Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Continued Torture (today and tonight): targeted on head until numb

For almost a week, things were a huge improvement in torture. For me there was much less. For my parents, I don't think so. I think they were still being tortured even if I wasn't. I slept. And then last night and tonight again, the U.S. military (DOD), i.e., Martin Dempsey and crew, have been using the same technology that causes my legs to twitch and it's not from fatigue or natural. It's a creepy crawly feeling and it's technology. I know what night twitches are or restless leg syndrome and it's not that. Not only that, I was in my house pretty much all day, since 11 a.m., and studying for a test and writing out test answers and I was targeted on the head again. This was done while I was studying, and to the back of my head. I put my hand up over the spot that was targeted and it quit and then I touched my head out of curiosity and that's when I realized that entire side of my head that the U.S. Dempsey was targeting, was numb to the touch. This was done to me while I was using my time to study for a military history test, of all things. It interefered with how quickly I worked and was able to concentrate and this country is being run by full-on racketeering criminals. This country has turned into a criminal enterprise and nothing more. A couple of other days I turned on my computer and tried to get work done and I was being lasered in the heart just standing by the computer and I mean, it was a vibrating and burning at the same time and was distinctly military. I wouldn't have even known the whole side of the back of my head was completely numb to the touch, if I hadn't touched it after being targeted by the same laser type of thing or whatever it was that was used to cause huge swelling to the back of my head a different time. And the whole time I was being jabbed to the back of the head, as soon as I put my hand over my head it stopped. Which brings to mind how I've seen my parents do the exact same thing for themselves, and yet they are supposedly not being tortured. They're forced to lie. Basically, after being lasered to the back of my head until it was numb, while I was trying to study, I moved to the side and then I wasn't lasered anymore, for whatever reason, mainly because Dempsey quit giving the order to have it done I guess. He's Army. He's Catholic. And I would put money on it, he hates my guts. Which is kind of funny since he knows guys that knew me who know him. I am trying to go to college and I have filed for habeas corpus, and I have also asked the FBI to investigate a number of times and to do something about judicial felony. I have also written to the UN for a preliminary injunction against torture used against my family, so I am able to finish writing a complaint to them, about Canada, but also involving the U.S. So I don't know what the tactic is, or who is still getting away with crimes, high crimes Obama, but for whatever reason, they backed off for awhile and now they're bringing it back on again. So to me, it looks like malicious intent, and it doesn't even matter IF it ever had something to do with "research"--I did not consent, and my son never consented, and my parents have been forced to consent. What happened? Someone gave out a new order to quit? someone tried to drug me in a new way and is using this for their excuse to lay off? someone got busy with Colombia? or someone thought they could stop torturing me long enough to have me remember how it is to NOT be tortured and then just go back to the same thing? I thought it was really interesting how "Costco" put out a new advertisement with "get your miracle" on the back page and something about "knights" on the front page. Like they don't know my family subscribes or something, or that the FBI is involved with Colombia. All I did was cry tonight. I spent several hours getting all the right answers to a test in military history, had everything done ahead of time, and tried to post it online and I was forced out. This is after my diligence while I was still being tortured by this U.S. government and DOJ. The same DOJ that colluded with Portland police to kill me by draining my car batteries all the time and then putting a direct hit on me for a hit-and-run. Then, all I have to do is remember how completely crazy this is, that anyone in this country is getting away with ANY part of it. How the FBI is doing NOTHING they are supposed to do. They've broken promises, and that's it. And my son was KIDNAPPED from me and is still held hostage under a 'legalized' ficticious construct. This is a bad country. I am sorry, but can you call it good? HOW is this country "good" when it does this? Any country that does this to their own citizens, and that includes to me and my innocent son, is not good. I am tired of hypocritical "christians" who have even defended this kind of activity. I have been shocked to find even so-called "christians" willing to conceal crimes against children. It is sick. My head was not numb, by the way, bc I have some problem, or because I had a migraine, or because my circulation was cut off. My head was numb because I was sitting there, with my head at the same angle, bent over a book and reading, while I was being targeted by this God-damned country's criminals. Who are being paid a SALARY to use their power for evil. My head was numb on one side, until I put my hand up to block whatever was done, and then moved to the side and then after about 5 minutes, the feeling returned to my head. I am not kidding. I am being tortured. My son Oliver, is 5 years old, and is being tortured. My parents and brother are tortured and lie because they are forced to. I know I have to write the UN but there are criminals trying to keep me busy with other things, and I don't have an option not to maintain some of these things, for living costs. In otherwords, I am going to college for survival. Nothing more. And even this is being tampered with. Half of my books came in late, one of them not until a couple of days ago when it's the ONLY book for the class and it's already halfway through the term. The college has a problem with me accessing their online blackboard, which is the only way to take classes, and then things were put off and then piled up all at once, in an attempt to have me fail somewhere. So I'm not failing, and I was studying and getting things done ahead of time and I was tortured for my efforts. And then I couldn't even put my answers on the test and get this test submitted and out of the way. I have to wait now until tomorrow. My son is dying. They started killing my son before he was even born. How much does this country care about Oliver? As much as they cared about my unborn baby. They murdered my unborn deliberately. They are slowly killing my only son.

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