Thursday, May 3, 2012

Refund From EOU & Obstruction of Teaching (legal strategy)

I wrote to the President of EOU asking for a refund. If I could drop out, and not have incompletes, I would. It's not everyone there, but someone apparently got several to interfere and have made it impossible to take classes there without being harassed, without my private information being distributed to parties that have nothing to do with the classes, and even a couple of the instructors have tried creating problems. I ignored it, but it's a little hard to ignore. I haven't had a problem with a business professor or a science professor, but the other two have created problems even in their own classes for me, or with regard to their ignoring my questions to classes or not. And that is just in addition to 1. delays in financial aid and refusal to process financial aid on time (I am still waiting on the processing of a part of it and it's past mid-term and I've given them everything they asked for and they still ignore me), 2. continued problems with EOU's blackboard, which makes it impossible for me to add assignments or read instructions, or even to supply fin. aid information, which is something EOU said was their problem and something they were responsible for correcting if it was, 3. harassment from faculty that refuses to describe what they want a "teleconference" over but demands having a teleconference or THEN threatens to start a process of filing a complaint with student conduct offices (?!), 4. telling me I could take certain classes at the start of the term and then telling me no, which forced me to look for replacement classes, 5. receiving deliberately incorrect information from registrars about how I was able to add or drop new classes, which affected my ability to register on time, 6. intentional obstruction for signing up for a teaching practicum when I was given incorrect information and then caused delay. and there are several other points actually, and I have documentation for all of it. Then on top of this, we had some malicious book vendor refuse to send me my book on time. That is ONE thing that is not EOU's fault. But it's affected my entire Business Law class. I have had no book for the entire first part of the term, and we ordered it through "" first, for $6, and they stalled and then wrote back saying they didn't have it anymore. So we had to re-order it through for $14-$18 or something like that, and they stalled, and stalled, and stalled, and two weeks later I was asking where the book was still. It arrived just last week and it's apparently not even one of the two versions the teacher asked for, even though it has the same title, authors, and edition and publisher. I think it's even the same contents, but it has 16 chapters and the other ones go up to 35 or more. Because of this, I have no way of knowing where on the syllabus the class questions are at bc if he's referring to ch.25 in the 13th ed. and ch. 18 in the 14th, and if my like ch. is 8 or 9, I don't know. I can't compare with what he has. So this is one problem that I'm not giving up over, but it's not my fault. It's one problem that isn't EOU's fault either. Unless someone from EOU knows the people who were were in charge of sending and cancelling my book orders and then sending me the wrong one (or, a different one). Then, some of the instructors have lately become plain insulting and nasty. And that's after refusing to answer my emails and ignoring my reasonable requests but going out of their way for other students. This one woman actually wrote to me telling me I need a "tutor" to review my writing first. Then she said she wanted to speak with me over the phone and I said email is best so she says okay, she'll contact the disability offices. ? because I am asking an English professor to respond to me in writing? She wrote, "You need a tutor to be your first reader." Seriously. I had to write back and say, "I believe I sent you an email after the very first assignment, asking you if this is what you were looking for or not?" and you chose not to respond." I wasn't going to go to the second assignment and turn it in without having feedback bc I could change things and make corrections between the first and second assignment. Instead, she held onto them and didn't say anything until dumping on me all at once and insulting me. Not only that, this is for assignments that she barely even defined, basically saying "throw ideas together in a collage". Yeah. And then zero response until she feels like taking Ex-Lax. The other professor ignored my request to be sent a copy of extra credit questions when the EOU blackboard was down. I asked him to please send them to me by email because I couldn't access blackboard. He just ignored me. I wrote again and was ignored. Wrote again, and ignored. Meanwhile, he goes out of his way to accomodate all these other students who can't access blackboard the day of a test and gives them passwords. So I write to him again, and he ignores me. Meanwhile, with all this crap going on, I miss the second set of extra credit questions because they're bascially trying to blitz me. Yesterday I tried to take the second timed test online, and signed on a little after 7:30 p.m., ready to go, and the page came up blank, with nothing on it. No test questions. So I was going to wait until today to address it, because there are a few days allowance of when to take it. I decided to send my responses to his email address just to prove I had answers ready even though the blackboard isn't allowing me to post them. however, they are not exactly as I would answer because he chooses 10 out of 30 of them and I would see which ones he selected and then refine my answer, with my books on hand as well. I wrote to him last night and then today and I've had no response from him. I do not recommend EOU to anyone. I do not even know what their policy on refunds is, but I don't want to be forced to drop out. I signed up, and even if there are delays, I can finish and should be receiving good grades for my work. But the other stuff is interfering with my work and they don't seem willing to change. Why can't they change? Do they know how? Maybe I should have dropped all the classes earlier, but I don't want that on my transcript, and I don't have a problem doing the work either. The problem is some of their personnel who think they can harass me, delay processing things, and go out of their way to cause problems. Then, this is aside from the school and actual things I have evidence for, but I keep getting an impression of Carol Middleton and why she would be receiving anything to do with me at all, is odd. Anne McIntosh, AG for Wenatchee, last night, and Carol Middleton today. ***************** The thing is, those who are trying to ruin things for me at EOU, know it's too late for me to enroll in another University. The enrollment dates are past. I was also applying to teach children and who might want to interfere with this? I was being contacted by Cascio after I started a process to teach children through a program. Anyone with brains knows that my teaching children would put even greater suspicion on the legal parties involved in removing my son from me. I had someone from EOU's La Grande campus try to obstruct me and then she found out I would be going through the Coos Bay campus. So once I started pursuing this further there, and had filed for appeal to get my son, I was then being harassed by Cascio. Out of the blue. She contacted me after I spoke with Bonnie, the EOU Coos Bay "advisor" for the first time and told her I was applying to do a practicum teaching first graders. Which is then really funny, to get a snotty email from one of my professors today, about how I need a "tutor to be your first reader". Her name is Tonia St. Germain. Cascio tried to haul me into a "teleconference" claiming "behavior" (?) and insulting me, about 1 hour after I had an unpleasant conversation with "Bonnie". I did not enjoy speaking with Bonnie and knew I wouldn't be talking to her again. She attempted to order me around, and I went to her for information on something, not to be dictated to. At the same time, get this, I tried to sign up for the teaching practicum to teach first graders. Any fucking lawyer, FBI person, Judge, or asshole that's tried to keep my son from me and broke the law doing it, in the past, would have motive to obstruct me to prevent me from proving myself in a classroom setting. They also know, from their legal standpoint, it makes their entire fraudulent case against me, look more like fraud...Anne McIntosh. The argument is then, "She's teaching a class of kids but was blocked and is still blocked from her own son?" FUCK YOU Anne McIntosh. You're being sued and you don't like it. So Meggan, this woman at the community college, gives me the class number to sign up for the practicum and I tried to register with EOU. I was given a phone number to some woman whose kids answered and said to me, "You have the wrong number." Not just one of them, both of them. Both a boy and a girl. And that was for one of the women who runs the practicum, I believe her name is Kathy. Not only did this woman have her KIDS say this, she ignored my email to her, asking her about signing up. Totally ignored it. So then I was having to ask someone else about it and given a different woman's number. All this is, is strategy to force me out, by being so heinous, I have no other choice, and by harassment. That way, they keep the cover for military and justice system parties who are being sued over criminal conduct with torture and kidnapping of a child and lying to say the mother is mentally ill to protect themselves. And now I realize why I had an impression of AG Mary Anne McIntosh last night. And Carol Middleton is not fucking far behind.

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I have a first grader and I would not allow anyone who publicly posts language like this anywhere near him, especially in a teaching role. What makes you think putting the F--- word and wanting to teach first graders in the same paragraph is okay?