Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FBI and Military Assault (today)

Since someone started using technology, it stopped while I walked to town to mail something.  As soon as I was back at my house, they started it up again.  In my house, and then outside around the perimeter, and then I moved to a different location on the property and it stopped until they relocated whatever they are using to assault with.  And they started it up again.

Then I got back to my place and the entire house is being ionized or something to do with non-laser forms of energy.  And I am on the laptop and they're doing the same thing around it, causing it to overwork, overhum, and to vibrate.


Anonymous said...

What are you going to do when you parents die? You have no other support system.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go on to find friends in real life, where you live?

Mama said...

Dear Anonymous Your Parents Die,

I am responding to your comments as an authentic feminist (I think actions speak louder than words and I've pulled more than my weight in the "women are equal", "women are smart or brainy and can be feminine too" and "women can do it themselves" area. I also speak to your comment as a christian.

1. First of all, it's disturbing that you mention my parents dying. In some places, they watch that kind of language closely and then hunt YOU down when someone does die. So if you don't want to be a suspect, even if you think it's unlikely, I would be careful. As to whether I have a support system...

You remind me of a computer business in town.

It's called "Black Horse Technology". They took my computer for months, said they were working on it when it crashed when I tried to send something to the UN about torture. When they did return it to me, they had gone through all my personal photos and shared them with others, and they had not fixed my computer. They took my money anyway. I had to go back and get my money back and then they still refused to do anything when I needed it for college. Finally, after agreeing they were fixing my laptop, they gave it back to me with a keyboard attached to it. That was it.

My guess is that they enjoy retaliating for perceived "inconveniences" they feel my ex-fiance went through when I asked him to leave after he cheated on me. What he did, was far, far, worse, than any inconvenience he experienced. I suffered much more, and for anyone to try to create worse suffering for me, on top of that, is crazy.

So this "baptist" (I don't think they are truly baptist) owner has insulted me everytime I've gone there. I always try to be nice, and I've never lost my temper. I have even stopped by to say hello to two of their children, even when it meant they tried to use their kids to say or imply degrading things to me in return (for them, the adults).

The last degrading comments I had from them was about if I had any friends and don't I have any friends? on and on, and why can't I get a friend to fix my computer instead of them (the computer business).

Here is my entire philosophy and where I differ:

I do NOT "use" people.

I am so sorry that I am not a butt-kisser, brown-noser, ladder-climber, stepping on your face with my heels, shrewd, manipulative, networker, social climber type, but I prefer to have friends for the enjoyment of company alone, not for what I can "get out of" them.

Therefore, if I need a service, when I have money, I pay for that service, unless I have a friend already who happens to volunteer. I am NOT going to acquire a little rat-pack of buddies, just to pick them off when I want personal favors.

I guess 99% of the U.S. might think it's "stupid" and not very cunning or smart, but I tend to lean on the sincere, genuine, legit, honest, and "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" side.

I'm not going to stab you in the back, because I never tried to snuggle up to you in the first place, to get close, to then stab you when I'm done.

If I like you, and you like me, we might be friends.

Anything else, is a business arrangement.

So when I am talked down to about "don't you have a friend to help you?" I really think the person to pity is the one enquiring, because it reveals them for who they are, and what value they put into their "friendships".

My parents asking me is one thing. Total strangers asking, shows them for what they are. And honestly, the same person who recently insulted me or tried to degrade me over "friendships", was lousy at business.

They're related.

Mama said...

Dear Anonymous Cupid:

I have never gone to a website for friends.

I have also stated in the past that I am not a personality type that has a dozen friends. I have always had 1 best friend, and then other general friends we did things with. I never confided in the other general friends. Ever. I kept my secrets between myself and one other person. I like being around lots of people and socializing, but I don't have to confide in them all.

I pick one person, and confide in them alone and if something leaks, I know who it is. There are no other alternatives. It keeps things "tidy".

Incidentally, I haven't cared to have a "best friend" since the last one I had plotted an assassination attempt against me in Tigard, Oregon in 2003, which resulted in my being targeted for a hit-and-run. Since I confirmed she was a source of leaks, and that she was working for the Department of Justice and lawyers I was adversaries with, I really haven't had the stupidity to acquire another "best friend."

I still like to socialize. I even blog about things most people don't blog about.

But tell you my secrets and pour out my heart or spend hours with a total stranger that I can't trust?

Never again.