Thursday, July 21, 2011

gasper sanz

I found some new music this morning that I am listening to.

Classical guitar composed by Gaspar Sanz.

I first listened to "Canarios" and liked it so much and was on a playlist for classical guitar but I didn't like the others as much. So I tried to find more music by Gaspar Sanz and now I'm listening to "Spanish Dance".

I read about him on wikipedia and he was a priest actually, and a composer of spanish baroque music.


some person said...

I was looking at the court calendar for tomorrow over at the court house here in Wenatchee...saw your name on there. Its a hearing on why you failed to pay fines. Guess you won't be there and it's the Court's fault, I am sure. Hopefully you'll get a warrant for your arrest. EXCITING....

Mama said...


Actually, thank you for being kind enough to let me know, if it's true.

Really, thank you.

I shouldn't have any kind of case pending whatsoever in Wenatchee, unless someone is just trying to be nasty and "get her one way or the other."

I have no fines to pay. I had to pay some kind of a fine for attorneys costs, which I did pay in full, and there is nothing else. I mean, if someone took the check and didn't even apply it--but the check cleared fine.

That was for a case I had intended to take to civil court and ight still do.

I don't believe there are any other fines or costs unless I want to contest a woman's claim that I owe HER when she stole my silk clothing and my HOPE chest when I stayed at her house.

That was something else and I believe I can still get my hope chest back at some date as well.

I will look into whatever you're talking about.