Friday, May 4, 2012

Unauthorized Access and Closure Of Yahoo Account

I just found out someone removed my User ID and entire Yahoo account. It is over 7 years worth of legal documentation and letters to my son Oliver. ALL of my documentation of all my attempts to get my son back and to communicate with Washington state, were on that account and someone closed it. I don't know who did this yet. All it says is "this ID is available". I can't get into my account with the same ID because someone closed it or removed it, and they have it open for someone else to take. This is something Washington State FBI would do. No one else would have authority to have my account shut down and no one would have more motive than they would. It had approximately 1,000 emails or more, in the first several months of taking my son, recording and documenting all of my attempts to communicate with CPS and public defenders and the Court of Washington where Judge Hotchkiss sits as Criminal. It had all of my attempts to contact Human Rights groups before my son and I left for Canada, and all of my correspondence to the FBI. It is the only account I used for my correspondence with the GOD DAMNED FBI. Not only that, it is the account I used which had my warnings to John Kaempf saved, after he sent a letter to intimdate my grandparents on Bullivant Houser letterhead. All of the communications proving Bullivant Houser as a law firm is guilty of criminal conspiracy and attempt to intimidate witness or send "threatening communications" was supported by the documentation I had with my yehoo account. All of it. This account was still open not very long ago, but I had email going to it and it wasn't returned to me and the User ID hasn't been taken by anyone else. Someone just went in, and knowing I now have money from financial aid and could sue them, closed down my account. They did it because I did not marry who they wanted me to marry, which was a scam the entire time, to distract me from filing a lawsuit. This country has tortured me, my son, and my family, and then destroyed, criminally destroyed evidence.

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Anonymous said...

It probably lapsed due to lack of use. Are you able to look at anything that happens in your life and NOT blame it on some conspiracy or other? Shit happens in life to everybody and it's just that. Shit happening. Your car breaks down. FBI had nothing to do with it. You get the runs? Nope. CIA had nothing to do with it. Your computer sucks and it is not a Mac? Nope, the Catholics or the Jews could give a fuck about that. Get a better computer like a macbook pro. You got fired from a job for being crazy? Oh shit, you guessed wrong - the Middletons could really not give a shit about that. You need to get either some antipsychotics or a lobotomy. Make a choice.