Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Ate 10 Chicken Eggs &1 Chocolate Egg Today

I have some BIG news.

I ate 10 chicken eggs for breakfast today, and then I capped off my egg binge with a chocolate egg for an afternoon snack.

As I was eating my chocolate Cadbury egg while standing in the doorway, this dove flew onto the bridge in front of the house, which we stood in front of.

"Look!" I said, "A dove!" A dove? "Is that a dove?" "Yes, I think it's a dove! Where did that come from?"

She said, "Yes, it's a dove."

I was flipping eggs and did over a dozen yesterday and then this morning I wanted to make use of them and there were 14 left, so by the time I fed these people, there were 11 eggs left, all for me. I decided to eat the yolks of all of them.

It's not crazy. I've been reading this Adele Davis book "LETS GET WELL!" and she recommends lots of eggs.

I got to egg 11 and had to pass. I don't know. I had just eaten 10 already and I was feeling full. But then I got home today and was craving chocolate and I said, "Can I have this egg?" and one person said no, don't eat theirs and the other said, "Yeah, you can have mine."

So I ate a lot of eggs today. A reeeeeaaaaal accomplishment.

I don't know why I'm getting this lumps in my veins, but anyhoo!

So, I also had a brand new experience with glycolic acid which was great. You see, I had to take a bath. I mean, a real bath, and with a tough washcloth and at least 2 different kinds of sloughing skin concoctions, and mud mask for the hair, the works. I started with the olde fingernail sloughing first.

Scrape, scrape, scrape, and fingernails work like those long wooden back scratchers. Mine are long enough right now to be of use, so I scraped every inch of myself and was amazed at what came off. Don't tell me no one else has tried this before.

Then, I used a rough, larger grain exfoliatiant from The Dead Sea. (God knew I needed some sanding). Next, a sugar scrub, and then, another round with sugar scrub and the tougest washcloth scrub.

I had to fill the bathtub up so many times and let old water out. I used a scrunchie to hold my hair up, by the way.

"How many BATHS are you TAKING?" was the shout I heard from below.

Oh, just a few. Drat. I haven't even shaved my legs yet and I've drained the tub at least 4-5 times already. (big wide grin to the left, and to the right)

Finally, after I did all I had to do, I looked at these little bottles labled "GLYCOLIC ACID." Hmmm...thinking...One was labled 30%, and the next one at 50% and the next at 70%. I thought to myself, I know it's for skin and I think it's some kind of natural fruit acid. Should be fine. Probably they recommend starting with 30% but why waste time?! I'm goin' for the 70% one.

So I poured a little into my hands and it started stinging this small scrape. I rubbed it over my hands and then all over my face, avoiding eggs, and then my neck and chest. It STINGS!

Stinging, I wrapped up in a towel and dressed again in this ridiculous t-shirt with Yogi Bear that says "I'm Ready For Parties!" and sauntered into the downstairs area, saying nonchalantly, in my bare feet, "So, um, I'm not going to turn into the Joker with this glycolic acid on my face am I? Like, my face isn't going to melt off or anything, is it?"

"You put WHAT on your face?"

"Glycolic acid. I used 70%. So, my face isn't going to start melting or anything, right?"

Someone leaped up from their chair as if I'd just made a suicide attempt. "Come over here! Here! Use this and make a paste."

Baking soda.

"Now rub it all over your face."
"I put it on my neck and chest too."
"So rub it there too."

So I did and after I was told this "neutralized" the acid, I was ordered "SO WASH iT OFF!"

"Right now?" Okay, so I washed it off while saying, "What does it DO?"

"It will cause peeling."

"So am I going to look like a eucalyptus tree tomorrow?" And I cracked up laughing out loud. It was actually very funny. I pictured my face peeling in long strips.

Then I was told glycolic acid is expensive and I said, "Well it didn't look expensive."

After rinsing it off, I had a nice smooth texture to my face.

The first layer of a scab on my forehead had burned away. Neato. I went to bed feeling very clean! I should have bought that 70,000 units of Vitamin E oil I found in uptown Texas but I didn't! Oh well. I had been looking for that stuff for almost a decade and they had it hidden up at the uptown Albertsons, of all places. Could go online but strange to see it on the shelf again.

I was thinking about all this David's line is forever crap while in the tub. I wondered why, but it came to my mind and I pondered it and then I turned to read something at random before clicking off the light last night and it was an entire Psalm about David's line forever. Written by Ethan the Shoeman (or whoever he was). Psalm 89 or something, about great love and have you forgotten this great love? remember it! remember me!

And then I read some gruesome tale about "a woman who asked" and Joab. And then in the morning it was Bathsheba from this one book and I turned to Daniel's story in the Bible and read about how he was called in to read the writing on the wall. Mene, mene, teke, ___. I read from Nebacunezzar to Belshazzar to Darious and stopped at the entrance of Darious. I thought, maybe this is why he liked Daniel, because Daniel was the one who predicted his entrance to his position so he trusted him or something. And then, now thinking about it, maybe it was former advisors for Belshazzar or others who wanted to entrap Daniel later, in revenge. That's all I read, just a small amount.

Online last night, I blogged and then looked up the movie "Amen" by Costa-Grava and it's actually featuring a Catholic priest who tries to do some good and knows people are being tortured and killed and tries to inform the "higher-ups" but to no avail.

But it sounds like it's about some who stand their moral ground (regardless of religion, there's a lesson in it for anyone). And after all the French that came to mind, the last word I got, while looking up something a class to take, out of curiosity, was "prendre". I looked it up and it means "to take".

I would like to take boxing actually, if I can find a garage boxer. I was getting into really good shape when I was taking all these classes at the Y and kickboxing was a very good work-out.

I read more news today than I did yesterday and I still want to reincarnate the dog. I keep calling this one dog (the psychic dog) by the name of his predecessor. And the cat I am calling "Cat" even though it has a name.

The news I read was about human trafficking and slavery. I read about the 500 people rescued in India from servitude. And then I read about Nepal and prostitution of young girls, and I thought "I hope this Thailand PM does something about all the trafficking and prostitution of girls there." There is a CNN section about human slavery which I explored this morning.

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