Saturday, May 5, 2012

Facebook Not Allowing Messages or Privacy

I don't do facebook. I'm not a facebook person or a facebook fan either. But I've signed on before just to write one or two friends from jr. high and kept my name and everything else private. So this time around, I signed up for a private account to temp with, and last night it refused to allow any privacy controls and then tonight kept blocking me from connecting, shut down my computer, delayed my whole system until I had to end all process, and then several times said it could not process my message request. First I was typing in a name of a person and then it erased it off of the facebook place where you type it in and someone replaced my friend's name with my temp name. I had to keep restarting it and it did the same thing. Then I tried again and it kept the person I had selected and then refused to send the message, sending back a notice of "unable to process your request" several times, or something like "unable to send your message at this time". I have never had this problem with facebook in the past. Ever. And some of it looks like stuff someone can do that's not even connected to facebook and other stuff looks connected to facebook controls. I don't care to have a bunch of "faces" I don't know, for "friends". I don't care to spend my time jotting notes bback and forth with a 1,000 friends, or even 120 friends or 50 friends. I have a few trusted people, and that's it, and I don't need more, and I don't need "friends" either. Some people cannot live without them, and I am just fine without a dozen phoney party people. I am friendly, and like to socialize, but the "let's be friends" thing ended after the FBI deliberately tried to alienate me from all my former friends, ruined my reputation, and then tortured me and kidnapped my son, making people afraid to have anything to do with me. Oh, and then there was the great "friend" from the DOJ and FBI, Christa, who set me up for the DOJ to be killed in an assassination attempt of hit-and-run in 2003, after draining my car batteries all the time wasn't killing me "by accident". Oh yeah, and she lied and betrayed my trust and gave everything to the FBI. And um, another friend included an enemy (unknown to me) into her trust, who set out to ruin my life. So as for "new friends?" no thanks. The "new friends" thing ended with Christa and the shock from what she'd done. After that, it was Alvaro and his friends and I hate him. I hate him and I hate what the FBI tried to force me to do. Then, I have some other "friend" who keeps wanting me to "friend" her and I haven't even responded because the only time she wants to contact me is if I am in college, engaged, or show some evident sign of success in some way. If I don't have anything, she never bothers with me at all and her boyfriend is Irish Catholic, so it figures, doesn't it. I'm not relatable? I disagree. I think I relate to some people in ways most cannot and that it's the FBI's fault for allowing so many crimes and atrocities to alienate me from being able to safely be in touch with anyone. And then they want to accuse me of having mental problems or no friends, after they refuse to do their job and allow crime to spiral out of control so badly, people are afraid if they're decent. And exactly who am I supposed to "have a cup of coffee with"? Why do I want a cup of coffee with anyone if they are not interesting and do not have the same kind of understanding about what is going on? Just to sit there and drink coffee? I can chit-chat to anyone, and feel good about people I meet and that doesn't mean I need them to be my "friend". "Friends" are liabilities. Look at Christa. I was almost killed by that 'friend'. I also don't need to have some coffee break with "friends" or phoney friends, just to prove I'm social or mentally okay. I didn't have friends in Wenatchee when I had my son because I didn't like those people. I had nothing in common with them. That doesn't mean I didn't provide my son with constant social activity and make niceties for his sake, or that I didn't feel "friendly" torwards others. I didn't have a "best friend" bc there wasn't anyone to be best friends with. And let me repeat this. I hate Alvaro. Got it? Hate him. And I HATE what the FBI tried to force me to do. I want my SON RETURNED.

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