Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Please Look Out For Parents in M.L.

I am hoping someone will look out for my parents while they travel to M.L.  

I do not think the "Sandbergs" are "friends" and somewhere between visiting them and going to Wenatchee to visit my son, throats are cutting cut.

I saw photos of my Dad at the Sandbergs, not looking like himself at all. Trying to look happy and smile and it was very obvious something was wrong with the picture.  Jim and Shirley looked just fine, and happy and healthy.  Not my Mom and Dad.

I wrote to Annette Sandberg too, who was Chief of Police for WA and then went to D.C. and worked with FBI.  (She also worked with FBI when she was with WA). 

There's something very seriously and fundamentally wrong with her.

She's concealing knowledge of crimes against my family and she has had high positions in law enforcement.  I had thought they were reeally friends of the family and even thought I could go to her for things, later, though I never abused the idea, to get anything for myself that wasn't out of the ordinary or something that should be done.  I mean, out of all the problems I had, I contacted her only a few times, in ALL of those years, and only about investigating and nothing else.

I don't call "torture" of me and my son, to the point of collusion in Canada, helping.  I also think the Sandberg's may have more motive to cover for another group they think matters more.  For all I know, they've profited off of my parents and their daughter got into position, and then they just blackmailed them. 

She wrote to me when I was first in D.C. or around that time, or maybe before I went, and then after this, I wrote again because I was severely tortured with my son and ZERO response.  In fact, she passed the email to her mother and then Shirley wrote my mom saying "Annette thought Cameo sounded mentally ill and didn't know how to reply."

So I'm NOT mentally ill when I'm marrying the FBI guy, but I AM when I break up with a LOSER?


Losers don't speak up or stand up for people when they know they are tortured.  Losers justify torture.  Losers ride around with other losers and laugh about torture.  Losers don't know how to be independent and think for themselves.  Losers refuse to investigate crime.  Losers refuse to report crime when it's against the law to witness crimes and do nothing.  Losers use people and sell them like cattle, and try to pressure and push people who love them to sell them, demanding it or promising torture instead.

Losers abuse kids.  I can think of several losers who tried to torture my son and who did torture my son.  I lived with two of them at one time once.

I know this for a fact:  Sharon McGuire is not a good person.  She's a criminal and she tries to do whatever she can to assert a clean and christian front for devious activities that go international.  I'm tired of her and her husband.

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