Saturday, May 5, 2012

Torture Because of Alvaro Pardo, Military and FBI

There has been new torture today and yesterday.  Today it's been to my neck and teeth again, after I wrote on my post about the weave pattern "Queen's Patch" for whatever reason.  I wrote that part earlier today around 12 or so.  And then I was being tortured ever since.

They also did this last night at different times.

Yes, it is true that I hate Alvaro Pardo and it is also true that he works for the FBI and knows military. He knows exactly how and why my son is and was tortured and has colluded with FBI to get his own way. All he thought about was himself. He deliberately helped others try to screw me over and ruin my case and tried to set me up to go to prison. And that is why I refused to marry him, and then the FBI tried even harder to punish me and attempt to force me back to him. The FBI is his employer and they worked with CIA and military over this and they know they are guilty of high crimes.


Anonymous said...

Alvaro does not work for the FBI. This is an example of your persecutory delusions. The FBI in no way cares about you. The FBI is not in any way trying to hurt you.

Your biological son is not being tortured. Your parental rights were terminated, and he lives in a family that loves him and he is happy, safe and well cared for.

You, on the other hand, are severely, persistently mentally ill.

I don't know why your parents aren't getting you the help you clearly need.

I wonder when it is that you're going to hit "bottom." What is going to be the catalyst for change?

Anonymous said...

Poor loser, much?