Thursday, May 3, 2012

EOU Overshadowing World Events

It is extremely sad when you notice Google has made a work of art featured by EOU (where I go to school) part of their theme today. I say it's sad because this college is allowing faculty to do some things right now that are obstructive and vindictive, and then I go to the news and feel shocked Google is relating to them at all when we have news about Russia getting to bomb the U.S., or strike with missles, against a U.S. connected zone (not U.S. per say); a pastor is sentenced to 9 years in prison, and people are making fun the head leader of our union. And I am contending with horrid low-level faculty that's getting bribed and rewarded to try to provoke me. I'm supposed to not notice? To not notice how similiar the Google banner today matches EOU? or notice that I have half of my professors fully ignoring me, even as they continue to communicate with other students? This Military History professor is ignoring the fact I'm trying to take his test, on their blackboard site, but e-mailing all the other students to let them know if they have any problems, ask him for a "password". I have two professors that decided they could just ignore my questions while in the meantime, I am being pursued and harassed to go to a "teleconference" that is unneeded and undesired. Not once have I been offensive with any professor, or have hard words been exchanged. I've had a few of them insult me, but I have said nothing mean in response. I have have them completely ignoring me while they help other students with special favors, and do not even get back to me on the most serious things, such as "I can't get my test posted." I can't post it online and I don't get assistance. However, any other student gets a "password". I had to send 30 answers to test questions to the teacher, instead of 10, because I cannot even see which 10 he chose. And then he refused to acknowledge me. It's like they are deliberately trying to provoke me or want me to sue them for breach of contract or something. Sorry, but I'm not interested in messing with this mess. I want to finish the term, and get out. I will not take classes there again unless someone who is at the top intervenes. I do not need the VP of student affairs. Not interested. I have broken zero rules, violated zero on the code of conduct. And yet I'm being harassed. She is now claiming she wants to talk to me about "other things". These are all things I should not have to talk to someone in "student relations" about. Sorry, but I don't need to discuss my student financial bill with "student relations". I don't need to discuss my disablity department matters with "student relations". I don't need to discuss any of these private matters with a "student relations" person that has nothing to do with any of this and is only looking for excuses to harass me, and indicated this when she first e-mailed me to say she demanded a teleconference over "your behavior". My "behavior". When I have violated zero rules and I'm ONLINE. WOW are they seeing a lot of behavior. I am not even insulting them in reply for ignoring me or trying to provoke me. And sorry, but my schedule is docket is full and you are LAST on my list of things to do. Which is why your teleconference and ignoring my normal student questions is obstructive and harassment. You would think these staff and faculty would have something better to do with their time. I mean, you'd think they care about the earth or watch the news and involve themselves in important matters. Instead, they are obsessed with ME. They are OBSESSED. Here's what's going on in the meantime-- But no, Google U.S.A. artwork wants to highlight and recognize a crappy college like EOU (look at their retention rate--it's the worst one in the entire state) instead of focusing on other things. EOU could be concentrating on being better, as it is true they are on the bottom of the totem pole for graduation rates, retention rate, and rate of students going on to grad school. Instead of allowing me to pursue academics and thrive and do something decent, they are obsessively nit-picking and harassing ME to their own serious disadvantage. They should be leaving me alone and answering questions if I have any, as they would any student. If I am having problems with technology and it's their problem, they should fix it themselves and not expect me to jeopardize my privacy and give them total access to my private pc. That's it. It's not asking much. I should have broken ahead of the pack at the start, but there were delays I could not control. I remember thinking about that though, and it's true, because all they've done is delay and obstruct me and then try to ignore me and blitz me. Just leave me alone.

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