my family all the time and they convinced my parents to lie for them for years. Barbara Greenman, Patty Otterbach, are not friends. They might be friends with eachother but not my family. I am not sure that I have friends in AZ either, I don't know. I do know that one thing I was attacked on, is my level of friendships. The person to commment about how long I'd held my friendships was Mary Delbalzo. She said it was notable I had kept these friends for so long, so many decades. So the next they did, was find ways to work at that and ruin it. They made people afraid to be friends with me. They even found ways to ruin old friendships. I would like to know what Raul Bujanda's FBI response about my report is. And Garzas. I've seen what small amount the FBI gave me, late, knowing it was basically too late, and the write-up is totally contaminated. If I were a police officer, having no idea who I was, and read this, I would not like that person. I would think, "This Cameo Garrett is a bitch and she sounds crazy...nothing there." I know how it reads, because I'm not crazy and I know what I said and then how things were not written down and were altered. I know that it would incite hatred of me. I can read it and also think, if I were on the outside, this sounds like nothing wrong was done except they should't have shown her their glocks. That's it. The FBI left out EVERY single thing that made what they did a felony. Which is EXACTLY what I told Amy Roe, FBI reporter for The Willamette Week, to please not do. Her photographer Basil said "What is your biggest fear? what is the worst thing you wouldn't want to have done?" and I told him and then they set out to do exactly that. Then the FBI copied this. They did the exact same thing. And I am supposed to go to THEM to re-establish my credibility? They've been colluding with the Middletons for decades. Not only that, they totally left out whatever was going on with Mike Tanzer and his association. I know there has been some odd stuff through his channels too and it hasn't benefited my son. So I've seen the "report" from the FBI person who was supposed to be writing an objective report, and then they admit by sending this that there was a report and investigation, but they refuse to give me all the records. Where's Bujandas "excuse"? How bad did HE make me look? I have a right to know. I have a right to read anything about my name or person. If he responded, and he did, I have a right to read that response. It affects ME and my right to clarify anything he said that affected how i was then treated by police throughout different states. Why did the FBI just voluntarily withhold all this information all this time either? All this time that I have suffered, from something that could have been straightened out. They have totally ruined my life by their inaction and then hostile actions against me, which affected how everyone else treated us. By the way, this entire time, I have technology used against my heart and two different kinds, and my parents don't look good either. My mother now has dark blue bruises around the insides of her eyes except for one perfectly round white, unbruised dot in the corner of her eye. Everything was bruised by a perfect round circle. That's the military! I asked my mom then what did she expect me to do and she said unless I could rely on, or find, an alternate pers-and then she stopped to correct herself and say "solution" nothing would get better. Which made me think she was about to say alternate personality, which is not what she meant at all, but is something people have asked me to do...to change my name, to marry my name out. I've even had people in TN try to suggest I had an "alternate personality" like multiple personality and talk about their "mother" who had it and all this garbage. I have even had people try to have me sign, and then make some huge deal about how I sign my name, as if a person can have only one signature or writing style. As if, I'm signing as Cameo A this day and Cameo B the next day. It has nothing to do with who I am. My ability to control myself, at will, to my own determination, should suffice. It has nothing to do with switching personalities and I hardly think that's what my mom was going to say bc she was talking about God, as in, alternate solution to listening to the "father of lies" ("Satan", i.e., "Father of Lies") is to turn to God. But then when it comes down to it, she doesn't even say anything will change. Instead, she talks about heaven. When my parents are talking about "heaven" as the alternative to being tortured on earth, you know it's bad.

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