Friday, July 22, 2011

Other Things

I was trying to watch the Billy Graham movie "The Climb" but after sitting on it for days, I finally watched a first part yesterday and then I paused it. I didn't have time to watch the rest. And then I started watching more and I got a bad feeling. I almost turned it off but I decided to fast forward through the whole rest of the thing so I didn't have to really watch it and then I cut over and watched a clip or two from Chariots of Fire. I went to bed thinking, "And that was a better ending, the way I did it. Who says you can't choose your own adventure?"

I had paused it at one point where the white and black guy are looking over a computerized map and then there is a profile of the white guy.

Then I pretty much fastforwarded through the entire thing and didn't hear a word but gathered the white guy dies and then it looked like the black guy becomes a christian or something. I'm not into the "dying for a cause" movies right now. No thanks. "Better is a live dog than a dead lion. The live dog knows what his future is, that it is death, but the lion knows nothing." I just read this a few days ago, from Ecclessiastes. "Common Destiny For All".

So I just fastforwarded through the whole thing and then got out the Chariots of Fire movie I hadn't watched yet and I put the VHS in, and hit stop and then fastforward and while I did my praying for the night, I let it run and then I pressed stop when I was done, and play. It was at these words, with two older men looking out the window: "So they say he can run?" and the other one says, "Run like the wind." And then it was this guy in a white shirt surrounded by a group and he says he needs a challenger, or who will run next to him? and then this man in a blue and cream striped beret is ready to mark and then they say, "At the 12" and the clock bell rings to 12" and then I stopped the movie again. I pressed fastforward and then stop and play and it was a man running across the ribbon at a picnic, in suspenders, and the words were, "Didn't I tell you?! Didn't I tell you!" and then I hit stop and went to bed saying out loud,

"Didn't I tell you?! Didn't I tell you?!" in my best British accent. I guess it was the last thing I said before I fell asleep and the last thing I remember thinking was "choose your own adventure".

And that was my movie recreation. Or my "Choose your own adventure" collage.

Now, I might go back and watch the whole Chariots of Fire movie sometime. But last night, that's all I wanted.

And one sort of weird thing happened too.

Yesterday morning I was looking outside at the sky and thought, after talking to my mom about these pearl jewelry pins, I thought about "Pearls in the sky" and then I typed it into a search for music, to see if there was anything with lyrics about pearls in the sky. And I found this random "UFO" youtube clip some guy had made of "Pearls in the Sky" and he wrote, "like the prophesies of Cicero and Tibetan prophecies." So I watched it and was not totally impressed, because these "pearls" looked like some kind of weird ameoba moving under a microscope. And then I was on some google hunt to find out about the "pearls in the sky" prophesies and I couldn't find a thing. And then I just forgot about it and later that afternoon I put on the movie The Big Climb and I wasn't trying to pause for any other reason than good stopping point, and I was around the corner and couldn't even see what was playing when I hit pause. Then I looked, and it was this profile of a guy. So I left it there and went about my day and then I got back to my place that night and when I walked in, I noticed....WOOOOOOoooooOOOOW, a "pearl" on the screen. If I had been on LSD I'm sure it would have been even cooler. But I stared at it and it was "in the sky" and background and I thought, "It looks exactly like those UFO 'pearls'" and it really did but it was just one. It was exactly like the UFO clip. So that was a little weird. But it doesn't mean anything, it's just a weird coincidence.
Then last night, I had a dream I was going to different hotels again. And this one was very nice, and someone let me into a room at low cost and it was the size of a White House room. It was not a normal hotel. Not any kind of hotel I've ever stayed at, at least. There were very high ceilings, very nice furniture, and I remember the feeling of unzipping one of my bags. I had all these suitcases with me, briefcase or computer books, and then I remember really feeling the feeling (in my dream) of unzipping one of the suitcases. I don't know if it was on rollers or not, but it was that type, a rectangular smaller but deep suitcase and everything was folded in and packed tightly.

It was like the size of a house, it really was this huge hotel room. It didn't look like a hotel inside but in the dream it was a hotel because I went through doors with guards or security. And it wasn't a private residence on the outside, it was a hotel. So there was this large lobby, and then a hall, and then I was let into my room, which was enormous and very nice.

Then, I ate something and I left the hotel with things half unpacked and egg shells from my hard boiled eggs, and a banana peel, and then I was out all day and busy and then I realized I needed to pay for another night because I couldn't get into my house, or back to my house. So I was worried maybe someone did housekeeping, but no one had touched anything. When I got back I cleaned up the egg shells and banana peel, and tidied things up. And at one point, I was outside and had to go back through the lobby because I wanted a cup of coffee, and I passed this kid (boy who was overweight) who was running past and someone was trying to put this crown of some kind (it looked bronze in color) on his head. And he was running for his life. Some white very pudgy kid and an adult was going after him with this crown (it was thick, and not paper and if it was plastic or something, it was thick and gilded well, and was the color of bronze, like darker gold, but really more bronze and lots of peaks all the way around, sort of evenly and without a middle spire and yes, closer together, but I did a quick glance and don't see anything right off the top that looks like it. There was no round arch across the middle, but was open in the middle) and he was running and I passed him and then he started to pass me and saw me and screamed. I thought, "What did they tell this poor kid about me anyway?" and then I saw my parents to the side and they had their eyes wide open and were slowly and quietly trying to indicate to me to not make any fast moves and I was there looking for coffee and thought, "They don't want me to get a coffee cup here?" or "Is it about this kid?" and I didn't know what it was and then I woke up as they were staring sideways at this kid and the kid calmed down and his parent or guardian caught up to him. Or corralled him around. I never saw the crown on his head because he kept running from it and then I woke up, and I hadn't even had my coffee (in my dream). The kid was about 4-6 years old. Kind of a bratty kid, but then again, he was being chased around too. Oh, I forgot one part. At the very end, before I woke up someone said to me, in my dream, "I think _______'s expecting a call from you." or waiting for a call from me or something and I said nothing and then I woke up. I remember the name but bc it doesn't matter, and has nothing to do with me in real life, I'm not putting it down.
Anyway, then an odd coincidence occured when I started to watch Chariots of Fire today and I paused it again, at one point and have left it there, and then I went out to take the dog for a short walk and I went to a different side of the property I don't usually go to. I asked what the new trees were, that had been planted and then as I was walking the perimeter, I saw something that I thought was a rock at first, it blended in so well with these white stones and I then I looked closer and it was a shoe. Or, I thought it might be a shoe. So I scraped around it, after peering forward, and then pulled and it came up and it was a Nike shoe. It must have been there forever. It was a black and white Nike sneaker, kids size. And it had holes in the front of the toe and there was only 1 shoe. I showed it to my Dad and he said, "Just toss it out" and so I put it on the porch for a moment, after saying it was weird I found a hidden Nike shoe while in the middle of a movie that inspired Nike (chariots of fire) and then I opened up the dumpster lid and tossed it in. Then I looked over the edge. It had landed the exact same way I found it.

I haven't finished the movie yet. I stopped it at the part where they are putting books up on the stage and asking Erick where he's been, and the woman is saying she is afraid it will change him for the worse.

I almost wanted to save the shoe, thinking it was just so strange that I found it when I found it, the first time in 2 or more weeks that I decided to walk that side of the property. But then I thought, "It's an old shoe and it means nothing" and tossed it in. It had landed on top of my old flowers that I had thrown out earlier.

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